10 Signs The Love In Your Relationship Is Gone

1. You no longer talk about the future
Neither of you is excited about having a future together. You no longer talk about what it would be like to bring your relationship into the future. You don’t make plans for one another. You don’t have any particular goals or dreams for yourselves as a couple. You don’t even have a particular vision for your relationship. The both of you are just coasting along and riding the waves. You don’t really know where you’re going anymore. Here is a sign the love is gone forever.
2. You feel uncomfortable whenever you are both around other couples.
You both hate it whenever you are around other couples in love because you are reminded of everything that you could be but aren’t. When you’re with other happy and healthy couples, you are often exposed to their happy lives. And you hate how you’re no longer that happy with one another. You hate that other couples seem to be doing so fine, and here you are struggling to keep your practically dead relationship afloat. Here is a sign the love is gone forever.
3. You don’t say “I love you” as much as before.
When you’re in a healthy and happy relationship, it can be almost natural to just express your love and affection for one another. But the converse is also true, and that’s exactly what is taking place in your relationship right now. It’s almost natural in the way that you feel okay with the fact that you’re no longer expressing your love and affection to one another.
4. There is less communication in the relationship.
Communication is always going to be of utmost importance in any kind of relationship. When you communicate with one another, you connect and bone with each other. You get closer in your relationship the deeper you get in your discussions and conversations. And that’s why when the communication in your relationship drops, the level of intimacy and affection you have for one another is going to drop as well. Here is a sign the love is gone forever.
5. You feel like the relationship is more of a burden than a privilege.
You treat your relationship like a chore. It’s no longer a pleasure for you to be in your relationship. You are no longer happy to put in the work for your relationship. You are treating it like a job that you don’t want. You feel like your relationship is a burden that is holding you back from being happy. Your relationship no longer makes you feel fulfilled and content. Here is a sign the love is gone forever.
6. You criticize every little thing about each other.
In any kind of intimate relationship, criticism should always be welcome. However, when you criticize a person, you should only do so out of love. And you should always conduct yourself with utmost poise and sensitivity when criticizing another person. It’s the only way that you are going to be able to grow through your weaknesses to become better people. However, when your criticisms are merely masking for insults, then you know that your relationship has little to no love left in it.
7. You daydream about being with someone else.
One of the biggest telltale signs that you have lost the love in your relationship is when you start daydreaming or fantasizing about being with another person. It’s not just you thinking about what life would be like outside of your relationship. You even go as far as to start thinking about what life would be like in a relationship with someone else. And that just goes to show how bad things have gotten between you and your significant other. Here is a sign the love is gone forever.
8. You feel emotionally drained because of your relationship.
You are always just so tired all of the time because of your relationship. It has been so much of a chore for you that it has caused immense stress in your life, and it’s the kind of stress that you are no longer able to tolerate or deal with. You’ve lost patience for your relationship and you don’t really want to have much to do with it anymore. Here is a sign the love is gone forever.
9. You have lost all sense of trust in your relationship.
You don’t trust one another. You no longer act like a team. Both of you get the sense that neither of you has each other’s backs at this point. And you’re practically just two individuals who are living a sad life alongside one another.Here is a sign the love is gone forever.
10. You are no longer interested in fixing the problems with your relationship.
You know that your relationship is far from perfect. You know that your relationship is not without its fair share of problems. In fact, you know that there are PLENTY of issues that are surrounding your relationship. And yet, neither of you feel a sense of urgency. Neither of you feels like you have to do much of anything to fix the problems in your relationship. You know at the back of your minds that your relationship is going to come to an end anyway, and it would be a waste of time for you to still be dwelling on your problems. Here is a sign the love is gone forever.
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