16 ways to make a rich, classy chic fall in love with you

Most of the rich girls in town really are in search of true love. So if you are a guy who can give them the love and tender care they so crave for, here are some tips that can help you get them loving up fully.

These rich executive chics really do not have time for long talk. If you know the right thing to do, and how to position yourself you will have them eating from your palms.
1. Dress smart: These rich chics really do not care about your money, but they appreciate a guy who has a good dress sense and a good shoe to go with it. Now I do not mean you should break the bank. These chics are not about the fashion brand. Guy if you have an “OK shirt, “starch and iron it mehn! Look neat and well groomed and you are good to make a catch.
2. Talk Intelligently: An empty head does no one any good. These rich chics have seen it all, so do not try to impress. Just make sense and get reasonable information on every subject you can lay your hands on. “Guy no be say you dey go do exam oh!” Give intelligent advice and do not barge in on conversations. Just carry yourself as an informed person humbly. Pride turns off these rich chics.
3. Find out what she love: Get to know what she loves and be informed about it. Love what she loves with all the passion in you, and you will reap the benefits of your long suffering. Be the person to volunteer to be part of their hobbies etc. Show interest genuinely.
4. Make her laugh: Don’t try to be a comedian. You will just fool yourself. Just have a good sense of humor. No dirty jokes please.
5. Be busy: Do not run to them or answer their calls, anytime they call you. You sef form busy. These rich girls appreciate you when you have a vision and you are working at it. Do not just paint dreams. Work towards your dreams
6. Be independent: Never ask for help financially or in any other form. Do not even ask for contacts or connection, even when you know they have it. Be a self made man. This guy! The mistake most guys make is that they quickly start asking for help when they find out that the rich chic is in to them and loves spending. Guy, even when she gives you money, pretend not to want it at first, make her beg you to take it. Never ask for any favour. Always pay the bill when you go out.
7. Be real: If you cannot afford the hotels they frequently go to, tell them so. You can say “Right now, I cannot afford those kind of hotels, but it is a matter of time I will take you there. But today let us go to mama bose’s place” They will appreciate you for being real and aspiring to get to the top.
8. Use Poetry: Use lovely, romantic poetic words to tell them how you feel about them. Do a hand-written letter. They get cards all the time. Be different unique and creative.
9. Be confident: Exude an aura of confidence. Never be intimidated about their cars, friends, house and all that. Do not be proud because those kind of chics cannot stand proud dudes, that is why they are not dating guys from their class.
10. Show love for the needy: Women generally love a caring man. Genuinely show concern for the poor and you are top on their list.
11. Be a gentleman: Genuinely help her. Care for her. You should carry her bags. Make this part of you. Show concern for her and everything around her. If you do, your score is adding up.
12. Be Scarce: Just stay away for sometime and create scarcity. The heart grows fonder when the object of its attention is scarce.
13. Do not ever demand for sex: Never demand for sex. If she does, brush it away. You can just give her a soft kiss and say” I respect and honour you, that is why I will not sleep with you.I am not like every other guy.I love you for you. With or without sex, I am your man.” Even if she insists, tell her you will not. Guy! Matter don end. She will come looking for you all the time. Those words will eat up her head.

14.Do not ask to drive her car: Wait till you get your own. Do not jump at it the first time she asks. Have some dignity please. Ah! Ah!!
15. Be Loyal: Do no double date. Let her know she is the only “sugar in your small cup of tea” Say it always. These chics can sometimes be insecure.
16. Stand your ground: Never be manipulated into doing something you feel instinctively is not right for you. They will respect you for that.
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