After paying N45k in enugu vip hotel only to find out the television in my room is upside down – Nigerian man cries out

By: Sarkolee / April 19th, 2022 / 132 views

After staying in a hotel in Enugu that costs N45,000 per night, a Nigerian guy shouted out on social media, only to discover an unexpected and horrifying discovery.

The man claimed that he paid N45k to stay in one of the hotel rooms, but that when he turned on the television, it was upside down.

He took a video of the TV screen as proof and posted it on social media, expressing his surprise at the quality of accommodation he was provided for the money he spent.

On the Plasma TV, a movie was playing, but he couldn’t view it because the characters were vertically inverted and the entire screen wasn’t covered.

  Click here to watch the video

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