21 Days Bribe – Episode 11&12

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21 Days Bribe



🌺 EPISODE 11 🌺

💃 Bryan’s POV:💃

She swerved her curvy hips as she slowly walked downstairs.

My mouth watered as I licked my lips.

Her shape and figure alone was killing…..

She turned to leave the house and I frowned my face.

“Wait… Where are you going to Arianna?” I asked anxiously as she scoffed and turned to me.

“How does that concern you?” She asked with a frowned face.

I gulped hard.

“Why would you be going out dressed like this?” I asked eagerly.

She looked at herself and then turned to me.

“What’s that supposed to mean? What’s wrong with my dress?” She blurted out.

“Is it that you’re just acting dumb or what? The dress is too skimpy,,,,, it’s a kind of showing your body off” I said trying hard not to sound concerned.

She sighed loudly.

“How does that affect you? What’s your business with what I wear and when I wear it?’ She said as I became furious.

“Are you joking or something?” I half yelled

“Why would I be joking? And how can I joke when am dressed to leave” She said as I gnash my teeth.

“You can’t be serious… It’s freaking late Arianna and you can’t wear this out of the house” I said as she scoffed in disbelief.

“Why do you mean by that? What happened to the dress?” She snapped

“Tch…. Stop the ignorance will you? How can a married woman live the house by this time of the night and dressed in this piece of handkerchief you call dress” I replied

“Married woman? Who is the married woman if I may ask?” She laughed out.

I breathed heavily.

“You are Arianna…. You’re fvcking married” I shouted out as she burst into laughter making me look stupid.

“Married my bare foot! This is just a fake right?” She said as I exhaled deeply.

That was when my eyes caught with her fingers.

She wasn’t putting on the wedding ring.

I became green with envy and annoyance burned through me.

“Where’s your ring?” I asked sharply

“Oh that? I dropped it on the stool beside the bed” She sighed.

I clenched my fists as anger burnt through me.

“You what?” I flared up.

“You heard me Bryan… Please am running late” She said glancing at her wrist watch.

“You are not supposed to take off your ring…. Can’t you see I hardly take mine off” I said

She rolled her eyes.

“You and I are not the same and besides why do you seem like its so important to you huh?” She asked as I shook my head and gulped.

“Of course it’s important to me cos this little boys might…. I mean what if grandma sees you” I stuttered

“She won’t see me besides…. In the next 16 days we should be done with this whole mess right?” She said

“Uhmm… Yes but…”I said but she cut in immediately.

“Oh please save your sermon until I come back,,,,, am running late” She said as her cell phone rang aloud.

“Arianna… I don’t want to leave the house by this time of the….” I tried saying but she pushed me away and walked out of the door slamming the door loudly.

I watched her leave and I fumed in anger.

The fact that she looked too sexy made me so annoyed.

I sat heavily on the couch still restless.

“Damn… Why would she dress like that? I hate that lady” I muttered under my breath.

🌺 Arianna’s Pov:🌺

My face beamed with smiles as I drove out of the compound with one of the cars.

The look on his face explained everything.

Serves him right!!

Actually this is just the beginning anyways.

By the time am done with him,,,,, he will be sorry.

“But where the heck am I going to?” I thought in confusion.

The truth is that I have no destination.

I just wanted to make him feel jealous or better still angry.

My cell phone rang aloud.

I looked at the phone screen….

It was my girl friend Gloria.

Thank goodness!!

“Hey… what’s up girl?” I said immediately I picked up the phone.

“How have you been? How come you never contacted me since then?” She asked

“Am sorry girl…. I totally forgot” I said.

“Can you come over? Am at the ice cream joint as usual” She said as I squeaked in excitement.

“Of course” I said happily

“Okay then… Am waiting” She said as she hung up.


I got to the ice cream joint…..

And as usual,,, the place was crowded.

Gloria and I exchanged pleasantries as we waited patiently in the queue for our turn to buy our favorite flavor ice cream.

Vanilla ice cream… that’s our favorite 😋

Suddenly,,,, some of the street guys started quarreling.

Gloria and I hurried out of the ice cream joint.

But then,,, someone pushed me roughly and I fell on the hard floor.

I groaned in pain as my ankle was already twisted.

“Oh no!! What’s wrong with you girl?” Gloria tried helping me up but couldn’t.

Then a gentleman who was carrying a nylon of takeaway ice cream rushed to me and helped me up.

Aww… I’ll be truthful guys,,, he’s so cute ❤

“Sorry miss! Am really sorry” He said as he carried me in a bridal style.

I inhaled his sweet scent as he smiled at me revealing his immaculate white gap teeth.

“Thank you Sir” I said as he helped me to my car while Gloria helped me to carry my handbag.

“Am Marvin.. You can call me Marvin! You?” He asked anxiously

“Am Arianna… Thank you once again” I said sweetly.

“You’re welcome… Can you drive with your twisted ankle?” He asked as I shook my head negatively.

“I can’t” I bowed my head

“I’ll help take you home” He said as my face brightened up.

“Really? But what about your car there? Whose gonna drive it?” I asked concerned

“Don’t worry… I’ll come back for it later” He said as he hopped into my car and I bade my friend goodbye.

As he drove off while I groaned in pains.

🌺 Bryan’s POV:🌺

I waited impatiently for Arianna as I kept on glancing at the wall clock.

I rubbed my eyes as anger engulfed me.

“Why would she even go out with such an attire?” I growled

Suddenly,, I heard a car horn and I quickly checked from the window.

It was Arianna….

I was about to sit on the couch when I saw someone else walk out of the car.

It was a handsome tall guy.

And to my greatest surprise,,, he carried Arianna in a bridal style out of the car and walked towards the duplex still carrying her.

I became green with envy.

I couldn’t control myself anymore,, I rushed out of the house with anger……




💧 Twenty-one DAYS BRIDE 💧

🌺 EPISODE 12 🌺

💃 Arianna’s Pov:💃

He carried me down gently and I groaned in pain leaning close to his arms.

“Ouch… Thank you so much Marvin” I smiled broadly at him.

“You’re welcome… Are you sure you can get into the house or should I carry you?” He asked as I shook my head.

“Oh no… Thanks you don’t have to worry yourself,,,, I’ll get into the house” I said as suddenly the door swing open.

Bryan rushed out of the house furiously.

“Oh Bryan… Could you please help…” I tried saying but he brushed past me and walked straight to Marvin.

“You good for nothing flirt” He screamed as he punched Marvin’s nose.

My eyes widened in shock as I became puzzled.

Marvin was off balance so he fell hard on the ground.

Bryan didn’t stop,,, he rushed to him on the ground and kept throwing punches on him.

I couldn’t help it cos my ankle was hurting so badly that I couldn’t move.

“Bryan! Bryan stop it” I screamed but he wasn’t even listening to me.

“Stay the fu<k away from my wife…. Far away from her” Bryan kept saying and continued punching Marvin.

Marvin wasn’t aware of the punches coming so he was totally helpless.

“BRYAN!!!” I called aloud as I tried moving but I fell on the ground and groaned in pains.

And that was when Bryan stopped.

“Arianna? Are you OK?” Bryan helped me up still panting heavily.

Marvin kept groaning in pain as blood oozed out of his nostrils and mouth.

“What happened to your ankle?” Bryan asked

I quickly landed a resounding slap on Bryan’s cheek.

“Let go of me” I yelled at him.

I pushed Bryan away as I struggled to Marvin.

“Marvin? Are you OK?” I asked as he managed to stand.

I used the napkin I was holding to help him wipe off the blood stains.

“Am sorry Marvin!” I said as he nodded.

Bryan watched us green with envy.

“It’s OK Arianna… I have to… I have to go” Marvin said as he walked towards the gate.

Bryan rushed inside the house with annoyance written all over his face.

Oh no! I felt for poor Marvin…

What has he done to deserve such treatment.

🌺 Bryan’s Pov:🌺

I rushed upstairs with anger boiling through me.

What the…..

How can Arianna choose that flirt over me?

Who the hell is that stupid man?

I kept on murmuring as I walked into the room.

I paced around the room impatiently waiting for Arianna.

She has a lot of explanations to do.

I was still fuming when I heard a loud scream from downstairs.

It was Arianna’s voice.

I quickly rushed out of the room.

I saw her groaning in pain by the stairs.

She couldn’t climb up the stairs.

“Please help me Bryan” She panted as I stepped out my feet to walk to her but then I stopped.

“Who is he?” I asked as I folded my arms and watched her cry in pains.

“Is that what’s more important right now? Help me already” She wailed painfully.

I smirked wickedly.

“Unless you tell me who that good for nothing fool is,,, I will not help you to your room” I said as I got downstairs and walked to the sitting room.

“You’re so heartless… Marvin is much more better than you are” She fired.

Her words angered me the more.

How can she say that scumbag is better than me….?

“Then tell him to come into my house and help you upstairs” I snapped.

“You’re a monster….” She yelled at me.

“Yeah… The monster you married for money” I laughed so hard.

“No… The monster who is using me for money” She cut in sharply.

“Whatever… You will have to get yourself upstairs then” I said as I picked up the remote control and turned on the television.

“You are so inhuman…. You didn’t even care to know how I got my ankle twisted you animal” She cried out.

“Why would I care? I warned you not to leave didn’t I? Did you listen when I warned you? So why should I listen to what happened to your ankle…. Have everything your way!” I said less concerned.

“Alright… I’ll have to go upstairs by myself” She said as she walked upstairs gradually.

Suddenly,,, she couldn’t hold on tight so she fell down the stairs.

I quickly rushed to her even though I never wanted to help her.

She wailed in pains as I carried her.

She passed out in my arms.


I carried her upstairs and dropped her on the soft bed.

“You are so stubborn” I said as I touched her soft cheek.

She really looks so charming and beautiful when she’s unconscious.

I sat on the edge of the bed as I placed her twisted ankle on my laps.

I examined the twisted ankle!

it was already reddened.

I helped her remove her dress… I mean her flimsy short dress.

In as much as I love women and I love having at least a one night stand with them,,,, but I couldn’t touch her.

I wanted to but something in me stopped me.

I helped her put on a nightie and I laid her on the bed as I planted a kiss on her forehead.

“I wish not to see you with that guy anymore” I said aloud and chuckled.

I placed her leg on my laps as I applied some balm on her twisted ankle.

I watched her sleep peacefully…….


🔴 Awwn 🙈🙈🙈. So Romantic 😊


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