21 Days Bribe – Episode 17&18

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21 Days Bribe



🌺 EPISODE 17 🌺

💃 Bryan’s Pov:💃

The slap rang aloud into my ears as I jumped up from the bed.

“Bryan what was that for?” Arianna freaked out.

I gulped hard as I gave her a dangerous glare with my hand still on my cheeks.

“Why did you slap me?” I asked angrily as she scoffed.

“Oh really? Why did you kiss my finger?” She asked standing in akimbo.

“Kiss? I… I…. I… I didn’t kiss…” I stuttered

“Oh please… You are nothing but a pervert” She shouted

“I didn’t kiss your fingers,,, I was actually…” I said as she sighed loudly

“I don’t care what you are actually doing! I can’t wait to leave this place” She said as she eyed me.

“Me too… I can’t wait to throw you out of my house” I said with a frown.

“Then do it already… How did I even meet an arrogant jerk like you” She said with a groan.

“You should be grateful you slept on the same bed with a public figure like me” I bragged.

“Public figure indeed! I can’t bear your sight” She shrugged.

“Me too! Your stench is so bad” I said as she became hurt.

That’s what I want her to feel!

She’s so arrogant…..

“Arrrgghhh….” She yelled as she rushed out of the room.

I smirked mischievously as I watched her swerve her hips until she went out of sight.

“Good thing I made her leave” I said with a smile.

My mind went back to the dream I had.

Smiles escaped my lips….

I kissed her 💋.

I kissed her but that was only a dream….

🌺 Arianna’s POV: 🌺

“Such an arrogant jerk… I hate him so much” I kept grumbling as I walked downstairs.

I really can’t wait to go back to my mother and siblings.

We might be poor but we are good mannered!

“Good morning sister in-law” Nadia’s voice screamed as I became startled.

I totally forgot that we have a visitor in the house.

“Oh good morning Nadia” I forced a smile at her.

“What about your husband? And why are you angry?” She pouted her mouth as I gulped.

“Owww… You mean Bryan??” I said feigning a smile.

“Yes…..” She said as I scratched my head.

“That arrogant bastard you call your brother” I thought inwardly.

“He was still fast asleep when Ieft the…” I said but Bryan cut me off.

“Am here now wifey” He said as my face countenance changed.

But I managed to maintain a cool smile.

Nadia chuckled and then paused.

“Aren’t you guys forgetting something?” She said with her palms folded.

Good heavens….

What is she up to?

“Forgetting what?” Bryan asked

“A good morning kiss” She said as I popped my eyes out.

“What?’ Bryan and I chorused

“What’s what? Couples always give each other a good morning kiss… Don’t they?” She said as we nodded with fake smiles on our faces.

“Go on… Kiss…” She giggled.

Bryan drew his mouth closer to mine and I felt like slapping his face.

We were about to kiss when suddenly Nadia’s cell phone rang aloud.

“Oh… I’ll be right back guys,,, I’ll take this call” she said as I quickly pushed Bryan’s mouth away.

“Go away with your kiss” I said as he sneered.

“Like I wanted to kiss you….” He said as he sighed loudly.

I rolled my eyes at him.

🌺 Nadia’s POV :🌺

“Yes granny… They seem not to be close at all” I said into the phone’s speaker.

“I knew it… They are not romantic at all” Grandma said

“Don’t worry grandma,,,, I will make sure they become so close that they won’t want to leave each others side” I grinned

“Good girl!” Grandma said as she hung up.

I smiled broadly as I walked out of the room.


“Hmm… Sister in-law! What happened to the store’s window?” I asked as Arianna fried some plantain.

“Store’s window?” She arched her brows as I nodded.

“Yeah…” I said

“OK… I’ll go check!” She said as she handed the frying spoon to me and walked out.

I smiled mischievously as I watched her go.

Actually I’ve already told my brother Bryan same thing and he went to the store room too.

Are you confused on what I want to do?

We’ll see 😉

I turned off the cooker and followed her.

I watched her and Bryan enter the store room and I quickly locked the door.

🌺 Arianna’s Pov:🌺

I walked straight to the store room to check on the faulty window.

I entered the store room and saw Bryan inside.

Just then,,, the store room’s door slammed shut.

We turned our gazes to the door.

I tried opening the door but it seemed locked.

“It’s not opening” I cried still clutching the door hand.

“What?” Bryan half yelled.




🔴 Stuck together in the store room 😋 😋



🌺 EPISODE 18 🌺

💃 Bryan’s POV:💃

We sat on the bare ground backing each other.

We have been here for the past six hours!

We’ve been shouting for help but to no avail.

Actually, the house is far away from the store room.

But the store room’s window was not faulty.

Arianna slapped her cheeks trying to kill a mosquito.

Mosquito feasted on us but we kept on stealing glances at each other.

I yawned hungrily.

For the past six hours,,,, we’ve been shouting at ourselves.

My throat already dried up.

“Does Nadia know anything about this?” I thought inwardly.

“Are we ever gonna get out of this place?” Arianna’s teary voice echoed.

She sniffed hard as she wiped off her tears.

“I don’t know” I said not looking at her.

She yawned hungrily.

“How do we let Nadia know that we are stuck?” Arianna cried

“I have no idea… I’ve lost my voice while shouting” I said as she burst into tears.

She was shivering.

The whole place was getting dark.

“Arianna? Are you OK?” I asked as she nodded.

I walked closer to her and touched her neck.

Her body was so hot!

I think she has high fever.

Just then,,, I heard a knock on the door.

Glancing at my wrist watch,,, it was already 7pm.

“Brother? Bryan? Are you there?” that was Nadia’s voice.

“Nadia?” I called as I sprang up.

“Please open the door” Arianna cried with the last strength in her.

“I can’t… I think the door handle out here is broken and the repairer can only come tomorrow” Nadia said.

She brought the food from under the door.


I watched Arianna shiver in cold.

I tried to ignore her but I couldn’t.

I quickly rushed to her and carried her in my arms.

“She was burning up in fever.

I quickly brought out a napkin and soaked it into a bowl.

I wiped her body with it.

Her breathe wasn’t rapid anymore.

Her eyes were shut.

I carried her in my laps.

🌺 Nadia’s POV:🌺

From the keyhole I peeped into the store room.

Smiles escaped my lips.

This is what I wanted!

I want them to be close though I really feel for Arianna.

She’s so high with fever.

My cell phone rang aloud and I quickly picked up.

“Hello grandma” I said aloud

“Hi child… How are you guys doing?” Grandma asked anxiously.

“We are fine and they are getting along well” I said with a smile.

“Oh please take care of yourselves” She said as we hung up.

After this night,,,, they will become so close that they won’t want to leave each others side.

I chuckled as I walked into the mansion.

🌺 Arianna’s POV:🌺

My head ached so badly that I couldn’t even open my eyes.

Bryan wiped my body with the napkin he was holding.

The wet napkin!

“Bryan… I can’t sleep” I said as I yawned.

“You’ll be fine Arianna” He said as I hugged him tightly.

“Get well Arianna” He said packing my hair.



My temperature went down and I fell asleep right in his arms.

☀ ☀


I forced my eyes open as smiles escaped my lips.

“Good morning… I love you” I said as I was still half awake.

🌺 Bryan’s POV:🌺

The sun rays directly from the window to her eyes as she opened her eyes.

Actually,,, I’ve been watching her unconscious.

She’s the most beautiful creature I must say.

Her head was still placed on my laps.

She’s just too stubborn and troublesome.

“Good morning… I love you” She said as my eyes widened in shock.

“You love me?” I asked.

She quickly jerked up from my laps.

“Huh? Do you love me?” I winked at her as she gulped nervously……



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