21 Days Bribe – Episode 19&20

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21 Days Bribe



🌺 EPISODE 19 🌺

💃 Arianna’s Pov:💃

“Do you love me?” He asked anxiously as I gulped nervously.

“Love you? Of course not!” I said as I flinched.

Bryan grinned at me as I quickly stood up.

I was feeling a lot better!

“You know I can never have anything to do with a pauper like you so stop deceiving yourself” He said.

Those words hurt me badly and I gulped.

I furrowed my eyebrows at him and tried talking but tears couldn’t let me talk.

Hot tears pricked my eyes….

“He just called me a pauper” I thought inwardly.

He snorted at me and got up.

“You’re so mean” I said as I blinked my eyes continuously to stop the tears.

“I didn’t know you were such a chicken… You didn’t even take minutes to get a fever” He said.

I sniffed hard….

I kept mute as I backed him.

The door swing open and I quickly got up.

Finally,,,,, We are out of the hell hole!

Just when I thought that Bryan was being so nice…

He’s nothing but a bloody fool….

I stormed out of the room with anger burning through me.

I can’t wait to leave this place.

🌺 Bryan’s Pov: 🌺

I watched her swerve her hips until she went out of sight.

I chuckled within me.

“Serves her right… That way,, she will stop feeling too important” I snorted as I walked out of store room.

“Why is your wife’s face like that?” Nadia asked as I smiled.

“She just can’t wait to get into the house” I lied as Nadia shook her head.

I walked into the mansion as well and Nadia followed.


We sat on the dinning table eating the delicious prawn sauce she made.

Nadia ate hungrily as she complimented Arianna.

“This meal is so delicious” Nadia licked her lips.

“Thank you Nadia” Arianna forced a smile.

“Not too delicious” I said as Arianna eyed me.

We kept stealing glances at each other.

Arianna hit the spoon on the plates as she played with the food.

I could see that she’s not happy.

“Sister in-law are you OK?” Nadia asked noticing her gloomy look.

“Am fine” She said as she forced a smile.

“OK then” Nadia said with a smile.

“Excuse me… I just lost my appetite” Arianna said as she walked away.

I breathed heavily as I continued eating.

🌺 Arianna’s Pov:🌺

Anger boiled through me as I slammed the door loudly.

I looked at my already packed luggage at the edge of the room.

Tonight,,, nothing is going to stop me.

Am so leaving this God forsaken house!

Am done with this foolishness…

I just need sometime alone with that arrogant ingrate so I can inform him that the divorce papers should be processed.

What kind of a human being treats others like a piece of trash??

I don’t care what they will say anymore.

And I freaking don’t care if he loses the money.

I paced around the room impatiently.

I heard some footsteps and I quickly backed the door.

The door swing open and as expected,,, Bryan walked in with a toothpick inserted in his teeth.

With that deceitful smile of his…..


Everything about that demon sucks…

I quickly removed the God damn wedding band (ring) 💍

I turned around to face him with the ring in my hand.

“What’s up with you?’ He asked with a sting of pride.

I swallowed hard before speaking up.

I threw the ring on him with my hands in akimbo.

He shot me a disdainful glare as I sighed at him.

“What’s that for?” He asked as I sniffed hard.

“You can see my luggage there right?” I asked as he shook his head in confusion.

“What are you up to?” He asked puzzled.

“Are you pretending or are you just acting dumb? Isn’t it obvious?” I scoffed

“What’s obvious?” He snapped

“Only a dummy won’t picture what’s going on” I said as I gulped hard.

With an annoying grin,,,, he brushed his curly hair backwards.

I must confess he’s so handsome!

But that will be story for another day…

I mean if that day will ever come!

“Call it whatever you like” He blurted out.

“Am done with this charade” I said as I tightened my fist.

“Say what?’ He asked with arched eyebrows.

“You heard me,,, I said enough of this whole charade… I can’t condone your stinky attitude” I said as he burst into laughter making me look stupid.

I managed to control myself though.

“You’re joking right?” He laughed

“Sorry to burst your bubble,,, this is no form of joke” I said as I eyed him.

“Well am sorry too because that’s impossible” He said as he picked up the ring.

“What do you mean?” I fired at him.

“Wanna know what I mean?” He asked as I nodded.

“Yes because I don’t get a thing that you are blabbing about” I said

“Fine… You are my wife and we are STUCK together” He said as I widened my eyes in shock.

“What is that supposed to mean?” I asked anxiously.

“YOU ARE MINE ARIANNA” He said with a scream as I flinched in shock…..



🔴 🙄🙄🙄



🌺 EPISODE 20 🌺

💃 Arianna’s POV: 💃

My eyes widened in shock as I heard him say that.

“What?” I arched my eyebrows in confusion

He backed me as he gulped nervously.

“You heard me… For crying out loud Arianna you and I are married” He said as I scoffed.

“You call this marriage huh?” I rolled my eyes as I sat on the bed.

“We wedded in a church filled with guests and we exchanged marital vows together” He said to my amazement.

“You make me laugh Bryan! Those vows we both know are just fake right? You need the money and I needed it too” I said.

“So what? It’s remaining only 12 days so that we can get this thing done with” He replied.

“Am tired Bryan…. I can’t bear you” I snapped

“Well you are not allowed to be tired” He said sharply as I gasped.

“What? You can’t stop being mean and cruel,,, can you?” I said as he grinned.

“You have to finish whatever you starts… Don’t leave any work unfinished” He said.

“Listen I don’t care what you call it…. But am leaving this house right now! There is my luggage” I said as he chuckled.

“I won’t let you… We can never be apart until the deal is officially over” He said.

“Are you….” I tried saying but then my cell phone rang aloud.

I picked it up…

It was Marvin,,,,,

Bryan looked at the phone’s screen and his face countenance changed.

“I’ll take this call” I said as I walked out of the room with my phone.

“Hello Marvin….” I said aloud

“Hi Arianna… Am sorry I’ve not been calling to check up on you” Marvin’s voice echoed from the phone speaker.

“It’s OK! But I was even wondering why you didn’t call” I said with a smile.

“Actually…. I travelled out of the country for some urgent business but am back now” He replied

“Oh OK….” I said with a sharp exhale.

“I’ll call you later,,,,, I’d like to meet you” He said as I hung up.

“Owww! Marvin you’re so funny” I smiled.

🌺 Bryan’s POV:🌺

I glanced at the phone’s screen and anger boiled through me.

“Marvin? What the fvck is he calling her?” I thought inwardly as she excused herself to answer the call.

That Marvin is nothing but bad news to me!

I paced around the room impatiently.

What the heck is she taking time to end the call?

Is Marvin that blind?

Can’t he see she’s someone’s wife?

I was still waiting impatiently when the door swing open and Arianna walked in wearing smiles on her face.


I can’t believe that animal made her smile….

“What took you so long?” I asked with a sting of jealousy in my voice.

“So long doing what? Tch… Am too exhausted” She said as she laid on the bed covering herself with the duvet.

“Arrrghhh… So annoying!” I groaned as I walked out of the room.


I ignited the car engine as I zoomed out of the duplex.

This house is such a hellhole….

I really can’t wait for this so called honeymoon vacation as grandma called it to come to an end!

And Marvin…

He’s really crossing his borders!

I drove straight into the coffee shop and parked my flashy car at the garage.

I walked into the shop and sighted my friend’s already seated with their mugs of piping hot chocolate in front of them as the smokes evaporated from each mug.

That’s the best for the weather and to clear my mind as well.

“Hey man!” They chorused as we high fived.

I sat on the vacant seat close to Albert.

“What’s up with that face?” They chorused as I sighed loudly.

“That girl should just leave before she gives me heartache” I said as Jim laughed.

“Did you just say that girl? Isn’t she your wife?” Jim snapped as I tut loudly.

“What wife? Everything is just a contract have you forgotten” Albrert cut in.

“What did she do?” Jim asked anxiously.

“I think she has a lover” I said with a sting of jealousy.

Jim arched his eye brows.

“A lover?’ They chorused as I nodded my head in agreement.

“So what’s wrong with that?” Albert asked anxiously

“I said my wife is cheating and you’re asking me what’s wrong with it?” I said in annoyance.

“What wife? Don’t tell me you are slowly falling in love with the young girl huh?” Jim asked.

I scratched my head as I shook my head in disagreement.

“In love? Of course not… You should know I don’t even know what the word “LOVE” means right?” I said knowing fully well that I wasn’t sure of that.

They breathed heavily and rolled their eyes.

“So why then do you seem jealous?” They asked

“Jealous? Of course not… I can never be jealous” I said as I heaved a sigh.

“You know her having a lover shouldn’t bother you,,, besides you are never going to marry her right? So why then are you concerned about her having a lover” Albert said.

The waitress walked in with a mug of my hot chocolate placed under the saucer she was carrying.

“Here Sir” She said as she dropped the saucer on the table in front of me.

I looked at her as she winked at me.

“You are smooth… Hello” She said in *babarex* voice 😂 as she licked her lips.

I smiled at her….

“She’s such a flirt” I thought within me.

She swerved her curvy hips as she walked out of sight.

I shook my head in excitement as I licked my lips lustfully.

“She’s really gonna be good in bed” I thought inwardly.

“You can never change huh Bryan?” Jim’s voice smacked me back to consciousness.

I eyed him as I sipped the hot chocolate.

“And you were complaining that Arianna was cheating when you’re the biggest cheat” Albert said as we shared a laugh.

After spending time with my friends,,, I headed straight to my car with car key hanged on my pinky finger.

“Hey…” I heard someone’s voice from behind.

I quickly turned around…

It was the beautiful waitress.

“Hi…” I said with a wide smile.

As I brought my eyes down her hot legs.

She was putting on a very hot mini skirt which barely covered her laps.

With her tight shirt,,, it’s button was opened revealing the almost bulging out boob’s.

She bit her lips in a seductive way and I winked at her.

“You wanna squeeze this right?” She asked biting her lip.

“Sure… They look juicy” I said in a flirty manner as usual.

“Here… My phone number,,, see ya” She said slipping a paper into my hands and she touched my beards before leaving.

I smiled crazily as I got into my car.

But I felt a kinda guilty and I wondered why!


I got home and took my bath immediately.

I need to chat my new hottie up 😋 😉

🗨Hey pretty🗨 I messaged first

🗨Hey handsome… Missing you🗨 She sent to me.

I read the message with smiles.

🗨I can’t wait to squeeze that juicy boobs of yours and sucked them too🗨 I sent to her

🗨Owhh! You’re really turning me on.. Like am getting wet for you🗨 I read her message and chuckled.

“She’s such a slut” I thought

🗨I can’t wait to spank that ass hard while screwing you hard🗨 I replied

🗨You’re so hot… I like ya🗨 she said

I chucked in excitement.

🌺 Arianna’s POV:🌺

I sat on the bed while Bryan sat on the couch in front of me with his cell phone.

He kept smiling and smiling as he operated his cell phone.

Anger burnt through me.

“Why the fvck is he smiling?” I said to myself.

“Who knows he must be chatting with one of his numerous girlfriends” I said and that got me annoyed.

But why am I even jealous?

“Bryan? Bryan??” Nadia called him from downstairs.

I pretended to be asleep as he dropped his cell phone on the stool beside him.

“Am coming Nadia” He said as he walked out of the room.

I quickly sprang up from the bed and rushed to his phone.

Immediately a message popped in…

“I CAN’T WAIT TO HAVE YOUR D*CK IN MY MOUTH” I read as I became green with envy.

Hot tears pricked my eyes but I blinked hard.

“What are you doing with my cell phone Arianna? That was Bryan’s voice.

I flinched in shock as the phone fell freely from my hands………



🔴 😳🥱🥱🥱 Wahala Upon Wahala


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