21 Days Bribe – Episode 23&24

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21 Days Bribe



🌺 EPISODE 23 🌺

💃 Arianna’s POV:💃

I belched noisily as I laughed loudly again.

Marvin carried me out and I staggered in as soon as he dropped me.

“Be careful Arianna…. You don’t want to fall do you?” Marvin asked helping me up.

“Am not going to fall… What’s pushing me down?” I laughed hysterically.

“You are drunk Arianna” Marvin said as I rolled my eyes.

“Am not drunk…. Am very much OK” I said as I throw up on the ground.

I pressed the door bell aloud knocking on the door.

The door swing open and Bryan walked out.

I staggered and fell into his arms.

He held me tight as our lips drew closer to each others.

“Ehhhhh….” Marvin cleared his throat noisily as Bryan turned to him sharply.

Bryan gulped nervously.

“Uhmm… Please do take good care of her! Am sorry she drank too much” Marvin said as Bryan gnashed his teeth.

“She is my wife and I should be the best person to do that” Bryan said.

“OK… Bye Arianna” Marvin said as I coughed slightly.

“See ya Marvin…” I said staggering drunkenly into the house.

Bryan walked behind me as he banged the door.

I belched loudly again as I felt someone grip my wrist tightly.

It was Bryan…..

Anger boiled through him as he groaned at me.

“Let go of my wrist” I winced as he dragged me by my wrist upstairs.

“Shut up… What kind of a wife are you?” He yelled dragging me by my arm.

I tried talking but he didn’t even let me finish before dragging me into the room and slamming the door.

I coughed again as he paced around the room in anger.

“What? How does it concern you when I want to go out?” I shouted as he hit his hand on the stool and I shivered in fear.

“You are my wife Arianna…. For goodness sake I am your husband” He said angrily as I burst into laughter making him look stupid.

“Wife? Really?” I laughed so hard.

“Yes Arianna…. Wife! What’s funny?” He growled at me.

“Everything is funny OK! Stop making it look like am your wife for real” I said as I staggered towards the bed.

“You are my wife for real Arianna…” He yelped as I quickly turned around.

“What??’ I asked in shock.

Bryan gulped as he breathed heavily.

“We wedded in a church filled with guests and well wishers right? And the wedding was legal and real” He said as I scoffed.

“The wedding was legal and real but the relationship is not real” I said as he bowed his head.

“But that doesn’t give you the right to go about getting drunk… What kind of wife gets drunk?” He said.

“A wife who is in a fake marriage” I blurted out.

“Stop it! Stop using fake relationship as an excuse for your irresponsibility” He said as I scoffed.

“Oh really? So you think am irresponsible huh? What about you? What kind of a husband sleeps around with whores?” I shouted as he freezed in shock.

🌺 Bryan’s POV:🌺

Her words sting my heart and words couldn’t come out of my mouth.

I gulped in nervousness as I already lost my voice.

“Did she really see the messages the waitress sent last night?” I thought inwardly.

“Why are you mute? Speak already… Didn’t you sleep with your mistress today like you planned?” She asked with a tearful voice.

Wait a second….

is she really crying because of me?

Is she jealous?

“What are you talking about?” I managed to ask.

“You can pretend all you want but you can never deceive me and don’t you dare make me feel that am a bad person” She cried out.

“I didn’t do it!” I screamed as she became quiet and turned around.

“What?” She asked.

“I didn’t do it Arianna… I wanted to yes but I couldn’t” I said as I bowed my head.

She stared into my eyes passionately and then laughed.

“You don’t think you can deceive me… Do you?” She said as I shook my head.

“No Arianna… I am not deceiving you” I said as she smirked.

“You owe me no explanation and I too owe you no explanation as well” She snapped.

“I just want you to know that am not lying to you” I said as she smiled.

“It’s OK! Am fine and I know you are too so good night” She said as she quickly jumped on the bed.

It was not up to five minutes,,,,, she already slept off.

I watched her sleep peacefully as I patted her hair.

I covered her with the duvet.

“I have a feeling you have fallen for my charm” I chuckled at her.

I took off her shoes too.

I kept pondering on what she said earlier.

They were all true,,,,

Maybe am the irresponsible one….

I should be a better husband even if it’s fake…

My lips curved to a smile still staring at her from the couch I was lying.

Soon we answered the call of nature….

🌺 Arianna’s POV:🌺

The sun ray from the window straight to my eyes as I yawned tiredly.

My head was aching badly.

Probably due to the excessive amount of alcohol I took last night.

I stretched myself tiredly as I rolled from one side of the bed to another.

My eyes were still shut.

“Good morning!” I heard a familiar voice.

And quickly opened my eyes.

What I saw bright cold shivers down my spine.

Guess what guys???

I saw Bryan in front of me with a tray of coffee and he was putting on a cooking apron.

I jerked up from the bed.

“GHOST! SOMEONE HELP!!” I screamed crazily as I fell from the bed…..





🌺 EPISODE 24 🌺

💃 Bryan’s POV: 🚶

“GHOST! SOMEONE HELP!!” She panicked and fell from the bed.

I quickly turned behind to see the ghost but there was no-one in the room except both of us.

“Ghost? Which ghost??” I asked with furrowed eyebrows.

She gulped nervously as she managed to get up.

“Are you… Are you not a ghost?” She stuttered as I arched my eyebrows.

“Me? A ghost?” I almost screamed.

“You mean this…this is really you in kitchen apron and cap?” She asked as I laughed loudly.

Was that why she screamed?

Because she thought my attire was weird…

And she also thinks it’s only my ghost that can be so loyal to wear cooking apron and make coffee?

I burst into laughter as she stared at me in annoyance.

“You can never stop being arrogant” She groaned and shrugged.

“Arrogant? How can I be arrogant and still serve you coffee in the morning?” I winked at her as she rolled her eyes.

“I don’t trust you Mr husband” She pouted her mouth with her arms folded.

“Neither do I wifey” I said as she smirked.

She picked up the cup of coffee and held it closer to her mouth.

But then she stopped half way.

“What?” I asked anxiously.

“Here you go drink the coffee first” She said and I almost died of laughter.

Like really???

She thinks I might poison the coffee?

“Why should I?” I asked with a cold smile.

“Because you might try to do something funny” She said as she rubbed her eyes.

“Something funny huh?” I grinned.

“Yeah… I don’t understand neither do I trust your too good treatment” She scoffed.

“Am just trying to be nice Arianna” I said as she clicked her tongue loudly.

“Yeah right! Just drink the coffee” She said as I shrugged.

“Fine…. I will” I said as I picked up the cup.

And drank from it as she watched me eagerly.

“Here… I already drank it” I said dropping the cup on the saucer as she forced a smile.

“Better…” She said as she picked the coffee.

I walked out of the room with a shrug.

“She’s really something” I muttered under my breath.

🌺 Arianna’s POV:🌺

I watched him leave the room as smiles escaped my lips.

Why is he being suddenly so kind?

Is this also a pretence or what?

I bit my fingers as I continued pondering within myself.

This is really strange…..

“Coffee in bed?” I said as I laughed loudly.

This is really weird…

So now he’s suddenly caring!

I stirred the coffee as I drank it slowly cos it was piping hot.


I sat unwillingly on the couch with a long face as Nadia dropped the beautiful but short dress in front of me.

“Oh come on sister in-law… This will look so good on you” She said with a smile.

I forced a smile at her and nodded my head in agreement.

“Yes but is it a must that I have to attend the party with your brother” I said

“Sister in-law he is your husband right?” She said with a wink.

“I know but this is a two days party” I blurted out..

“So what? Do you want to stay away from your husband for two days huh?” She arched her brows.

“Oh no! Of…. Of course not” I managed to say.

“I wish he can disappear for more than a week… That pesky brother of yours” I thought inwardly.

“Then go with him… The party was thrown by newly married couple so it’s a kind of get together and a beach party” She said as I rolled my eyes.

Must I be there with him???

Nadia made me put on the whole clothes all in the name of looking for the perfect dress.

Arrrggghhh…. 😑😑

Finally I got to pick one out of the dozens of dresses.

It was a baby pink short gown and a heels.

And it was so nice!

🎊 🎊

I sat in front of the dressing mirror as she applied makeups on my face.

She gasped….

“Oh my God! You look absolutely stunning sister-in-law” She jumped up in excitement.

“Thank you so much Nadia” I chuckled.

I was already putting on the dress.

I looked so spiffed up!

Money… You’re really very good.

“Come on Arianna… Let’s just go downstairs and meet your Prince Charming,,,, he’s waiting” Nadia jumped up in excitement.

“What Prince Charming?” I almost yelled.

“Your husband” She said as I forced a smile.

“Husband indeed!” I shrugged within me.

Nadia already packed my bag for the two days party.


This is the worst idea ever…..

I walked unwillingly out of the room as Nadia dragged me along.

🌺 Bryan’s POV:🌺

I waited patiently at the sitting room for my so called wife.

This is all Nadia’s fault.

What did she even suggest she comes along..??

That crazy girl that called me a ghost just because I was trying to be nice!

“She’s here” Nadia’s voice rang into my ears as I quickly turned my gaze to the staircase.

“Wow!” Was all I could say.

Nadia have just reformed her….

“She’s cute” I said.

She walked down the stairs smiling at me excitedly.

“How do I look love?” She asked me spinning around.

Smiles couldn’t help but escape my lips.

All I did was to drool over her tiny waist and curvy hips.

With her well cupped breast….

I held her waist as she smiled at me

“You are so beautiful Arianna” I said as she giggled at me.

“You are handsome too” She said with her killing perfect smile.

That smile alone melts my strong heart.

I drew her closer to my chest as I could feel her breath on my neck.

I looked straight into her dreamy eyes.

Slowly,,,, our lips drew closer and I glued my mouth to hers as we kissed each other passionately.

Like we sucked each others lips 💋


“Hey! Brother why are you staring like that?” Nadia’s voice snapped into my thoughts as I shook my head.

Arianna stared at me in astonishment.

“What were you thinking?” She asked as my eyes widened in shock.

“So I was just daydreaming??” My jaw dropped…..



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