21 Days Bribe – Episode 3 &4

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21 Days Bribe




💃 Bryan’s POV:💃

“Dammit grandma! You never told me I was supposed to get married before I can get the family inheritance!” I cried loud into the phone’s speaker.

“Oh dear son…. Pardon my poor old brain,,,, it skipped my mind” She said politely.

I tapped my feet thinking hard.

How do I pay back the gamblers???

“Then how do I get the family inheritance grandma?” I asked anxiously.

“What is the only requirement by the attorney for you to get the inheritance?” Grandma asked

“Getting married??” I said still confused.

“Then do the needful Bryan!” She said as I rolled my eyes.

“What?” I half yelled

“What do you mean what? Aren’t you old enough to get married and father a child? Besides you will get married some day too won’t you?” Grandma snapped.

I gulped hard.

“Oh… No…. I mean ye… Yes of course granny” I said as she giggled.

“Good… Then get married already” She laughed

“To who grandma?” I almost screamed

“What do you mean to who? What about your girlfriend Ruby? The one I saw when you and I were video chatting the other day?” grandma asked.

“Who’s Ruby?” I asked already forgetting that she exists.

Grandma scoffed.

“You don’t know you girlfriend’s name huh?” Grandma groaned.

“Ooohh…. Ruby! She’s good too” I managed to say

“Then I can hear the wedding bells ringing….” Grandma chuckled

“Yeah….” I said as I sighed

“Don’t worry son…. Because of your wedding,,,, am gonna come back earlier than expected” Grandma said as I gasped.

“Oh no no no grandma you don’t have to” I said sharply

“Why not? Just leave your return as planned I mean until next month ending” I said

“You don’t miss your granny boy?” She asked with a sad voice

“Not that grandma! You know I really miss you and Nadia so much” I said

“We miss you too…. I’ve got to go son,,, speak with ya later” She said

“Bye granny” I said as she hung up.

I sat heavily on the couch as I breathed heavily.

“Sh!t….. This is really bad” I said as I kicked the table roughly.

“What did your grandma say? Another way out?” Jim and Albert asked rushing in.

I shook my head in disagreement with a little touch of disappointment.

“I’ll have to get married before I can claim the cash….” I said weakly

“Huh??” They asked with their eyes widened.

Of course they know I detest the thought of getting married and getting stuck with one woman for the rest of my life.

All in the name of marriage and love….

Bullsh!t……. Total disaster!

My phone rang aloud again.

It was from the gamblers.

Our hearts skipped….

We are so in trouble.

“I think you should go reconcile with Ruby?” Jim said

“You know this is the only reasonable talk you’ve said since I’ve got to know you” I said

“Whatever!” Jim said

“Let’s step on it guys else they might do something bad to us… They are very dangerous people” Albert said.

🌺 Arianna’s POV:🌺

I walked into the house with two filled gallons of water.

We really need a lot of water,,, cos mother has a lot of clothes to wash for the rich lady’s.

Actually you can call my mom a dry cleaner.

“Mother am done with filling the drums of water” I screamed to mother who was busy frying some steak at the kitchen for breakfast.

“OK child” Mother said

“Where’s Miguel?” Mother asked anxiously as I walked into the kitchen after dropping the gallons of water I was carrying.

I scratched my head as I made for a glass of water

“I don’t know mother! He has gone off as usual” I sighed as Mother shook her head in disappointment.

Just then,,, we heard voices and Laila rushed into the kitchen panting.

Mother and I became frightened.

“What happened Laila?” Mother asked anxiously

“It’s the landlady…. She’s here” Laila muttered as mother gasped.

“We’ll go talk to her” I summoned courage.

Mother and I walked out of the kitchen.

“Where are those wretched things? You’ll be sorry by the time am done with you guys” The landlady ranted angrily.

“Good day ma’am” We chorused

“What’s so good about the day huh? Am here to take my money” She yelled

“Please ma’am just give us a little….” I said but she quickly cut in.

“Just keep quiet! I’ve been doing that for the past two months” She shouted at me and I flinched.

“Please we’ll pay you before the end of the month” Mother pleaded.

“You better do because the next time I’ll come here,,, I will have you useless fools thrown out of my house” She threatened.

Before we could say a word,,, she already stormed out of the house.

Mother and I exchanged glances as Bibi burst into tears running into mother’s arms.

I bowed my head as I patted Laila’s hair softly.

Laila with her gloomy look blinked hard to stop herself from crying.

How do we even raise the money??

🌺 Bryan’s POV: 🌺

We opened the car’s boot as the man filled the boot with lots of flowers.

We closed they boot and I gave him some money.

As we got into the car and I drove off.

“Are you sure this is going to work?” I furrowed my eyebrows.

“”It will definitely…. All we have to do is to go to all your ex’s houses to check whose gonna take you in” Jim said

“Yes Bryan… You better pray that this works out” Albert said as I breathed heavily.


I stood in front of Ruby’s apartment door with my heart racing so fast.

I just pray she accepts me so that we can get married and once I get the money,,,, I’ll annull the stupid marriage.

I know it’s bad to use people but I just have to….

I really need the money believe me!

I look downstairs…

My friends were there encouraging me to go ahead.

I exhaled deeply as I knocked on the door with shaky hands.

I was holding a bunch of colourful flower.

The door swing open….

it was Ruby,,, She was holding a cup of coffee and sipping it.

She stared at me in disgust.

“What are you doing here?” She asked

That was when I started singing my love song.

“Ruby darling… I’ve been such a fool to let a beautiful damsel like you slip off my hands,,,, please accept me back Ruby then we can get married this weekend” I said holding out the flowers to her.

She smiled broadly as she took the flower

“Thank you so much” She said happily

My hope grew….

She fell for it,,,,

I was still lost in thought when a dirty slap was landed on my cheeks by Ruby.

She quickly threw the flowers into the trashcan in front of us.

“Go to hell…..” She bathed me with hot coffee all over my Body before slamming the door loudly in my face……



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💃 Bryan’s POV:💃

“This is all a total failure….. What are we gonna do now?” I sneered as I rubbed my face.

“Actually I don’t really know” Jim said as he sat heavily on the couch.

“This is totally pointless….” I rolled my eyes as I sat on the couch still lost in thought.

My cell phone beeped.

I picked it up…

It was a message!

I quickly opened the message and gasped.

“Oh my gosh….” I gasped as I read the content of the message.

“What happened??” Albert and Jim chorused in unison.

“My grandma is coming back this weekend for my wedding” I said as they gasped.

“What wedding? When you don’t even have a bride?” Jim screamed.

‘This is really trouble dude” Albert said as I sank my fingers into my long curly hair.

“What do we do now?” Jim said as I breathed heavily.

I seriously don’t know what we are going to do.

“Why don’t hire a bride?” Albert said immediately after some thoughts.

“Hire a bride??” Jim and I chorused in unison.

“How do I even do that? What do you mean hire a bride?” I asked confused.

“Get someone to pretend to be married to you” Jim smiled.

I shook my head as I smiled broadly.

“Perfect idea” I said as we clink our glasses of wine together.

🔴 Arianna’s POV: 🔴

I was busy helping my mother to do some laundry when Gloria rushed into the house

“Arianna! Arianna!!’ She called panting heavily.

I quickly flinched as I stood up.

“What is it? What happened??” I asked frightened

“I have some good news for you” She said smiling.

“What news? You got me so scared” I breathed heavily still focused on the laundry.

“There is a new job opportunity” She said as I quickly dropped the clothes.

“What? Where?” I snapped

She smiled and then spoke up.

“Well I really have no idea who’s in charge but here is the flyer” She said and handed it to me.

“A good job with a very good pay…. Apply in person for interview at Adam’s clubhouse” I read aloud

Smiles escaped my lips….

Though I don’t know the kind of work,,,, but I really need the money.

“Go for it bess… This will really help you” Gloria said as I hugged her tightly.


Gloria and I walked into the hall.

It was filled with lots of beautiful girls.

That I doubt if I will ever get the job,,,,

“There are so many applicants Gloria” I whispered into her ear and she smiled.

“A whole lot of people needs the job” She replied as we spotted an empty seat and went for it.

My eyes went round the whole place as I shook my head.

Most of the girls were busy making up their faces and I wondered why.

With my hands,,, I brushed back my hair packed in a messy bun.

I guess am the only one there without wearing a makeup.

“Can you believe it? It’s actually Sir Bryan whose doing the interview?” One of the girls giggled

“Oh my gosh… I can’t wait to see that cutie in person” The other girl said as they high five.

I nodded my head in realization.

So that’s the reason why they are making up?

But truth be told,,, I do have a crush on him.

Though I haven’t seen him in person but in pictures he look really handsome.

But I heard his a playboy.

“Aww… I can’t wait to see him” Gloria said smiling crazily.

“Cut it off already Gloria” I rolled my eyes as I waited patiently for our turn.

🌺 Bryan’s POV:🌺

I looked into the CCTV footage and snorted.

“Really? Am I going to marry all this bi+ches?” I scoffed

“Bryan please be serious for once…. You really need this,,,, we are running out of time” Jim said

“Whatever!” I said


The truth is I wasn’t pleased with any of them.

They are either short or too fat or too skinny.

Or just too seductive….

Or too ugly….

I shut the door in annoyance.

“Damn… It’s not working out ” I groaned angrily.

“Why don’t you like them?” Albert said.

“This is just for hire man not forever” Jim freaked out.

“I can’t stand them…” I yelled angrily

“So what are you gonna do?” Jim asked.

“I give up… I’m just gonna talk to my grandma for the money,,, am outta here” I said as I stormed out of the hall angrily with a hood on my face.

I walked to the garage in anger.

Suddenly,,, I bumped into someone .

It was a very beautiful lady.

“Are you blind?” The other lady with her screamed at me.

She fell on her butt……..



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