21 Days Bribe – Episode 31

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21 Days Bribe



🌺 EPISODE 31 🌺

💃 Arianna’s Pov:💃

My eyes widened in shock…..

“Baby?’ I almost screamed.

“Yes,,,, baby… Don’t you guys want a baby just like me and my husband?” Thelma said rubbing her tummy.

“Yes Bryan! You know I can’t wait to be invited for your baby shower” Liam replied with a smile.

Bryan and I exchanged glances before looking away.

I could hardly breathe……



That impossible,,,,

How do we make babies when we haven’t even snogged?

The marriage is just fake!

He needs the money and I do too…..

“Well….” Bryan cleared his throat and looked at me but I turned my face away.

I can’t even face him!

“We will…. make a…a baby but not yet” He stuttered as Thelma arched her eyebrows.

“Why? Why don’t you guys want a baby now? You know it’s better to make babies now that you’re younger” She said as I coughed slightly.

“Because we still want to settle down properly” I said not knowing what else to say.

“And you know what? You guys are a perfect pair and I bet you will have very beautiful kids” Liam said as we forced smiles at them.

“Oh Liam… I told you wanted strawberry ice cream right?” Thelma said in tears.

Weird…. 😂😂

Mood swing already…..

Someone who was just smiling few minutes ago is now crying for ice cream… Strawberry ice cream precisely.

“But baby you said chocolate ice cream” Liam said as she shook her head in disagreement.

“Yuck…. Chocolate ice cream sucks!’ She half yelled.

“What? But it was your favorite” Liam said as she burst into tears the more.

“It was baby…. That’s in the past” She said hitting her chest.

“Past? That was barely thirty minutes ago” Liam said as she eyed him.

“Even a minute is in the past…. Baby please don’t forget to get tonic water with some fish sausage and egg doughnut and some fried chicken as well,,,, let me manage those” She said as Bryan and I burst into laughter.

“Manage?” I shouted as I laughed loudly.

“Yeah… Manage!” She rolled her eyes.

Pregnant women can be something else 😂

Thelma and Liam walked away as we laughed excitedly.

Oh Thelma!

She’s really stressing the poor husband!

Bryan and I kept stealing glances at each other.

“Do you want a baby too?” Bryan’s voice echoed.

🌺 Bryan’s POV:🌺

Arianna gasped immediately I threw the question at her.

“What?” She asked with a shaky voice.

“Just joking! But babies are actually a bunch of blessings” I said with a mild smile.

She only forced a smile and looked away.

“But that’s impossible and you know it” She said as I nodded.

“Yeah… I know it is but impossible things can be made possible” I said as she gulped nervously.

“What do you mean?’ She managed to ask after some minutes silence between us.

“Never mind… Just enjoy your dinner” I said with a smile and she nodded.

Then I noticed a piece of bone on her lips.

I gently took it off as we stared into each others eyes passionately.

She cleared her throat slightly and took her hands off with a light smile.

Her long hair shone brightly.

“She’s beautiful” I thought within myself.

We turned our gazes to the dancers entertaining.

🌺 Arianna’s Pov:🌺

We were watching the dancers when my cell phone rang aloud.

Actually I just powered it,,, it’s been off for a long time.

I missed the call but I saw an unread message.

I walked far away from Bryan.

“Who could have sent this?” I thought as I opened the message.

It was from Marvin.

I read the message and my jaw dropped in shock.

“So Bryan got into a fight with Marvin again?” I muttered in annoyance.

That hotheaded guy…..

I walked towards Bryan whose eyes were still focused on the dance he was watching.

“Bryan? Why did you….?” I said as I quickly kept quiet.

I saw a masked man pointing a gun directly at Bryan who was still watching eagerly.

My eyes popped out….

He corked the gun….

My heart skipped a beat,,, the gun was pointed at Bryan directly.

He was obviously the target.

“BRYAN???” I shouted as I ran to him.

The loud gunshot was heard loudly…..



🔴 Who was shot? 😳😲

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