21 Days Bribe – Episode 32

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21 Days Bribe



🌺 EPISODE 32 🌺

💃 Bryan’s POV:💃

“BRYAN?” I heard my name screamed from behind and I quickly turned around.

It was Arianna.

She jumped on me and then we heard a loud gunshot.

She fell in the pool of her own blood.

Arianna was shot.

I gasped as I quickly carried her up.

“Arianna?” I cried out as she was bleeding profusely.

She was shot directly on the head and she was unconscious already.

They started the search for the gunman but unfortunately no-one found anyone.

That wasn’t my concern.

She really needed to be rushed to the hospital.

“Call the ambulance” Was all I kept screaming.

The ambulance came and I quickly rushed Arianna to the stretcher.

Straight to the hospital….


I waited impatiently outside the ward.

Oh God!

I just hope nothing happens to her…..

Hot tears pricked my eyes and rolled down gradually from my cheeks.

She took a bullet for me!

It was obvious that am the target but she took the bullet instead of me.

“I never knew she likes me this much” I thought within myself.

I paced around before sitting on the chair beside me.

I bowed my head with my forhead on my palms.

My heart skipped faster and faster.

Then I felt someone’s warm hand on my shoulder.

I quickly raised my head up.

It was Jim.

I heaved a sigh as I bowed my head again.

Jim sat very close to me and patted my back.

“You need to calm down Bryan you…..” He said but I cut him short.

“Calm down? Really?” I scoffed

“The doctors are taking good care of her… Worrying so much won’t help” He added.

“It’s my wife we are talking about here Jim” I said as wiped the tears off.

“What? But it was just a contract marriage and besides….” He said.

“And so what? So what if it’s a contract marriage?” I flared up.

“You’re behaving like she holds your life” He said.

“Yes she does… I was the target man and she took the bullet for me” I said as he gasped in shock.

“She did?” He half yelled.

“Yes… Am supposed to be the one in that theatre room struggling for my life but she took the pain away to face it by herself” I said as I couldn’t control the tears anymore.

Tears welled down my chubby cheeks.

Jim hugged me tightly.

“She will be fine” He whispered into my ear.

🌺 Marvin’s POV:🌺

“Bloody fool!” I yelled as I landed a brain resetting slap on his cheek.

His face reddened immediately as he bowed his head.

“Am sorry boss” He said as I groaned in pain.

“Sorry for your good for nothing self! Why did you shoot her?’ I shouted.

“Sir the target was for him but she saw it coming and took the bullet for him” He said as I hit my fist against the wall.

“Fvck…. That stupid Bryan is supposed to be the one in the hospital or morgue while I console my sweet Arianna in my arms” I said in annoyance as I looked at my bleeding fist but that doesn’t matter.

“Oh you better pray she survives this else…..” I said as I gave him a deadly glare.

I paced around in so much annoyance.

“Am really sorry boss” He said

“Get lost!” I yelled at him as he quickly left.

“Arrrghhh…. This is not the plan” I muttered within myself.

🌺 Bryan’s POV:🌺

I was still waiting impatiently when the door throw open and the doctor came out of the theatre room.

I was about to get into the emergency room when they stopped me.

“You can’t go in here yet” The nurses stopped me.

“Please tell me doctor! How is she?” I asked anxiously.

“Let’s meet at my office Mr” The doctor said as I followed him.


“Tell me already doctor! How is my wife?” I almost screamed.

The doctor breathed heavily making me more anxious and worried.

“Well you see Sir,,,,, Your wife is in a comatose state for now” He said as I furrowed my eyebrows at him.

“WHAT?” I shouted…..



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