21 Days Bribe – Episode 33

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21 Days Bribe



🌺 EPISODE 33 🌺

💃 Bryan’s POV:💃

“Comatosed?” I almost screamed as the doctor gently took off his glasses nodding his head.

“Am afraid Mr Adams but that’s the case at hand” He said.

“Oh God! Who could have wanted me dead? And why?” I thought inwardly.

I bowed my head as hot tears pricked my eyes and rolled down gradually from my cheeks.

“When will she wake up doctor?’ I asked anxiously.

The doctor shook his head and scratched his head in disappointment.

“We can’t really tell Mr Adams….am sorry!” The doctor said as I quickly sprang up and rushed to the wall groaning in pain.

I hit my fist against the wall severally as blood oozed out of my fist.

“You have to put yourself together Mr Adams… This won’t help at all” The doctor tried calming me down.

“Doctor I don’t think I can…. I can’t cope without her knowing fully well she is on that good for nothing bed because of me” I shouted loudly.

“You have to put yourself together…. The thing is,,,, she was shot right in the head and I just hope she survives the trauma” The doctor said.

Oh dear God!

Your presence is really needed in this case.

Please don’t let anything bad happen to her….

Oh why now?

“Can I see her doctor?’ I asked anxiously.

“Yes you can,,,, the surgery was successful and for the meantime she is no longer in a very critical condition” The doctor replied as I shook hands with him before leaving the office.

I have to find out who shot her….

There must be some unraveled secrets here…


I walked into the hospital ward and saw her lying on the bed.

She laid lifelessly with some pipes connected all over her body.

A big bandage was tied round her head.

And an oxygen fixed on her nose.

Tears couldn’t let me take a proper look at her as it circulated in my eyes.

She still looked so beautiful even in an unconscious state.

I walked to her and held her warm hands.

“Am sorry Arianna! I know I’ve caused you a whole lot of pain and suffering…. Am the reason why you are on this bed and this time,,,,, for the very first time I am sincerely sorry so please wake up” I said.

I wish she could just sneeze and get up immediately.

I just wish I had told her how I felt about her much more earlier.

No-one can tell when she’s going to wake up.

And even if she wakes up,,, we don’t know the extent of kind of damage she got from the gunshot.

I just hope she’s alright!

“Please just wake up Arianna… I promise I won’t trouble you anymore,,, I cross my heart” I said as I wiped off my tears and pecked her cheek.

🌺 Marvin’s Pov:🌺

I paced around the room impatiently.

I really have to find out how she’s doing and to know if she’s getting any better.

That stupid fool I paid to eliminate Bryan…. He was so stupid that he shot the only one I love so much.

“Marvin are you OK?” Derek’s voice scared the hell out of me.

I startled as I turned around sharply.

“Should I be OK?’ I snapped.

Derek heaved a sigh and sat on the couch.

“This is all your fault,,,, you shouldn’t blame anyone for your mistakes” Derek replied.

“You know if you are going to keep blaming me then just keep a distance from me” I said with anger burning through me.

“Are you even sure she’s going to survive this… The news said she was shot right in the head” Derek said.

“Stop saying that… She will never die” I yelled as I quickly sprang up breathing heavily.

“You never can tell… She might not cos her case is a critical one! You don’t have to be surprised if she’s announced dead and gone by tomorrow or………” He said.

The more he talked,,, the more angry I become so annoyed.

I quickly picked up the empty bottle on the table and broke it on the ground.

Derek gasped in shock as I quickly grabbed him by his collar and tightened his neck with the broke bottle on his neck.

“Don’t you dare say such words else I might be forced to insert this bottle into your neck” I said in anger as he breathed deeply.

“Please drop the bottle!” He said in fear as I let go of him forcefully and backed him gulping hard.

He coughed again and again as I stormed out of the room dropping the broken bottle noisily.

“He has gone crazy” He muttered to himself still breathing heavily.

🌺 Mrs Bernardo’s POV:🌺

I poured the vegetable oil into the frying pan as I brought out the sliced plantain.

And then turned the plantain into the oil.

Then I stirred with the frying spoon beside me.

Just then,,,, I heard a loud scream from outside.

“Mother! Mother!!’ That was Laila’s voice.

“Laila??” I said as I quickly turned off the cooking stove and rushed off.

Laila and I bumped into each other and she fell on her butt.

Then I helped her up,,, she was holding a newspaper and panting heavily.

“Laila what happened? Did anything happen to Bibi?” I asked anxiously.

She opened her mouth to talk but couldn’t cos she was panting.

“Mother… Just… Just take a look at this” she said handing the newspaper to me.

My eyes widened in shock.

“Arianna married and in coma?” I said in shock as the newspaper fell freely from my hand…………..



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