21 Days Bribe – Episode 34&35

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21 Days Bribe




๐Ÿ’ƒ Bryan’s POV:๐Ÿ’ƒ

I belched noisily as I picked up the bottle of whiskey from the table in front of me again and drank from the bottle gulping the content uncontrollably.

I looked around me with an insane smile .

There were almost six empty bottles of whiskey lying around me.

I sniffed hard as I picked the bottle again but this time,,,, someone took the bottle from me and I flared up.

“What are you doing to yourself Bryan?” Albert screamed at me as he took the bottle.

I quickly sprang up to take the bottle but I couldn’t since I kept on staggering drunkenly.

“You give me that!” I belched again and stench of alcohol filled the whole place.

Albert quickly covered his nose with the napkin he was holding.

“Give you what? This is the seventh bottle of whiskey you are drinking Bryan…. Do you wanna die?” Albert yelled.

And suddenly,,,, I laughed hysterically as he stared at me in surprise.

But I broke down immediately in tears as he hugged me.

“I really want to die Albert… Have you seen death please call him for me! His presence is urgently needed right now” I burst into tears the more.

“But that’s not the way out my dear friend… Death is not an option” Albert tapped my shoulder.

“So what’s the option if not death? Do you know the pains of looking at my wife everyday in that fvcking sick bed lying lifelessly and struggling to live huh? Do you know the pains of being here alone? Do you know the pains of knowing fully well that you are the reason why your wife is in that situation? You feel like its all your fault…. You blame everything for your dear wife’s predicament?” I cried out.

“Really? Is this really you Bryan?” Albert scoffed.

“I don’t care what you say but am just saying the way I feel about Arianna’s condition” I said as I sat heavily on the couch.

“You’re being unbelievable man…. The Bryan Adams I know cares less of every freaking being” Albert said as I shook my head.

“The Bryan Adams you know then doesn’t exist anymore,,, he’s long dead and this is my wife we are talking about here” I said.

“Your FAKE wife Bryan….. Pretence” Albert sneered.

“No! We wedded in a church filled with guests and well wishers and the marriage is legal” I snapped.

“Bryan when did you change like this? I used to be the one to advise you to change to a new leaf,,,, I can’t believe you’re the one speaking: Albert said in surprise.

“She changed me Albert…. I know I couldn’t muster the courage to tell her the three words until right now when I have the courage but I can’t get her audience” I said in tears.

“What words?” Albert asked.

“That… That…. That “I love her” I cried out.

“Love? Are you for real? Like you love her?” Albert asked anxiously.

“Yes Albert… Love!” I replied.

“But you abhor that word “Love” and you said you don’t believe in it” Albert asked.

“That mentality changed Albert cos finally I got caught in the webs of love” I said as suddenly we were both interrupted.

“Sir Bryan? Sir Bryan??” The security man rushed in.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Sir there is an elderly lady and a little girl outside the gate and they came to see you” He said as I exchanged glances with Albert.

“Elderly lady??” I asked anxiously.

“Yes sir!” He replies as I managed to get up still staggering a bit.


“This is him right?” The woman asked her little daughter who was holding a newspaper.

The little girl looked at the newspaper and nodded her head.

“Yes mother! That’s him!” She replied as I came straight to them.

“Good day sir!” They greeted as I nodded my head still looking at them.

The little girl’s face looked familiar.

Her nose and mouth looked exactly like Arianna’s.

Seeing her alone made tears circulated in my eyes but I blinked hard to stop myself from crying.

“What… What do….do you guys want?” I managed to say.

“Uhmm… Sir you see am here because I want to talk to my daughter” The elderly woman said as I furrowed my eyebrows and glanced at Albert.

“Daughter?? Is there any daughter of yours here?’ I asked confused.

She cleared her throat noisily….

She opened her mouth to talk but tears streamed down her cheeks.

For the first time,,, I felt a sting of pity for her.

“What happened?” I asked anxiously.

“Arianna… Arianna Bernardo,,, she is my daughter” She said tearfully as I gasped.


Arianna’s mother couldn’t stop wailing as I drove them in my car.

I felt sorry for the poor lady.

Who in her shoes wouldn’t be heartbroken?

She just learnt that her daughter got married and now she’s going to visit her daughter’s almost lifeless body in the hospital.

“Mother please you need to calm down OK” I tried consoling her.

She wiped her tears off with the blouse she was wearing sniffing hard.

“She was my everything… I don’t know if our family will ever survive it if she is not there anymore” The lady cried.

“Of course we have to be positive…. She will never die,,, even though this is the second week of her being in coma but I promise you dear mother I won’t let anything happen to her not just because she’s your daughter but also because she’s my better half” I said as the lady nodded.

๐ŸŒบ Mrs Bernardo’s POV:๐ŸŒบ

I walked into the decorated hospital ward looking around.

“Wow… Rich people can be something even their ward’s is also decorated” I thought inwardly.

Laila clutched to my arm as we both stared around in astonishment.

Just then,,, I sighted my beautiful daughter Arianna lying on the bed with lots of pipes fixed on her.

Hot tears pricked my eyes and I quickly rushed to her.

“Arianna? Daughter?? I cried as I rushed to her.

I hugged her tightly Laila and I cried bitterly.

Suddenly,,, Laila sprang up to the surprise of everyone.

“Mother she… She just moved her fingers now” Laila screamed as everyone gasped…..



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๐Ÿ’ƒ Bryan’s POV:๐Ÿ’ƒ

My eyes widened in shock…..

“What? Are you sure??” I asked anxiously.

“She did? When???” Mrs Bernardo asked as she quickly wiped off her tears.

“Yes mother! She just shook her fingers am very sure of that!’ Laila said with a smile.

“I’ll go get the doctor!” Albert rushed out of the ward.

I paced around the room impatiently.

“Oh God!

I hope she gets out of coma soon…..

I can’t wait to see her beautiful face again with her heart stealing smile.

And again I really feel bad for her poor mother,,,,, she might cry herself to sickness some day.

She has been crying, sobing and sulking since today.

She might fall sick if she continues….

Besides there are lots of explanation she needs to clear her mind!

She needs to know that her daughter didn’t want to deceive her by getting married and not informing her.

But it’s just because the marriage and everything that concerns is was all a charade for the money.

My thoughts were interrupted by the footsteps I heard and I turned around sharply.

It was Albert and the doctor.

“Doctor! I think she’s out of coma now…. She just shook her fingers” I said immediately.

“I’ll take a look at her” The doctor said as he opened her eyes a little.

And shut them back.

Our heart kept beating faster….

Our ears were itching to hear the good news.

The doctor heaved a sigh and turned to us.

“Doctor? How is my daughter? Is she waking up anytime soon?” Her mother asked eagerly with drops of tears down her cheeks.

“Mmhhh….. She’s perfect fine but am sorry,,,, she’s still in coma” The doctor said as I bowed my head running her fingers through my curly hair.

Her mom burst into tears again hugging the little girl tightly.

“Please calm down ma’am” I said trying to console her.

“Oh dear God! Please wake her up soon…. It’s two weeks already since she’s been lying lifelessly on the hospital bed” I prayed silently as Albert patted my shoulder.

๐ŸŒบ Marvin’s POV:๐ŸŒบ

I shaved my beard in front of the mirror with a towel tied around my waist.

I applied some shaving cream on my beards.

The door swings open and from the mirror I saw Derek come into the room.

I continued combing my hair….

“Are you going somewhere Marvin?” He asked as I gulped nervously.

“Yeah….” I replied simply.

“You better stay out of trouble cos I won’t save you when the time comes” He said as I rolled my eyes.

Did I ask for his help?

I don’t need his opinion to live my life anyways…..

“Am not begging you for help” I snapped.

“By the way where are you going to? Your arms are still not properly healed you know” Derek asked.

“Well… I can’t bear this anymore!!! I want to go see her” I said as he arched his brows.

“See her? Who is she?’ He asked eagerly.

“Arianna….” I replied less concerned.

“What?” He freaked out.

“What do you mean by what? Are you deaf or something? I said am going to see Arianna” I said as he tuts loudly.

“Are you stupid or you’re just playing dumb huh? The last time you tried this,,,, he almost killed you with severe beatings that you almost died and now this?” Derek yelled.

“I don’t care what he does to me but I will definitely see her today,,,, I need to see how she’s doing” I said as I quickly put on my shirt.

“You’re ready to die for a lady who is married and don’t have feelings for you?” Derek snorted.

“Call it whatever you like” I replied.

I put on my trouser and shoes as I picked up my glasses and wore them.

“Have it your way then” He sneered at me.

“Yeah right….” I replied less concerned as I walked out of the room.

“Ignorance….” He muttered to my hearing.


I tiptoed into the hospital’s store room.

Actually I was trailing the cleaner.

He got into the room and I followed him.

I picked up the mop sick and landed on his head and he fell on the ground groaning in pain.

Poor old man……

I just need his uniform else I won’t be let into Arianna’s ward.

I hit the mop on him again and he passed out.

I smiled broadly…

I successfully took his uniform and dressed in them sharply.

I put on the nose mask to avoid recognition.

I picked up the mop stick and bucket and walked out of the room.


“Wait… What are you doing? You can’t go into the special ward” A nurse tried to stop me.

“I just got ordered to clean the room up” I lied

“OK you can go” She said as I walked into the room with a cunningly smile.

I walked into the ward and sighted beautiful Arianna lying lifelessly on the bed.

I dropped the mop stick and bucket and rushed to her with tears in my eyes.

“Arianna?” I called out as I kissed her forehead.

“Am really sorry you’re going through this pain but I can’t help it” I said as I held her fingers and kissed her fist.

I was still staring at her beautiful face when someone interrupted me.

“WHO ARE YOU?’ A voice asked from behind as I quickly freed her fingers.

It was Bryan…….



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