21 Days Bribe – Episode 41&42

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21 Days Bribe



🌺 EPISODE 41 🌺

💃 Arianna’s POV:💃

The image I saw in my head was in blurry.

My head was aching badly as I forced myself to recall….

I held my head and gave out a loud scream.

“Aahhh….. ” I screamed as I held my head in pains.

Mother and my siblings rushed to me.

“Arianna! Are you OK? What happened?” Mother asked anxiously.

The pains relieved a little and I raised my head again heaving a sigh.

“Arianna what just happened? Why did you scream?’ Mother asked patting my head.

“I saw someone but I couldn’t see the person clearly,,,,, he was cooking” I said weakly.

Mother exhaled slowly and patted my back.

“You don’t have to force yourself to recall what happened in the past remember what the doctor said…. He said the memory loss is temporary so you will definitely remember everything that happened to you so you don’t have to stress your brain” Mother said as I nodded my head.

“Please don’t scream again Arianna you made me so scared” Bibi said cheerfully.

“Yes! I thought you were hurt” Laila said as I smiled broadly at them.

“No Laila and Bibi!!!! Am very OK just that I really need to remember some things so that I can clear my head” I said with a gloomy face.

“Cheer up sister! You should always smile do you know why?” Laila said with a smile.

“Why? Why do I need to smile all the time?” I asked rolling my eyes.

“Because you look very beautiful when you smile” Bibi said as I burst into laughter.

They can never stop making me smile.

“Really now huh?” I asked with a mischievous grin.

“Yeah sister….. You extremely beautiful so I don’t want you to frown or feel happy again else I will get mad at you and whip you” Bibi said as I laughed loudly.

We walked out of the hospital…..

Even though I was forcing a smile,,,, deep down inside of me I still am worried.

Oh good lord!

Why can’t I remember everything now?

I really need to know the relationship I have with Bryan….

Some thing in me tells me that am not doing the right thing!

Am not in my right state of mind and I can’t decide but why do I feel this Marvin guy is right?

That I should divorce him since I don’t like him.

But do I not really like him?


This is really tough.

I was still lost in thought sitting in the car starring out of car louvers.

“Arianna…..!!!” I heard a teary voice knocking on the car louvers.

It snapped me out of my thoughts as I blinked my eyes continuously.

It was Bryan…..

I could see sincere tears welled down his cheeks.

I became really moved!

I rolled down the car louvers but I didn’t look at him.

“Arianna please do not make this mistake” He said as I gulped.

I opened my mouth to speak but tears rolled freely down my face.

“I don’t even know if this is a mistake but I just hope you let me be for the meantime” I said as I rolled the car louvers.

The car speeded out of the compound.

I exhaled deeply still lost in thought.

🌺 Marvin’s POV:🌺

I picked up the bunch of flowers as my face beamed with smiles.

“You will soon be mine Arianna…. Dear God thank you so much for this amnesia” I thought inwardly as I smiled broadly.

Pink roses 🌹

I hope she likes this so much….

The smell is really so nice!

I smelled the roses and smiled excitedly.

Little by I will find my way into her heart.

Before she will recover her memories then we would be married with kids.

I walked straight to the flower shop cashier’s desk with the pink rose.

“How may I help you Sir?” The young lady in her late twenties asked with a tiny voice.

“How much for this?” I asked anxiously.

“Wait a minute sir” She said as she operated the desktop In front of her.

She took off her glasses and turned to me.

“200 $ sir” She said as I quickly brought out my credit card.

“Here… Take the money and please can I ask for something else?” I said as she nodded.

“I want you guys to do the delivery yourself” I said as she nodded in agreement.

“OK sir…. You just have to pay for the delivery as well and it’s done” She said

“Alright… I will give you the address” I said.

Now it’s time to win her trust and make her believe am so caring.

🌺 Arianna’s POV:🌺

It was on a Saturday morning…

I was preparing pancakes for breakfast.

Actually Gloria and I are going for grocery shopping and we really need to leave early.

“Am so hungry Arianna” Bibi yawned walking upstairs.

“Get your lazy butt to the store room and help mother prepare rice cakes for sells” I teased as he tut loudly.

I was still busy when I heard the door bell rang aloud.

“Who could that be?” I asked myself as I turned the cooker off and went to get the door.

I opened the door and saw a delivery man outside the house.

“Good… Good morning” I said as he smiled cheerfully.

“Good morning ma’am…. Am here to see Arianna Bernardo Adams” He said as I gulped on hearing “Adams”.

“That’s me” I managed to say.

“OK… Here is a package for you and please sign here” He said showing me some files which I signed.

“F… L…. O… W… E… R… S” I said as I smiled perceiving the sweet scent pink roses with my nose.

“But from who?’ I asked myself as I saw a card on it.

I quickly opened the card.

“Am happy you are OK now Arianna from love Marvin” I read aloud and smiles escaped my lips.

“Beautiful” I said as I kissed the flowers…..





💧 Twenty-one DAYS BRIDE 💧

🌺 EPISODE 42 🌺

💃 Arianna’s POV:💃

I kissed the flowers with excitement as the delivery man left with the motorcycle he came with.

Marvin is so sweet 😍😍

He even brought flowers and chocolates just for me!

I walked into the house with the package.

“Who is that from?” I heard mom’s voice as I shivered in fear.

“You startled me mother” I said still reading the letter.

“That doesn’t answer my question Arianna….. Who gave you that? Is that from Bryan?” She said as I gulped hard as I frowned my face.

“Nope” I said simply as I took the chocolate.

“Then who? Who could send you flowers and chocolate if not your husband?” She asked anxiously.

“He’s a friend!” I said not knowing what else to say.

“Friend? You are still married Arianna…. To Bryan Adams and you know it” She said as I turned my gaze away.

“Then why can’t I remember him then? How come I don’t remember anything about him?” I said in annoyance.

“Because you were shot right in the head and your memory was affected” She replied as I grumbled.

“Fine mother! I know but that doesn’t mean I can’t accept friendly presents does it?” I blurted out.

“Whatever!” She groaned as she walked away.

I only sighed a little as I smiled again on looking at the colourful flower.

Though this isn’t my favourite colour but it’s quite beautiful.

“But how do I thank him for such a beautiful gift?” I asked myself.

I picked up the card again and that was when I saw him number.

I quickly picked up my cell phone and dialed the number.

“Oh so I already have his contact…. Marvin?” I said as I quickly called the number.


Bibi and Laila walked into my room and found me holding the flower.

“Wow! This is so beautiful…. Who brought this sister?” Bibi asked anxiously.

“Yes I like it!” Laila winked at me as I giggled.

“You know my friend Marvin right Laila?” I said as she nodded.

“Yes” She replied.

“He gave me this” I said admiring the flowers.

Both of them frowned as they folded their hands.

“What?” I asked as they sighed loudly to my surprise.

“We don’t like him” They chorused as I arched my eyebrows.

“I thought it was from uncle Bryan” Laila tut loudly.

“Yes… Me too! I don’t like that Uncle Marvin at all,,, let’s go Laila” Bibi rolled his eyes as they walked out of my room angrily.

I became shocked and confused.

🌺 Marvin’s POV:🌺

Smiles escaped my lips as my cell phone rang aloud.

It was her……

I mean Arianna!

Am sure she must have gotten my gift…..

I picked my phone up and kissed the phone before picking the call up.

“Hello….. This is Arianna” Her tiny voice said from my phone’s speaker.

“Oh Arianna…. How are you doing?” I said as she chuckled softly.

“Am OK Marvin…. thank you so much for the flowers and chocolate” She said as I smiled.

“You got the gift already?” I said as she coughed slightly.

“Yes and I really really appreciate this and I will always be grateful to you…. Thank you so so much Marvin” She said

“It’s nothing…. You’re my friend and this is no big deal” I said with a smirk.

“OK then…. Later” She said as she hung up.

I burst into laughter as I dropped the phone.

There is one more thing to do…..

I have to earn her trust and love!!

That way I can channel into her heart….

“Bright idea” I said with a cheeky smile.

I get whatever I want and in this case I want you Arianna and you I shall get.

I laughed excitedly.

🌺 Bryan’s Pov:🌺

I kicked the table roughly as tears rolled freely down my cheeks.

My eyes caught with the picture hanged on the wall.

It was our wedding picture…..

I walked closer to the wall and took the picture.

I kissed the picture hugging it tightly.

“Please come back to me Arianna” I said in tears.

This is not really what I bargained for….

I can’t……

I can’t live without you Arianna.

I picked up the papers on the stool.

The divorce papers!!!

She already signed hers and now it was left for me to sign and then we will be separated.

I don’t think I can do this….

I can’t cope without Arianna.

I dropped the picture as I took the can of poisonous chemical on the ground.

You might call me stupid but I don’t care!

Am going to end all this tonight!

All I have to drink this and end this whole misery.

I quickly opened the can and just when I was about to drink the substance I was interrupted.

“Bryan! Son!!” That was grandma’s voice.

I quickly dropped the can as I burst into tears.

Grandma snatched the cab from me as I buried my face in my palms.

Grandma rushed to me as she hugged me tightly.

She came with my sister Nadia.

“What’s wrong with you Bryan? Do you want to end your life?” She said in the midst of tears.

“What am I living for grandma?” I yelled as she held me to her chest.

“Do you think I can survive it if you leave me my child” She said with a teary voice.

“Grandma…..” I cried bitterly.

“I can’t believe this Bryan! She doesn’t remember you anymore and she wants a divorce?” Nadia half yelled.

I nodded my head as I pointed at the divorce papers.

“What’s that?” Nadia asked anxiously.

“Just open it” I managed to say.

Nadia quickly picked up the papers and flipped the pages.

“What is it Nadia dear?” Grandma asked.

“DIVORCE PAPERS…….” Nadia screamed out loud.

“What?” Grandma gasped……



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