21 Days Bribe – Episode 43&44

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🌺 EPISODE 43 🌺

💃 Marvin’s POV:💃

I brought out the bundle of money and handed it to one of the goons.

“Wow! This is a whole lot” He licked his lips.

“Do a clean job and listen carefully you don’t have to hurt her,,,, I repeat don’t you dare hurt her” I said as he nodded hitting the wrap of money on his palm.

“You don’t have to worry about anything…. The job will done” He said.

“Just make it look so real and make her very scared and then I can come in and save the day” I said with a mischievous grin.

“Consider it done Mr Marvin….. Your work is already done” He replied.

“Okay then…… Don’t keep me waiting and always contact me so that we can get this done with” I said as they nodded.

I shook hands with them before leaving.

I walked to the place I parked my car and hopped.

igniting the car engine, I speeded off immediately.

“Let the drama begin” I chuckled as I wheeled my car with the steering wheel.

🌺 Arianna’s Pov:🌺

I walked downstairs and to my greatest surprise,,,, I saw Bryan with two ladies in the house.

One very young girl and an elderly but classy lady.

“Arianna?” The older lady said as I marveled.

“How did she get to know my name?” I thought inwardly.

“Good day ma’am” I greeted as I exchanged glances with my mother and then eyed Bryan.

“Arianna how could you do this to Bryan? I thought you guys loved and cared for each other so much?” The older lady said as I stared at her confused.

“I don’t understand you ma’am please who are you?” I asked as she gasped.

She quickly covered her mouth with her palms giving me a questioning look.

“What? You don’t know me?” She asked.

“Come on Arianna what do you mean by you don’t know grandma? How can you forget so soon who grandma is?” The young girl said as I looked at them puzzled.

“Am sorry but I do not really know who you guys are and please I don’t think I have seen you in my entire life” I said as they gasped again.

“Grandma? She’s not faking it” Bryan interrupted.

“What are you talking about son? Why is she saying she doesn’t know me? Why is she acting weird and strange?” Grandma as the young girl called her asked anxiously.

“Grandma she has amnesia” Bryan said with his head on his palms.

“Amnesia???” They chorused.

“Yes ma’am! My daughter cannot remember anything from her past in the meantime” Mother replied.

“Oh my God!” The young girl cried out.

“That’s the reason why she can’t even remember me or you guys too” Bryan said.

“If she’s not in her right state of mind then why should she be allowed to take or make decisions? She doesn’t remember anything that’s why she wants a divorce” Grandma said.

I gulped hard as I backed them facing the window.

“No! I want a divorce” I yelled as they quickly kept mute.

“Arianna you know I have never supported this decision of yours….. I’ve always been against it! You might be making the worst mistake of your life by divorcing your husband” My mother said.

“No mother! Why don’t I feel he is my husband? How come I don’t love or remember him anymore?” I asked with tears streaming down my face.

“My dear you shouldn’t take decisions like this” grandma said as I shook my head in disagreement.

“I have already signed the papers and he should sign his as well so that we can get this done over with” I said with my mind already made up.

“I just hope you are not making the worst mistake of your life…. I can’t believe you don’t also remember me Nadia,,,, I used to be your very good friend” Nadia said as I held my head.

Still I couldn’t remember anything.

Why can’t I remember all this that they keep telling me?

I just want to live a very happy life!

“Bryan if you really love me like you said please sign the papers so that I can live happily” I said

“What about me? Would I be happy after signing the papers?” Bryan sniffed.

“You will move on Bryan” I said

“Arianna please you really need to rethink cos I don’t think he can survive it” Grandma said

“But I don’t want him” I half yelled

“No you shut up! I don’t want you to…..” My mother said but Bryan cut her off.

“I will sign the papers…. I want you to be happy so I will sacrifice my own happiness for it” Bryan said as smiles escaped my lips but I frowned too.

Everyone gasped as we watched him pick up the pen.

He flipped the pages of the paper as he signed the papers.

For a moment,,,,, I felt like stopping him.

I kind of felt bad when he signed the divorce papers.

He signed the divorce papers with tears running down his face.

I didn’t even realize that I was crying already.
“Here you can have the papers…. ” He said handing the papers to me.

I burst into tears as I rushed out of the house.

Why am I feeling this way?

I shouldn’t feel hurt should I?

Why am I suddenly having soft spot for him?

I thought I never liked him?

It was already dark and late but I didn’t care.

I ran down the lonely road sniffing.

Actually I was the only one walking on that path.

“Bryan why did you sign the papers?” I asked no-one.

I looked at my finger and saw the wedding ring still stuck in my finger.

I wiped off my tears.

Then suddenly I felt a car following me.

Fear gripped me!

I looked around and I was the only one walking on that path.

“Good heavens!” I muttered under my breath.

I quickened my steps with my heart beating and racing rapidly.

I heard the car halt and I quickly started running.

I turned behind and saw two hefty men running towards me.

I became so afraid and continued running.

I tried shouting but it was in vain.

“Who could hear my tiny voice in such a lonely place ” I wept.

They overpowered me…..

And caught me by my arm.

I gasped in shock as they grabbed my neck and I began to choke as they dragged me with them.

I wanted to free myself but they punched my tummy and I cried out…….





💧 Twenty-one DAYS BRIDE 💧

🌺 EPISODE 44 🌺

💃 Arianna’s POV:💃

They dragged me by my neck and I choked coughing.

“Let her go!” I heard a bold voice and they quickly let go of me.

I fell on the ground coughing.

I heard the goons exchanging blows and punches with the one who came to save me..

I raised my head and to my greatest surprise ,,,,,, it was someone I never thought will show up.

It was Marvin….

He hit them so hard that they ran off with their car.

But my neck was hurting so badly and I could hardly breathe.

I felt like I was collapsing.

He rushed to me and helped me up.

I coughed again and again as I lost consciousness in his arms.

“Arianna! Arianna!! ” He called but I was already unconscious.


The sun rays directly from my window to my eyes.

I gradually opened my weak eyes.

I looked around the whole room in surprise.

“Where am I?” I asked myself still lost.

I quickly sprang up from the bed looking around the whole house.

I rushed to the door and grabbed the door handle but the door was locked.

I became very scared.

Was I kidnapped by those goons when I lost consciousness?

I quickly sighted the key on the table and I picked it up.

I was able to open the door and rushed downstairs.

I was heading to the door out of the house when I saw someone arranging the food on the dinning.

The aroma filled the whole place and I couldn’t help but salivate.

“Oh you’re awake now Arianna” He said as he turned to me .

” Marvin? How did I get here?” I asked as I looked around nervously.

“You don’t remember? I have been waiting for you to wake up” He said as I arched my eyebrows.

“I don’t remember getting into this house! I can only remember how the goons dragged and pressed my neck” I said touching my neck.

My neck was reddened due to the way they pressed my neck.

And it still hurts a lot.

“Well I came to your aid and saved you from the goons but you collapsed so I had to take you to my place” He said.

“Oh thank you so much Marvin” I said as I hugged him tightly.

“You don’t have to worry about anything Arianna,,,, I will do anything and everything to make sure that you are alright” He said

“Thank you for saving me because without you I wonder where I would have been by now” I said cheerfully.

“It’s okay! Please come over to the dinning,,,,,, I already prepared breakfast for the two of us” He said.

“You cooked? Like you can cook? Wow! Am impressed” I said with smiles.

“Of course I cook very well so you can even call me a chef if you like” He said as I chuckled.

He helped me sit on the dinning chair and helped me dish out the food.

I scooped the food into my mouth and smiled excitedly.

“How is it?” He asked anxiously.

“Very delicious” I said with a mouth full of the sauce.

“Thanks for the compliment” He said as we continued chatting.

“He’s so nice!” I thought inwardly.

🌺 Mrs Bernardo’s POV:🌺

Tears streamed down my cheeks as I tapped my feet.

“Where could she be? She didn’t come back yesterday night?” I said wailing uncontrollably.

“Why is she not back yet?” Bibi cried

“Since she came back from the hospital,,,, I have never seen her go out of the house” Laila said.

Oh God!

Please bring back my child safely…..

I can’t afford to loose my daughter not after loosing my son since he is jail.

“Mother I think need to phone the police and inform them about sister Arianna’s disappearance” Laila suggested.

“You really right Laila! Can I have the phone?” I asked as she handed the phone to me.

I was about to dial the number when I was interrupted

“No need call the police cos am here now mother” I heard Arianna’s voice and turned around.

I saw her standing in front of me with a handsome familiar young man right beside her…….



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