21 Days Bribe – Episode 45,46,47

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  1. 21 Days Bribe



๐Ÿ’ƒ Arianna’s POV:๐Ÿ’ƒ

“Am here now mother and am doing very well” I said as mother quickly hugged me tightly.

So did Bibi and Laila .

“Where did you go to sister? We have all been so worried sick about you?” Bibi asked as I chuckled.

“Am here now Bibi and that’s what is important” I said as they hugged me again.

Mother looked at Marvin behind me and eyed me with a who-is-he look.

“Who…. Who is he?” Mother asked giving him a deadly glare.

“Good day ma’am” Marvin bowed a little while mother sneered at him.

“Who is he?” She asked again.

“He…. He is the one who saved me from the goons last night” I said as mother widened her eyes in shock.

“Goons? You met goons last night?” Mother freaked out.

“Yes! I was almost abducted but he came forward and saved me from them and I know you should be thanking him and not giving him a silent treatment” I said as mother rolled her eyes before turning to Marvin.

“Thank you so much for saving my daughter” Mother said unwillingly.

“It’s nothing mother! I can do more and more than that for her” Marvin replied as I smiled at him.

“What do you mean? Don’t you know that my daughter is married huh?” Mother asked in annoyance.

“Married? Married to who?” I shouted out.

“Arianna tell me is there not a wedding band on your finger huh?” Mother asked as I scoffed.

“We already divorced each other! He signed the papers so we are legally divorced” I screamed.

“You divorced Bryan already?” Marvin asked in shock.

I nodded my head in agreement.

“Yes I already did that so I just wonder why my mother keep saying that am married when am single” I said as mother sighed and walked away.

My siblings followed her and I marvelled.

“Really? Why do they all seem to hate Marvin so much?” I thought.

Maybe because they haven’t seen the good in him like I have seen it.

He saved me and he’s the reason why am with them, why can’t they appreciate that at least.

“Am sorry about this Marvin” I apologized as he forced a smile.

“It’s nothing! What’s important is that you are OK” He smiled and held my hand.

“You’re such a nice person” I said with a cheeky smile.

“I beg to take my leave now” He said.

“Sure you can and thank you once more for saving and rescuing me from the goons” I said as he nodded..

“Do you mind if we have lunch together by tomorrow?” He asked as I arched my eyebrows.

“Lunch?” I asked a bit surprised.

“Yes…. Uhmm…. A friendly lunch OK” He said as I nodded.

“OK then fine…..” I said as he kissed my fist and I gasped.

“Have a lovely day ahead” he said as I smiled broadly.

What a gentleman he is!

He walked out of the house.


I combed my hair in front of the wall mirror in my bathroom.

And then suddenly my eyes caught with the ring on my left hand fourth finger..

The wedding ring!

I don’t know but why haven’t I taken this off?

I looked at my finger and pecked it.

Even though I don’t want to but I really have to if I want to let go of my past entirely.

I will have to return this ring first thing tomorrow morning.

I have to go straight to Bryan’s mansion and take this back.

I just want him to start a new life without me so that I too can do the same.

“I won’t take you off just yet dear ring! I will take you off by tomorrow at his place” I chuckled as I continued combing my hair.


“Rickshaw! Rickshaw!! ” I waved at the rickshaw coming at the other side.

I was putting on a short black gown lapping on my body and printing my whole figure out.

My hair was packed in a messy bun with my black pair of flip flops matching perfectly with my gown and my black small handbag tucked in between my arm.

Am a no-make-up kind of person…. I don’t know if you remember though!

I hopped into the rickshaw after giving the driver directions.

“200 bucks ma’am” He said as I shook my head.

“No qualms” I replied as he speeded off.



The driver stopped in front of the Adams mansion and I got down after handing some money to the driving and taking my balance from him.

The rickshaw drove off as I stood in front of the giant gate so tensed up.

“I have to return you today” I said glancing at the ring.

I took a deep and sharp exhale as I summoned courage and pressed the bell.

The security guard opened the door with a smile.

“Ma’am Arianna is this you? Please come in” He said as I forced a smile at him.

The truth is that I don’t recall ever knowing this man.

“Which way to the….” I tried asking as he scoffed.

“Are you for real ma’am? You should know more than anyone else! You live here and this is your house” He said as I gulped hard.

I smiled faintly as I started walking in.

“Your left ma’am not right! How could you forget so soon” He said as I nodded.

“You’re right! It’s left” I said as I took my left.

I was about to get in when I heard Bryan sobbing..

“How could she do this to me? Just when I fell deeply in love with her” He cried out.

I could hear shattering sounds of broken glasses.

I gasped in shock.

“You need to eat Bryan” That was his sister

“No! I’d rather starve to death” I heard him groan and I could also hear footsteps by the stairs.

He probably went upstairs.

“Oh no! This is wrong timing… I can’t go in now” I said as I quickly rushed back…….



๐Ÿ’ง Twenty-one DAYS BRIDE ๐Ÿ’ง


๐Ÿ’ƒ Arianna’s POV: ๐Ÿ’ƒ

I quickly rushed straight to the gate.

“Ma’am are you leaving? I thought you just came in now?” The security guard asked.

“Uhmm….. I…. I have an urgent meeting to… to attend to” I stuttered.

“Oh OK ma’am” He said as I rushed out of the house.

I continued running far and far away with my heart beating really fast.

“Good riddance! It’s a good thing they didn’t see me at the house today” I breathed heavily.

I can’t believe he’s going through all this because of me!

Oh God!

I really feel so guilty….

Did we love each other this much?

Why can’t I remember all this?

If we really shared so much love then why don’t I recall all the love we shared?

I flagged down a cab and hopped into it.

I really need someone to talk to.

I quickly picked up my cell phone and dialed Gloria’s number.

“Hello Bess” Gloria yelled into my phone’s speaker.

“Hello Bess! Where are you?” I asked anxiously.

“Are you OK bestie? You don’t sound so great” She said.

“I really need to talk to you about some thing… Are you at home?” I asked anxiously.

“Not really….. I went over to my aunt’s at Olivarez! Did something bad happen?” She replied

” Nope! Am not really fine but I don’t think we can talk about this over the phone” I said depressed.

“Oh this is really bad! I will be back by next week and then you can talk to me” she replied.

“OK then! See you Bess” I said as I quickly hung up.

Who else do I run to?

This is really bad!

Am I doing the wrong thing?

I really need to talk to someone before I go crazy thinking.

“Marvin? Yes…. I need to talk to him” I said as I dialed his number immediately.

๐ŸŒบ Marvin’s POV:๐ŸŒบ

My cell phone rang aloud and I quickly picked it up.

It was Arianna….

“Hello Arianna” I said with the sweetest voice.

“Am sorry to disturb you Marvin” she said with a worried voice.

“It’s OK! What happened? You don’t sound OK” I said

“Yes… I really need someone to talk to as soon as possible” She replied.

“OK then…. Send me the address I will be there soon” I said


“I feel so guilty….. Like am really not getting these things” She said as I patted her hair.

“I don’t think so! You are just doing this because you don’t want to live a life of regret and that’s the right thing to do” I said as she bit her finger.

“So you think am right with what I did?” Arianna asked as I nodded my head.

“Yes….. You did what was right” I said.

She hugged me tightly as I smiled within me.

Am one step to my victory……

The next thing I will do now is to propose to her and then I will have her in my arms.

Dear Bryan!

I hope you are seeing this!

Look here… Am hugging your lovely wife and she’s in my arms.

She trusts me so much!

“Uhmm… There is a party tomorrow night and I hope you will be there” I said

“Oh OK” She said as I smiled broadly.

๐ŸŒบ Bryan’s POV:๐ŸŒบ

I sat in front of the window lost in thought and starring absentmindedly out of the window.

“Brother please just eat some thing” Nadia said as I shook my head in disagreement.

“Am not famished! Please am not hungry” I replied.

“Just a little will…. ” She said

“I don’t want to” I screamed crazily.

Just then,,, my eyes caught with the television.

It was captioned….

” Marvin Salvador asks his fiancee to marry him tonight at the party he threw specially for her”

I read aloud as I saw Arianna.

My eyes popped out in shock…..



๐Ÿ’ง Twenty-one DAYS BRIDE ๐Ÿ’ง


๐Ÿ’ƒ Arianna’s POV:๐Ÿ’ƒ

I opened the big box that Marvin gave to me as I covered my mouth with my palms in shock.

“A ball gown?” I exclaimed in delight.


That must be such a big party that he bought me this dress for.

I can’t wait to attend this ball….

It must really be a fabulous party..

“Oh my gosh sister…. Who owns this?” Laila asked as she walked into my room.

I smiled excitedly as I turned to her.

“It’s actually mine” smiles escaped my lips.

“Yours? This is so gorgeous? Did you buy it sister? How many rupees did you buy it with?” Laila asked childishly.

“Uhmm….. I didn’t really buy it,,, it’s a gift” I said with a shy smile.

“A gift? From whom?” she asked inquisitively.

“Errr…. From my friend” I managed to say as she arched her brows.

“Your friend? You mean aunt Gloria?” She asked as I bit my fingers.

“She doesn’t like Marvin” I thought inwardly.

“So aunt Gloria has such money? Am sure this costs a fortune ….. She must be working in a factory in Olivarez” She said.

“When I said it was from a friend does that mean it’s from Gloria?” I pouted my mouth.

“Really? So who is it from? Do you have a new boyfriend already sister?” She winked at me.

“Shhhh….. ” I said as I placed my finger in between my lips.

“You shouldn’t be saying such things because you are too young for them” I said as she shook her head.

“OK….. Am sorry” She said dragging her ears.

“It’s OK! Now go ahead” I said as she nodded and walked out of my room.

Smiles escaped my lips….

“Boyfriend? Really? Is Marvin my boyfriend?” I rolled my eyes.

Now I have to get prepared for the party.

๐ŸŒบ Marvin’s POV:๐ŸŒบ

I opened the ring box and smiled filled my face..

Tonight, is our engagement party…. Am going to slip the ring into her finger.

This is so far the happiest day of my life.

Who could have imagined that I will marry her after all.

“Marvin is that a ring?” Derek’s voice startled me.

I gulped hard as I breathed heavily.

“Isn’t it obvious?” I blurted out as he scoffed.

“A ring? What for?” He asked with a sting of mockery.

I eyed him dangerously as I sighed loudly.

“What are rings used for?” I asked anxiously.

“Wait…. Don’t tell me you’re proposing to…. ” He said as I cut him off.

“And why not? Why shouldn’t I propose to her when I love her?” I snapped.

“Are you being serious here? She agreed to date you already and to the extent of agreeing to marry you?” Derek yelped.

“She doesn’t know that am going to propose to her tonight” I said putting the ring box into my pocket.

“So then what? How can you take her unaware? Are you guys a couple already?” He asked.

“No we are not but believe me she will definitely accept” I said.

“How sure are you that she won’t turn you down?” He asked..

“She won’t….. She feels so indebted to me and she can not turn me down” I grinned.

“Hmm…. It’s up to you then” He said as I rolled my eyes.

No-one can stop me from proposing to her not even God.

Let the party begin! ๐Ÿ’ƒ


I kept starring at the hall gate to see if she is already here.

I tried controlling myself but I couldn’t.

She should be here.

This party is for her.

Shortly,,,,, I saw her walking into the party.

She looked absolutely gorgeous in the ball gown.

She looked like a princess….

“You will be mine soon my darling” I said as smiles escaped my lips.

I quickly walked to her and helped her into the party.

I couldn’t help but stare and drool over her.

She was extremely beautiful with her long natural eye lashes.

“Come on… Let’s dance” I said pulling her up as she stared around shy.

“No I don’t know how to dance” She shook her head in disagreement smiling.

But I was able to convince her so we walked up to the stage platform and started dancing….

All eyes were on us cos the music stopped but we didn’t stop dancing.

“Let’s go down now Marvin! People are watching us” She whispered..

“They should if they can” I replied.

Just then,,, I quickly went on my knees right in front of her as she stared at me in astonishment.

“What are you doing?” She asked in low tone starring around..

Actually we are live on the television.

“Arianna Bernardo will you marry me?” I asked as I brought out the ring.

Her mouth dropped in shock.

I didn’t even let her speak,,,, I quickly tried slipping the ring on her finger but I saw the wedding ring on her finger and I became green with envy.

I tried to remove the wedding band but then it wasn’t going to come out.


Her wedding ring with Bryan is stuck in her fingers ๐Ÿ˜ฑ ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿ™†…….



๐Ÿ”ด Eiiii Ewooo ๐Ÿ™†โ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ™†โ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿฝโ€โ™‚

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