21 Days Bribe – Episode 5 &6

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21 Days Bribe




💃 Arianna’s POV:💃

I struggled up from the ground with the help of Gloria.

“Are you blind?” Gloria barked at him.

“I should be asking both of you…. You’re all freaking so annoying” He screamed at us.

I furrowed my eyebrows as I turned to him.

What arrogance!

“You should apologize you arrogant jerk!” I shouted at him.

He smirked mischievously.

“Get your worthless selves a pair of eyes at least” He said grinning as he pushed us aside roughly.

Gloria and I exchanged glances as he walked towards an expensive flashy car and hopped in.

“Oh my gosh……” Gloria exclaimed as I quickly turned to her.

“What? Don’t tell me you actually like the grumpy rich guy that just left” I frowned at her.

“Just look at the car’s plate number….. It was him,,,, so it was him” Gloria said as I looked at her in confusion.

“It was who?” I asked as the car zoomed off.

“That was Sir Bryan” Gloria said smiling crazily

“Bryan? You mean Bryan Adams??” I asked in surprise

“Yes… We couldn’t recognize him because he was putting on a hood” Gloria said with a warm smile.

“And so what?? He’s so arrogant and annoying” I said sharply.

Gloria who was still day dreaming kept smiling.

She’s just silly….

“Let’s go already” I said as I dragged Gloria with me.

Suddenly,, I stepped on something hard.

I quickly bent over and picked it up.

It was a passport.

“Look!” I said as Gloria took the passport.

“I said it… It was actually Sir Bryan” She smiled

“What’s funny? How do I return this passport right now?” I asked disturbed.

Gloria exhaled heavily as she scratched her hair.

“You’re right… The Adam’s stays at the King’s estate,,,, to get into the estate is really going to be tough” Gloria said.

I bit my fingers in anxiety.

He might just term me a thief if he finds out that I have his passport and they might be very important to him.

My anxiety grew the more.


I sat on my bed as I turned the table lamp on.

I quickly picked up the passport looking at it.

Thoughts kept running through my mind.

How the heck do I return this passport to him?

I scratched my head.

I just hope that arrogant jerk doesn’t lock me up and term me a thief.

I exhaled sharply as I lay down on my bed and shut my eyes.

I drifted off to bed.


🌺 Bryan’s POV:🌺

“What the……. ” I screamed throwing the whole room in disarray.

Where could the passport be?

Oh gosh! This is really very important to me.

Where could I have dropped it?

Did l leave with it early this morning???

Thoughts kept running through my mind.

Did that gullible cleaning agency trash my passport out of stupidity?

I bit my lips as I sat heavily on the bed.

Scratching my head.

I continued searching…..

🌺 Arianna’s POV:🌺

I quickly put on the helmet as I entered my bike and rode off.

Am gonna return the passport.

I don’t care what that arrogant bastard does…

I walked into the giant gate.

It was written “KING’S ESTATE”

The estate is actually owned by the Adam’s.

They are very rich and powerful.

My heart was racing very fast as I approached the biggest magnificent mansion.

I stood in front of the gate with my heart beating really fast.

My palms became very sweaty and I shivered in fear.

“you can do this Arianna” I told myself as I pressed the door bell.

I did that twice before the security guard opened the gate.

He looked very mean and cruel.

That I almost collapsed on looking at his face.

“Who are you?” He asked with a stern voice.

I inhaled sharply with my whole body shivering.

Goosebumps ran down my spine but I managed to summon courage.

“Ahh…. Uhm… Am Arianna,,,,, I came to… To return Sir Bryan’s passport” I stuttered

He looked at me from head to toe in disgust that I wondered if I was a piece of trash.

“Any appointment with him?” He asked anxiously as I shook my head negatively.

“No… No sir” I replied sharply.

“Wait here…” He said slamming the door on my face.

I flinched but kept calm.

I stood there for about 20 minutes before the gate was opened.

“Did he forget that he left someone in the gate?” I thought inwardly but I was smacked back into consciousness by the loud noise from the gate.

“Come in…” He ordered as I quickly followed him.

My eyes went round the magnificent mansion and my jaw dropped in awe.

In my entire life,,, I never dreamt or even think that I will come close to such a big mansion talk more of entering it.

I walked right into the house still looking around in amazement.

“Wait for him here” He said before walking away.

I walked around admiring everything in the house.

“What are you doing here?” a cruel voice asked anxiously coming from the staircase.

I flinched in shock as I gulped nervously.

It was the handsome jerk grinning wickedly at me.

“I… I picked your passport,,,, I just came to return it” I said as he walked calculably down the stairs.

“Drop it on the table and use the door immediately… I can’t stand your rotten stench” He said disgusted.

I felt humiliated….

That animal… I muttered under my breath but inaudibly.

I quickly dropped the passport on the table and turned to leave.

But then the door swing open and a beautiful girl of about my age rushed in with an elderly but classy lady.

“Grandma? Nadia? You didn’t tell me you will be coming so soon” Bryan said in astonishment as the young girl ran into his arms.

“We just wanted to surprise you” They chorused

“Cos I personally want to be there on your wedding day” Nadia said smiling.

“Wedding? Bryan is wedding?” I thought within me.

I was smacked back into consciousness as the elderly lady hugged me.

“You didn’t tell me she’s the one… You didn’t tell me the bride is here” She said hugging me tightly.

“Bride??” I asked in shock.

“Yes grandma… she’s my wife to be” Bryan said hugging me tightly.

“Wife to be?” I asked looking confused as Bryan squeezed me into his huge arms……..



🔴 🤣🤣🤣 There Is Fire On The Mountain 😊



💃 Arianna’s POV:💃

I was short of words as I stared at them confused.

The elderly lady supposingly Bryan’s grandma pecked me in excitement.

I forced a smile as Bryan squeezed me into his arms more tightly.

“What are you guys talking….” I tried saying but he wouldn’t let me talk.

“Give me a second grandma” He said as he dragged me by my arm outside the house.

“Let go of my arm!” I yelled at him as I snatched my hand from him.

With my hands in akimbo,,,,,, I stood in front of him giving him a questioning look.

“What was the meaning of that?” I asked puzzled.

He quickly brought out a napkin and mopped his face with it and smiling mischievously at me.

I eyed him still waiting for answers.

“I want you to be my BRIDE” He said as my jaw dropped.

“What???” I asked in shock as he smirked.

“For hire….” He added as I furrowed my eyebrows.

“What the hell are you up to anyways? I don’t get it…. Why do you have to lie that am your bride to be?” I half yelled but he quickly shut me up with a kiss and I gasped as I pushed him away.

“This is only a contract OK? You will be bride for only 21 days and I will pay you handsomely” He said as I gulped hard.

“I don’t think my conscience can take that…. How can I lie to everyone? Including your grandma?” I said as I shook my head.

“Cut that crap….. We are talking about a huge sum of money here and I know with your wretched state,,,,, you need the money…. 10 million dollars” He said as I gasped.

My eyes widened in shock.

“10 million what?” I asked in astonishment

“You heard me” He said

“The truth is that I don’t like this” I said I breathed heavily.

“Me too! I don’t like this bride thing especially I can’t even bear your sight…. You disgust me but a lot of money is involved,,,, for me to get the family inheritance I need to get married, the family inheritance is about 200 million dollars” He said as I quickly covered my mouth with my palms.

“And after the twenty one days?” I asked with a furrowed brows.

“You can fvck off with the payment” He said as I bit my lips.

“Wait… Is there going to be a wedding?” I asked sharply.

“Yes…. I will make sure we annul the marriage after 21 days…. No strings attached” He said as I gulped.

“Duh…. I don’t even like you,,,,, like I despise you as hell and I should be the one telling you *No Strings Attached” I said as I sighed loudly at him.

He laughed hard and that irritated me the more.

“What’s attractive about you anyways???” He mocked

“Same here… You look like a piece of wood to me,,, like you are useless to me” I fired as his countenance changed.

I smiled within me.

Good for him….. He thinks he’s the only one who knows how to talk rudely to people.


I walked into my room tiredly as I dropped my backpack on the stool beside my bed.

I exhaled deeply as I laid on my bed.

Thoughts kept running through my mind.

“How will I even cope with that arrogant fool?” I thought within me as I tossed from one side of the bed to another.

My old looking cell phone rang aloud and I quickly picked it up.

It was Gloria.

:Girlfriend how did it go? Did you later return the passport: Her loud voice yelled from the phone speaker.

I breathed heavily.

:Yes I did….: I replied

:Ok… I’m sorry I couldn’t accompany you,,,, I had to run some errands for Itoy: She said

:Its OK Gloria… I understand: I said as I scratched my head.

:Hey… Bess you don’t sound too well,,, are you OK?: She asked anxiously.

Gloria knows me too well for sure.

:Something happened: I said as she gasped.

:What? Did he throw you out of the mansion?: She asked me

:Far from that…. But you really have to keep it down,,, I don’t want to tell my mother about this: I said in a very low tone.

:What is it?: She asked eagerly

:He offered me a job: I said as she jumped for joy.

:Are you for real? That’s good news: She rejoiced

:I don’t think it is: I said as I tut loudly.

:What happened?: She asked

:He wants me to be his 21 DAYS BRIDE: I said as Gloria gasped in surprise.

🔴 Bryan’s POV: 🔴

I gulped down the remnant of the brandy.

“Wow… This is really good news Bryan!” They clinked their glasses together.

“Tch… I feel like am gonna be caged for 21 days” I snorted

“Oh please would you stop that for now?? All you have to think of is the huge sum of money on the way” Jim said as I rolled my eyes.

“Yes Bryan…. You’re gonna be filthy rich soon once you get the money” Albert said as smiles escaped my lips.

“Very rich…..” I added as we burst into laughter.


I held Arianna’s hands as grandma and Nadia followed us

Arianna and I kept staring at each other in disgust.

“Gosh… I hate this lady,,,,,, does she know how many ladies who are dying to be close to me talk more of holding their hands” I thought as she eyed me.

I felt like slapping her hard on the face but my eyes caught with grandma’s and I smiled.

I pecked Arianna who could help but sneer.

But she also pretended though.

“Nadia my darling… Aren’t the lovebirds too sweet?” Grandma Claire said as Nadia smiled broadly.

“They are grandma… Actually I love Arianna a lot already” Nadia said as Arianna hugged her.

Actually the two have been getting along really well.

But… I don’t care!

“What are we doing here grandma?” I asked as the car pulled over in front of a boutique.

We got down and grandma smiled

“We are gonna shop here… Getting the bride a wedding gown” Grandma said as Arianna scoffed in disbelief.

“Like so soon?” She managed to hide her surprise.

“Actually next weekend” Grandma said as I scratched my head and exchanged glances with her.

👠 👠 👠

I watched them from a corner as grandma and Nadia kept treating Arianna like a queen.

I scoffed…

“I can never marry than thing for real” I said in anger but within me.

They selected a wedding gown and Arianna walked into the inner room to wear it.

The door throw open and she walked out of the room in the wedding gown attire.

My mouth dropped open in astonishment.

“EXCEPTIONALLY BEAUTIFUL” I said audibly as everyone turned to me….



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