21 Days Bribe – Episode 52

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21 Days Bribe



🌺 EPISODE 52 🌺

💃 Bryan’s POV:💃

My lips parted in shock.

“What are talking about Arianna? We are supposed to be leaving now since you have already regained your memories?” I asked in surprise.

“Enough Bryan please! Just go now and don’t waste any further time trying to explain things to me….. Can’t you see that I already have a ring on my finger now,,,, things can’t remain the way it used to be” She said.

Her mother and I exchanged glances as Gloria speak up.

“What is really wrong with you bess? Just a minute ago, you were so determined to cancel the wedding now you don’t want to? Have you lost your memories again? ” Gloria asked anxiously ..

” Please bess just let me be for now….. I want you out of here right now please don’t cause a scene” She said as she frowned her face.

I couldn’t believe my ears…..

Is this some sort of joke or prank?

I thought she already remembered who I am and how we fell in love with each other….

Why is she acting so weird?

“Arianna please don’t make this mistake” I begged her as I tried touching her but she pushed my hands away.

“Bryan don’t let me repeat myself again…. Just leave so that the wedding can continue” She said.

“What nonsense is wrong with you Arianna? How can you act so confused?” Her mother walked to her in fury.

“Mother I am not confused ” She said as her mother shook her head in disbelief.

“Oh no! You are very confused.. Why would you go on with the wedding when you know fully well now who is truly your husband?” She asked.

“Please mother stop making things difficult for me….. Just tell Bryan to leave now” She said with her head bowed down.

“No… No I can’t leave you with this monster…. You can’t go on with this wedding” I said as I grabbed her arm.

“Let go of her Bryan” Marvin yelled at me as he slapped my hand off.

I raised my hand to slap Marvin but Arianna caught my hand on the air.

“Bryan?” She yelled at me with rage.

“Arianna you’re…. You’re making the wrong choice but…. ” I tried speaking.

“Enough…. Leave Bryan! Leave from here this minute before I call the security on you” She said with a bold voice as I exhaled deeply.

” No Arianna you can’t…..” Her mother tried speaking.

” Don’t worry mother! I will leave” I said as I turned around and walked away from them.

“You will leave to regret this Arianna…. You can Wed with your monster but I will never be part of it” She said as she walked away too with Laila and Bibi.

I walked straight to the garage and hopped into my car.

My mind kept wondering.

What could possibly make Arianna behave in such a manner?

What is wrong?

Tears welled down my cheeks as I drove my car.

That heartless monster Marvin…..

He’s behind all this!

He must have done something to make her behave in such a manner.

I will have to find out!

🌺 Arianna’s POV:🌺

I watched Bryan walk away sluggishly as hot tears pricked my eyes.

I blinked my eyes continuously to stop myself from crying.

I also watched mother leave and Gloria tried stopping her by running after her.

Then I turned my gaze at Marvin who was grinning devilishly at me..

“Are you happy now? I hope you are happy now that you have finally succeeded in making everyone important to me hate me so much” I grunted at him..

“Good girl! You made the right decision…. You are so wise to choose the life of your love else by now am sure that instead of a wedding,,,, we will be planning a funeral” He laughed.

“What have I ever done to you Marvin to deserve this treatment from you?” I asked him with tightened fist.

“You have done so much to me Arianna…. You have me love you so much that I don’t want to ever let go and that an willing to do anything just to have you in my arms” He said as I stared at him with hatred written all over my face.

“This isn’t love Marvin….. This is the true definition of obsession and not love,,,,, love doesn’t hate” I said as he smirked.

” Can we go in now for the wedding ?” He asked as I gritted my teeth.

He walked along and I followed him sluggishly.

tears welled down my chubby cheeks as I wiped them off with my hands.

You are wondering why I still wanted this wedding to hold right?

Am sorry Bryan but I have to do this if I really want you to live.

I love you so much Bryan and I don’t want you to get hurt so I am very ready to sacrifice my happiness to see you safe.

~ ~ ~ #FLASH_BACK ~ ~ ~

” Just let me be Marvin! It’s Bryan whom I love” I said as Marvin and talked at the corner.

“What if he gets hurt because of you? I can make him lose his life in less than five minutes” He said as I gulped hard..

” What are you talking about Marvin? Don’t even think of hurting him? ” I said in fear.

“Just take a look at that flower there… Are you seeing anything?” He asked as I looked at the flower vase.

I gasped in shock.

I saw a pistol pointing directly at Bryan.

“If you try to shout or make a noise, I will not only signal my men to shoot Bryan but to also shoot your mother and siblings” He said as I flinched in fear.

“No please dont” I pleaded with him.

“And don’t try shedding any tear here….. If you don’t continue with this wedding Arianna,,, I promise you with the last drop of my blood you are going to be attending the love of your life’s funeral” He said.

I gasped in shock…

~ ~ ~ #PRESENT ~ ~ ~

With the veil covering my face,, I walked down the aisle with the flower I was holding.

Marvin’s words kept echoing in my ears.

Oh no! I’d rather sacrifice my happiness for Bryan to live.

Tears welled down my face……



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