21 Days Bribe – Episode 55&56

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21 Days Bribe


💧 Twenty-one DAYS BRIDE 💧

🌺 EPISODE 55 🌺

💃 Marvin’s POV:💃

I jumped in pain and I felt my face was peeling off.

She quickly ran out of the door and I struggled up despite my burning face.

I managed to run after her and overpowered her.

I quickly dragged her back landing a dirty slap on her face.

She burst into tears.

I dragged her by her hair back into the room as she groaned in pains.

“You freak!” I yelled at her as she fell on the hard floor.

“Please let me out of here…. ” I cried helplessly.

“You are mine Arianna and you have nowhere to go until you finally realize that you should love me and me alone” I said kicking her roughly.

She burst into tears the more.

“I will make sure you starve to death since you decided to pour the hot coffee I prepared for you on me…. You ingrate!” I snorted at her.

“Marvin if you really love me like you claim then you will let me go so that I can be happy” She cried.

“I love you so much Arianna and that’s the reason why I can’t let you go no matter what” I grinned.

“You are the worst mistake I have ever made” She blurted out.

“I don’t care what you refer me as but the truth is I can’t let you slip from my fingers now Arianna…. You are mine and mine forever” I said as I walked closer to her.

She stared at me with so much hatred.

I touched her cheek and patted her hair softly.

But she slapped my hand off.

“You are a monster Marvin! You shouldn’t call what you claimed to have for me love but obsession… ” She gritted her teeth.

“The earlier you realize that I am your husband the best for you” I said grabbing her arm and starring into her eyes fiercely.

“I hate you so much Marvin…. I really hate you” She spat on my face.

I gasped in shock as I touched the spit on my face.

I raised my hand to slap her but she flared up.

“What else are you good at Marvin? So what now? You’re going to slap me right? Go ahead and hit me…. Go ahead and slap me that’s all you can do… What are you waiting for Marvin hit me,,,, slap me,,,,, beat me up and show the world how heartless you are” She shouted.

I breathed heavily as I turned my face away.

“Don’t push me Arianna…. Am warning” I muttered almost inaudibly.

“Do your worst Marvin…. I’d rather die than have anything to do with a beast like you” She said.

“Yes… Am that beast that loves you so much” I said as she rolled her eyes.

“You are just obsessed” She shouted out.

“I’d rather kill that Bryan than watch you live happily with him… Get that into your fixed thick skull” I yelled at her as she became gobsmacked.

Tears welled freely down her cheeks.

Why on earth does she love Bryan so much?

What does he fvcking have that I don’t?

Why can’t she love me too?

Deep down I really feel so hurt that I have to keep hurting her but I’ve got no choice.

I slammed the door loudly and bolted it before leaving.

Until she learns to love me,,,, I will never ever let her out of that room.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I was seated on the couch with the remote control when suddenly I heard the door bell ring out loudly.

“Who could that be? Am sure that am not expecting any visitor” I thought within myself.

And am also sure this isn’t about work cos am on a month leave from work for honeymoon.

I got up sluggishly from the couch and walked towards the door.

Grabbing the door handle,,, I throw the door wide open.

To my greatest surprise, it was Gloria.

She walked into the house with smiles all over her face and my heart skipped a beat.

“Uhmm….. I ….i wasn’t expecting you” I managed to say stuttering.

“You weren’t expecting me huh?” She mocked.

“Yes I didn’t know you were going to come” I stammered.

“How will you know when you both have decided to switch both your phones off?” She snapped.

I gulped nervously…

“Yes that’s… That’s because we didn’t want any form of distraction on our honeymoon” I lied as she smiled.

“Oh really? Good for both of you… But where is my girlfriend?” She asked anxiously.

I opened my mouth to talk but closed it again.

I couldn’t even remember what else and which other lies to tell.

“She… She… Uhmm… Errr…. She doesn’t want any disturbance so she’s fast asleep” I stuttered.

“That’s impossible… She will never call me presence a disturbance” She said as she rushed upstairs.

I quickly followed her trying to stop her.

“Arianna! Arianna!! It’s me Gloria” She screamed on top of her voice.

“Gloria she’s not here actually she went to the grocery store” I lied but she didn’t believe it.

“Then why is her phone switched off?” Gloria asked anxiously.

“We…. We….. We…. We actually… Ummm…. We decided to switch our phones off so that we can focus more on each other in this honeymoon” I lied.

“Why does this sound like its untrue huh ?” She asked.

“Come on Gloria… Am being honest here” I said convincingly.

“And what if I wait for her to return or something?’ She asked as I quickly cut in.

“Oh no….. No… No… No… You don’t have to stress yourself with that” I snapped.

“Why can’t I also wait for her?” She asked anxiously.

“Well that’s because I don’t know the exact time she will be coming back… You see we ran out of a lot of groceries so she will be doing so so much shopping,,,, I even wanted to come with her but she insisted on going alone” I lied again.

Gloria exhaled deeply and shook her head.

“OK… Fine,,,, just tell her that I visited and that I promise to come again soon” She said as I nodded.

“Of course I will deliver your message” I said as she turned to leave.

“GLO…..RIA” She heard her name from the room I locked Arianna.

I gasped in shock as Gloria turned around and looked at the room’s locked door.

“I just heard Arianna’s voice now” She said sharply.

“Arianna’s voice? That’s not possible” I lied.

“Am I hallucinating or hearing voices?” She asked.

“Maybe! I mean she’s not here,,,, or you’re probably being delusional cos you miss your girlfriend so much” I said as she smiled.

“That’s true!” She said still looking at the locked door.

As she walked downstairs.

I opened the door and she left the house as I breathed heavily in relieve.

“Thank goodness” I sighed.

🌺 Gloria’s POV:🌺

I walked out of the duplex and walked towards the flashy car waiting for me down the road.

I looked around to make sure no-one is watching as I entered the car.

“Did you get to see Arianna?” Bryan asked anxiously.

The flashy car is actually Bryan’s.

“No I didn’t get to see her but believe me when I say she’s in that house cos I heard her voice calling out my name” I said as he gulped.

“So he really locked her up?” Bryan sneered.

“Yes because his actions were so suspicious,,, he tried so much to stop me from entering the house and he locked her up in the fourth room upstairs cos that was where I heard the voice” I said confidently.

“Good…. You have done your part of the deal and now it’s my turn” Bryan smirked.

“What’s your plan Bryan?” I asked as he smiled mischievously.

“I will have to disguise myself as low as a bodyguard to get into that house cos I Bryan Adams will surely rescue the love of my life Arianna Bernardo” He said courageously.

“You have to be careful Bryan… Marvin is a very dangerous person” I said worriedly.

“Don’t worry about me…. The prince found his Cinderella and rescued her from her wicked stepmother in the Cinderella Story so shall I rescue Arianna too…. I shall save my Juliet cos am her Romeo” He said confidently…..



🔴 Let Love Lead… ❤❤❤

🔴 Leave a sentence for your Romeo ladies and for the Guys, leave a sentence for your Juliet 😍


💧 Twenty-one DAYS BRIDE 💧

🌺 EPISODE 56 🌺

💃 Arianna’s POV:💃

I sulked bitterly as I grabbed the duvet closer to my chest.

The door creaked open and the bastard I called my husband walked in with his usual mischievous grin.

“What was the scream for? You think am ever gonna let you out of here? ” He laughed as I eyed him angrily.

“Stay away from me Marvin!” I groaned angrily .

“Actually I will be starting work soon so I will needing a good housekeeper so that you won’t escape” He chuckled.

“What do you mean Marvin? You will be getting a housekeeper what for?” I asked with wrinkled eye brows.

“Because I don’t trust you…. I might leave the house and then you will plan to escape from here…. ” He said as tears dropped down my face.

“What do you take me for Marvin? Am your wife right not your slave” I blurted out.

“Yes you are my wife but I know your heart belongs to someone else so until you learn to love and accept that I am the only one you should love, until then you will remain locked up in this room even if it’s for forever” He said with a finality tone.

“Can’t I be allowed to live a life of freedom like other people? Why must you lock me up here? And who even told you that I can’t escape even if you hire a housekeeper? I can push her off and escape you know” I said as he smirked at me.

“What on earth would make you think that I will hire a female housekeeper?” He sneered at me.

I stared at him puzzled.

“What are you trying to say?” I asked with furrowed eyebrows.

“I will be hiring a male housekeeper so that once you try to escape, he can beat you up” He said as I gasped in shock.

“What?” I shrieked.

“You better behave yourself once I get him in the house if you don’t want to be mishandled” He said as I gritted my teeth in agony.

“You are so heartless and cruel” I groaned.

He grinned from ear to ear as he patted my back.

“You are the cause of it all” He smiled as he walked away.

I burst into tears as I stared out of the window.

For the past a week and two days, I have not seen the heavens talk more of the sun.

I sulked bitterly.

“Who will save me from this beast? How will I get out of this hell hole?” I thought in tears.

🌺 Marvin’s POV:🌺

I picked up the tobacco pipe on the stool as I put it into my mouth.

I smoked the tobacco deeply as smoke emanated from my mouth and nostrils.

“Marvin! What’s that signboard I saw on the entrance of the duplex?” Derek asked walking into the house.

“Aren’t you at least going to exchange pleasantries with your friend once you visit him?” I said as he scratched his head.

“Yeah right…. But am very surprised that you wrote outside the house that you need a male housekeeper urgently in the house” He said as I laughed.

“Well yes so what’s so surprising about needing a male housekeeper?” I asked blowing the thick smoke from the tobacco on his face.

“What do you mean Marvin? You just got married and there is no big deal with your wife being in charge of the house for now that she has no kids or children to take care of” He said as I rolled my eyes.

“I don’t care what you say about this but I locked her up so I need a male housekeeper so that he can also keep an eye on her while I resume work next week cos my leave is almost over” I said as he furrowed his eyebrows.

“What do you mean by you locked her up?” He asked with raised eyebrow.

“You heard me! I locked her up cos she is so stubborn” I blurted out as Derek gasped.

“What? You locked your wife up?” He almost screamed..

“Yes….well that’s until she learns to love me back the way I love her” I said as he shook his head in disbelief.

“You are unbelievable….” He scoffed.

“I don’t care what you term me and don’t try preaching your sermons cos I won’t listen to those and change my mind” I said backing him as he sat on the couch still staring at me.

“Who cares?” I thought inwardly.

🌺 Derek’s POV:🌺

I watched my friend walk out of the house.

Oh God!

I really feel so sorry for the poor girl Arianna and I have to help her out somehow.

My conscience can’t bear it if I eventually leaves here in the mercy of my obsessed friend.

I quickly got up and tiptoed upstairs.

I have to release Arianna so that she can run far away from him before he strangles her in jealousy.

I got upstairs and became confused.

“Which of these could be her room?’ I thought.

How do I figure out which room she is in?

“Arianna?” I called with the lowest voice I could at the moment.

“Yes…” I heard a faint voice say as I smiled broadly.

Thank goodness!

it was not so difficult….

I quickly grabbed the door handle that was after unlocking the door with the key plugged on the door.

I gently opened the door to make sure it made no noise.

On opening it,,,,, Arianna sprang up from the bed.

She was looking really bad.

So skinny and tattered with her messed up hair.

Her eyes were all swollen and sore.

“Derek?” She called out as I shook my head in pity.

“Arianna I warned you but you refused to listen” I said as tears rolled down freely from her eyes.

“I know am to blame for all of my misery” She sniffed.

“Listen we have no time at the moment so come on,,, I will help you escape” I said as she ran along with me.

I quickly opened the door.

“WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING?” We saw Marvin standing right in front of the door.

Cold shivers ran down our spines….

He was holding a knife which he pointed at me with anger written boldly on his face…..



🔴 He’s really monstrous 😳😳



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