21 Days Bribe – Episode 57&58

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21 Days Bribe


💧 Twenty-one DAYS BRIDE 💧

🌺 EPISODE 57 🌺

💃 Marvin’s POV:💃

I glared hard at Derek as I gave him a disdainful look.

“How dare you Derek?” I screamed at him with my eyes blazing.

I was holding the knife with so much annoyance.

Derek gulped hard as he blinked his eyes continuously.

“Marvin this… This is only errr…. This is only right!” He said as I smirked mischievously.

“Shut up…. You have no right to tell me that which is right and wrong” I yelled at him as I stretched out the knife on his neck.

He gasped in shock as Arianna shrieked in shock.

“Please don’t!” Arianna pleaded as she fell on her knees.

“My hands itches so much to cut your useless head off your neck” I groaned angrily.

He shivered in fear.

“Marvin please put the knife away” He said in fear as he could feel the cold knife on his throat.

“Why should I? You planned to betray me right? You wanted to betray me you two faced snake” I shouted at him.

“Please Marvin am not going anywhere anymore! Please I won’t follow him to anywhere,,,, I will remain here with you” Arianna cried on my feet.

I quickly grabbed Derek’s neck as I pressed his neck hard and he choked coughing helplessly.

“I don’t ever want to see you in my house ever again…. Listen you should thank Arianna cos if not for her then I would have cut and given your head and skull straight to the vultures” I said as I pushed him out of the room.

I slammed the door and bolted it as I followed Derek with the knife.

I kicked him out of my house banging the door loudly.

“Very stupid!” I yelled.

He could have ruined in all my plans.

That useless friend of mine is up to no good.

I’d rather stop having visitors than keep stupid friends like Derek.

I picked up the box of cigarette on the stool beside me.

I brought out a stick from the box as I quickly reached for the gas lighter on the stool as well.

I placed the stick of cigarette in between my lips as I lighted the cigarette with the lighter.

I smoked deeply as smoke emanated from my mouth and nostrils.

I picked up the glass of brandy and sipped it gradually.

I took several drags of the cigarette tapping my feet on the ground.

🌺 Arianna’s POV:🌺

I continued wailing and sulking bitterly in the room.

I think God is indirectly punishing me for making the wrong choice against everyone’s advice.

Now am left in the den of the wicked lion Marvin to get devoured.

I can’t live like this anymore.

I can’t bear staying a minute more with Marvin….

He’s nothing but a dreadful beast!

He almost killed his friend all because of me.

I have to end this all…..

And as for Bryan,,,,, I don’t think I deserve his love at all.

I don’t blame him if he decides not to come to my rescue.

I will even advice him to forget about me and move on.

Because I don’t want him to get hurt due to Marvin’s stupidity.

I managed to struggle up as I walked towards the drawer.

I need to find something to end this whole thing up.

This madness started with me and me alone can stop it.

I searched everywhere thoroughly in the drawer.

Just then,,,, I saw a long rope in the drawer and brought it out.

Smiles escaped my lips.

This is it…

This is what I’ve been looking for!

I took the rope and climbed the bed as I tied it on the fan.

🌺 Bryan’s POV:🌺

“Bryan are you sure you want to do this?” Nadine asked as I sat in front of the mirror shaving my beard off.

“Of course Nadine! I know exactly what am doing and am very willing to do this as long as it’s for Arianna” I said.

“I really care about you brother and I don’t want you getting hurt” She cried.

“The same way that I don’t want Arianna getting hurt as well…. Listen I will be very careful,,,, Marvin will never recognize me! Can’t you see am shaving my beards off so that I won’t be recognized,,, I will disguise myself” I said.

She breathed heavily.

“I hope this plan will work so that you and Arianna can be happy together again and this time for real” She said.

“Don’t worry Nadine! I will make sure this doesn’t fail” I said.

I quickly picked up the fake beard I bought and wore it.

I already shaved my head bald so I look so different.

I stared at myself on the wall mirror and smiled.

I looked like a different person altogether.

“Peter Smith… That’s my new name” I laughed.

“Wow!” Nadine exclaimed.

“I will surely rescue you my Arianna… That’s a promise!” I grinned…..



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💧 Twenty-one DAYS BRIDE 💧

🌺 EPISODE 58 🌺

💃Arianna’s POV: 💃

I quickly tied the rope on the ceiling fan.

“This us the best thing to do so that I can give each and everyone of them peace of mind that they truly deserve” I said as I stood on the bed.

I put the rope from my head directly to my neck.

Oh God!

Please forgive me but I really have no choice.

I pushed the stool I was using to stand as I started gasping for air.

I was almost giving up when Marvin rushed into my room.

“Oh my God! Arianna what the fvck are you doing?” He shouted as he quickly took the rope off my neck.

I groaned in pains as I burst into tears.

“Why did you do that Marvin? Why didn’t you let me be? ” I screamed in annoyance.

“What do you mean Arianna? I should let you die is that it?” He asked as I coughed slightly.

My neck was already red and it’s hurting me a lot.

“Yes Marvin! Let me die and stop being an obstacle” I yelled.

“Let you die? Do you think am a big fool huh? Why should I let you die? I suffered so much to have you in my arms and then what? I should just let you slip off from me?” He smirked as I hit his chest again and again yet he kept smirking.

“Marvin I will never be yours…. I’d rather die than have you in my life” I cried backing him.

Then I felt a sharp pain on my hair.

He grabbed my hair as I cried out in pain.

“Ouch… Marvin you’re hurting me! Let go of my hair” I winced in pain.

“Shut up! I’d rather die too than watch you by someone else’s arms” He said as I stared straight into his eyes.

I could see flames of fury in his eyes.

He’s so inhuman….

“That’s never going to happen… You are never going to see me in another person’s arms do you know why?” I yelled as he angrily released my hair as I breathed heavily.

“Why? Because you love me right?” I grinned.

“Because you are going to be no more when that happens” I said as he landed a dirty slap on my cheeks and I fell on the ground.

I gasped as I held my cheeks….. I touched my mouth and saw some blood on my mouth.

“You’re a monster Marvin” I cried out as he tried touching me but I slapped his hand off.

“Am sorry…. Am sorry Arianna,,, I didn’t mean to hurt you” He said as I spit directly on his face.

“You and I can never be together ” I shouted at him as he stared at me in annoyance.

“You ingrate! You should be grateful that am keeping you here” He yelled at me as he quickly grabbed me by my arm as we headed straight into the bathroom.

“Let me go! Where are you taking me?” I cried out but he pushed open the bathroom door and pushed me inside roughly.

He’s so short tempered.

I fell on the hard floor as I groaned in pain weeping.

“By the time am done with you,,,,,, you will definitely learn your lessons” He said as he made for the shower.

“What are you doing?” I asked but before I could say another word, he already turned on the shower and poured the very cold chilled water on my face straight.

I cried out in cold.

But he didn’t give a damn about me.

HR poured the water directly on my face as I cried and cried choking.

I was shivering in cold but that didn’t make him stop the water.

I was dripping wet and cold as I screamed in the floor gasping for air.

“Shut up! You will surely learn your lesson after this” He grinned devilishly.

He continued pouring the water on me until I passed out still shivering.

He didn’t bother to get me out of the bathroom.

“You better get your rotten self up there and learn your lessons” He shouted at me as he slammed the bathroom door.

He walked out of my room grumbling.

While I laid on the cold floor wet and unconscious.

🌺Marvin’s POV:🌺

I walked downstairs as I paced around in annoyance.

I picked up the packet of cigarette and brought out a stick of cigarette.

I lighted the stick of cigarette in between my lips.

Smokes emanated from my nostrils and mouth.

“I hurt her…. I just hurt her” I screamed out as I hit my fist against the wall severally making blood gush out of my fist.

I really love her so much but why can’t she love me back?


she will surely get to fall in love with me whether she likes it or not.

My cell phone rang aloud and I took it out from my pocket.

“What the….. ” I said as I saw the caller ID.

It’s about work again and am yet to get a house help.

“Hello Miguel sir!” I said in a little calm voice.

“Your leave is over Mr Marvin,,,,, you are expected to start work by tomorrow” He said sternly.

” Please give me some more time to…. ” I said

“Your time elapsed last week yet you were pardoned,,, of you don’t resume tomorrow Mr Marvin then you can as well remain your house and never come back to Starlight Enterprises ever again” He said

“Please sir you have to understand that… ” I tried to plead but he hung up.

I groaned as I dropped the phone on the table.

I can’t leave Arianna all alone here because she might escape.

what do I do now?

Just then,,, I heard the door bell ring out loudly.

“Ding dong” came the loud bell.

Who could that be?

I walked towards the door,,, holding the door handle, I pushed the door open.

It was a strange man with bad looking beards.

He’s such an ugly duckling!

I blew the thick smoke on his face as he coughed slightly.

“Good morning Sir!” He greeted as I smirked.

“Who the heck are you? And what are you doing here ? ” I asked in the meanest voice.

“Please can I come right in sir?” He said politely.

“Shy up and tell me who the hell you are and what your mission is” I yelled at him as he flinched.

“Errrr…. Sir actually I saw the notice outside and am here for the job” He said as a sudden excitement filled my heart.

“Thank goodness!” I muttered inaudibly.

“Are you sure you are fit for the job? you look so ugly and scary!” I said as he nodded and walked into the house with me.

“Good! I love the fact that he’s ugly so that my Arianna won’t fall in love with him! Since he’s not good-looking, she will surely hate him and that’s the plan” I chuckled within myself.

“What’s your name again?” I asked with a stern voice.

“Peter Smith sir!” He said as I nodded.

“Would have loved to interview you the more but there is no time” I said as he nodded.

“You have the job Peter Smith” I said as we shook hands………



🔴 Let the drama begin 💃


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