21 Days Bribe – Episode 59&60

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21 Days Bribe


💍 Twenty-one DAYS


Bryan’s Pov:

“So when do I start work sir?” I asked anxiously

“Tomorrow…. I want you to be early cos you will be staying with us in this house” He said.

“Us? Is there anyone else in this house apart from you sir?” I asked him.

He smoked the tobacco deeply….

“With my wife” He said after some minutes of silence.

I breathed heavily.

“How come I haven’t seen Arianna since I came here?” I thought inwardly.

“Why are you quiet?” His stern voice smacked me back to consciousness.

“Errrr…. I…. Uhm… Nothing sir! Actually I was just wondering why I haven’t seen your wife” I said calmly.

“It’s better if you will mind your business than being a nosy parker” He said as he shot me a deadly glare.

“OK sir!” I nodded my head.

“Very good and always remember that you have to abide by my rules and regulations in this house else I won’t think twice to kick you out” He said as I nodded.

“Good for nothing fool! I can buy both you and your house in a stamp” I thought within myself as I fumed in anger but I pretentiously stayed calm.


“Are you sure about what you are planning to do Bryan?” Arianna’s mother asked as I nodded.

“You guys don’t have to worry about me…. Am very sure of what I want to do and this is the only way that I can get Arianna out of there” I said as Nadia packed my bags.

“You have to be very careful because Marvin is a very dangerous and deadly person” Gloria worried.

“That’s the more reason why I have to get Arianna out of there before she gets hurt” I said as they breathed heavily.

“Please be careful Bryan and please bring my daughter back from that monster Bryan” Mrs Bernardo cried out.

“Please calm down mother! I promise you to bring your daughter back to you in good health…. I’m sorry but no one can stop me” I said with my mind already made up.

“If you say so Bryan! I just want you guys to be safe no matter what” She said.

“When will you be leaving Bryan?” Nadia asked.

” Tomorrow…. I have to save my Arianna before he does something bad to her” I said

“Did you get to see my friend when you went there?” Gloria asked anxiously.

“Yes son! How is my daughter? Is she okay?” Mrs Bernardo asked with a tearful voice.

“I didn’t get to see her though!’ I said as they gasped.

“Oh my God! Are you sure he haven’t hurt my friend?” Gloria gasped.

“I don’t think so…. All I know is that I will surely get my Arianna back and away from Marvin and as for Marvin, I will make sure that he rots in hell when I get evidences against him” I said as they nodded.

Arianna’s Pov:

I opened my weak eyes as I yawned tiredly.

I shivered in cold since I was still lying on the cold floor in the bathroom.

I was still dripping wet.

“Bryan???” I called out tiredly with my mouth shaking due to the coldness.

I struggled to stand but I couldn’t.

My head was aching so badly and I coughed slightly.

I managed to get up still shivering as cold shivers kept running down my spine.

I staggered to the room as I fell hard on the bed still putting on the wet dress.

I coughed again and this time not slightly.

I managed to get up as I made for new clothes.

I put them on weakly.

Just then,,, my door creaked open.

I don’t even need to guess who it was.

I was already lying on the bed still shivering when he walked in with a mischievous grin.

I eyed him as anger burnt through me.

He’s such a shameless monster!

I was still shivering even with the duvet covering me….

I have been lying on the bare cold ground for the past two hours just because of this cruel animal Marvin.

“Hi wifey!” His cunny voice made anger engulf me the more.

“You monster!” I managed to say shooting him a disdainful glare.

But he burst into laughter.

“You better behave yourself cos by tomorrow the new house help will be starting and I will start work” He said as my heart gladdened.

The thought of him leaving the house at least made me so excited.

“Please let me be Marvin!” I said turning my face away.

“I just want you to behave else I won’t have any choice than to punish you and I know that you don’t like my punishment or do you?” He grinned.

I covered my face with the duvet.

I just don’t want to see this monster!

“Get lost Marvin!” I freaked out as he walked out of the room smirking at me.

I continued crying until I cried myself to sleep.


The bright sun shone directly from my window to my eyes.

I yawned tiredly….

My head was aching badly and I was feeling so sick.

I managed to open my eyes and gasped in shock.

I saw a strange and very ugly man peering into my face.

I jerked up in fear.

“Who are you?” I shouted out…….


💍 Twenty-one DAYS


Arianna’s Pov:

I jerked up from the bed with fear.

“Who are you” I asked the ugly man as he smiled broadly at me with his unshaved bushy beards.

I frowned at him giving him a disdainful stare.

“I said who the hell are you? You’re an Intruder” I freaked out yanking the duvet off my body.

“Am your Bry…..” He said as the door threw open and Marvin walked in,,,, in his usual malicious grin.

“Good morning my angel” He winked at me as I eyed him dangerously.

He was dressed in a black suit and tie with the portfolio he was holding.

“Who….who is he?” I asked pointing at the ugly man with bushy beards.

“Introduce yourself to my wife Mr Peter” Marvin said as I arched my eyebrows.

“Am Mr Peter Smith ma’am…..your new househelp” He said as I gasped.

“Househelp???” She asked in shock.

“Yes Arianna…. He is going to be the new house help of this household” Marvin said as I freaked out.

“What? Why would you get a male house help Marvin?” I almost screamed so loud.

“Oh my darling….can’t you see that am soon not going to be right beside you as usual,,,,am starting work today so I got someone who can help you out around the house” Marvin said as I gasped.

“Why do I need a househelp Marvin? For crying out loud Marvin I can help myself,,,,am not handicapped” I blurted out.

“I know that you are not but I still brought a house help,,,, shouldn’t you be happy?” He smirked.

“How can you leave me in the mercy of a stranger who I barely know?” I cried out.

“You will be fine my darling….. Just call Peter whenever you need anything” He said.

I stared at him with so much hatred.

“Listen carefully Peter just take good care of my darling wife until I get back from work” He said as the ugly man nodded his head.

I watched him walk out of the room and Peter followed him.

They slammed the door and bolted it as well.

I fell back on the bed as tears streamed down my cheeks.

“That monster!” I muttered under my breath.

I looked around the room….the four corners of the room,,,,,I burst into tears the more.

“How on earth do I get outta here?” I wondered.

Bryan’s Pov:

“He locks her up in that room all the time?” I thought within myself.

How dare that bastard do that my Arianna??

He have got some nerve huh??

You know if it wasn’t for the fact that am just playing this charade for my Arianna,,,I would have kick his scrotum so hard that he will yell in pain.

I really feel for my poor Arianna….

Marvin is so bent on having her that he was ready to employ a total stranger just so she won’t escape.

Well he just employed the wrong stranger here….

“Hey; listen carefully” Marvin’s loud voice jerked me out of my thoughts.

“Ye…. Yes sir!” I turned to him sharply.

“Don’t you dare mess with my wife do you understand me? If you do then k won’t hesitate to send you to your ancestors and send your head as a gift to the vultures” He said evilly.

“Yes sir!” I nodded my head.

He picked up his car keys and turned to leave but then he halted.

“Don’t you dare let my wife out of that room….do you understand?” He yelled at me as I nodded my head.

“But sir…. what if she wants to buy some stuffs by herself?” I asked as he quickly grabbed me by my neck.

I was so tempted to punch him hard in the face.

But I controlled myself.

I can’t afford to ruin in this plans….

I choked as I coughed slightly.

“Don’t you ever let her out of there else I will make sure that I cut your prick off” He said with his eyes blaring in anger.

He quickly pushed me roughly as I panted uncontrollably.

“O…..o….okay Sir!” I stuttered.

He stormed out of the house.


“Are you for real? He actually locked her up?” Nadine’s tiny voice echoed out of the phone’s speaker.

“Am telling you the truth Nadine! That wretch had my Arianna locked up in a god-damned room” I boiled in anger.

“You have to calm down…. You didn’t only go there to rescue Arianna have you forgotten? You went there not only to rescue Arianna but to also get evidence against that demon so that he can be sent behind bars” Nadine said as I took a sharp but deep breath.

“I can’t wait to bring that bastard down….you need to see how lean and unhappy my Arianna looks” I sneered.

“That will soon end right? Just rescue her and bring Marvin down…. Hope he didn’t recognize you?” Nadine asked as I smiled a little.

“Of course not…. even Arianna didn’t recognize me as well” I said .

“Ok then brother….. Good luck!” She said as I hung up.


I gently creaked the door open with a tray of oatmeal in my hand.

Arianna whose eyes were all swollen jerked up from the bed.

She glared at me with hatred.

“Your breakfast ma’am” I said as she eyed me.

“Take it away…. Am not hungry!” She shouted at me.

“But you haven’t had anything to eat since morning and it’s past 11am” I said.

“What do you care?” She burst into tears.

I made calculable steps towards her.

She quickly ran into my arms and hugged me tightly.

“LET HER GO NOW” A voice echoed loudly……


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