21 Days Bribe – Episode 61&62

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21 Days Bribe


💍21 DAYS


Bryan’s Pov:

I halted as I looked around the room.

But noone was there.

Even Arianna too looked very shocked as she glanced around the room.

Who could have said that???

“I said stay the fvck away from my wife” The voice came again as fear gripped me.

Are there ghosts in this house?

“Who is it? Who are you?” Arianna cried out.

That was when I sighted the CCTV camera on the ceiling.

“Ooohhh……” I breathed hard.

“Am sorry sir actually I….errr….uhmn…..I was only trying to convince ma’am to eat her breakfast” I said gulping hard.

“That bastard! He even had to connect a CCTV camera in her room” I thought within myself.

Then we heard a mischievous laugh and that alone made me so furious.

What kind of man is happy that his wife refused to have breakfast?

He is a heartless beast!

“Arianna darling…..” His cold voice echoed from the little speaker beside the CCTV camera.

Arianna stared at the CCTV camera with so much bitterness.

“Marvin just let me be….don’t even dare to act like you care about me” She groaned.

“Of course you know that I care” He laughed.

I felt like blowing his mouth so hard if I could see him.

“I hate you so much Marvin!” She screamed so loud that she coughed hard.

“Just shut up….I don’t care if you eat or not” He said with a sarcastic voice.

I clenched my fist in annoyance.

“Peter you can take the food away,,,she’s not hungry” he said from the camera.

I sluggishly carried the tray of food as I walked out of the room.

Anger boiled through me.

How dare that Marvin?

How dare him treat my Arianna in such a manner….??

I need to take her out if there as soon as possible.

She can’t keep suffering in the name of marriage.

I dropped the tray on the kitchen slab as I fumed in anger.

I bit my fingers.

Her face appeared in my head…..

Her swollen face and eyes.

She looked so pale and weak.

She hardly takes her meals…..

No wonder she looks thin and lean.

I can’t wait to get her out of here…I have to save her from that beast Marvin.

Marvin’s Pov:

I covered the laptop as I heaved a sigh of relief.

That Arianna is really something else.

Shouldn’t she show me at least little affection like I have been showing her?

What did she ever see in that stupid Bryan?

Am ready to give her everything yet she still doesn’t appreciate it.

I was still pondering over my problems with Arianna when my office door creaked open.

“Hi darling…..” A tiny sweet voice said as I turned around.

“What are you doing here Ava?” I asked with wrinkled eyebrows.

“Don’t you miss me? Oh come on honey….it’s been two months since I last saw you here in the office” She said as she catwalked towards me with a seductive smile.

I turned my gaze away.

“How many times do I have to tell you that am married now Ava so please stop your hide and seek games with me?” I said as she walked closer to me and placed her hand around my neck.

I gulped hard.

“Just stop this charade already and face the reality…..I can’t have anything to do with you Ava” I said as she smirked and took her hands off me.

“You lie Marvin; I get whatever I want and you are not an exception” She said as exhaled deeply.

“Quit this madness Ava….I am not interested” I blurted out.

“So you think you can just have a one night stand with me and dump me huh?” She rolled her eyes.

“It was only a mistake Ava! We were both drunk and you know it” I said as she glared hard at me.

“I’ve always loved you and you know it….so we can both start with an affair you know” She said as I quickly stood up.

“Get outta my office Ava!” I screamed banging the table noisily as she shivered in fear.

Shooting me a deadly glare,,,,,she walked out of my office.

“We are not yet over Marvin” She said as she slammed my door noisily.

I exhaled as I mopped my face with the napkin.

Ava should just let me be….

It was just an office romance!

Just a fling and nothing more!

I faced my desktop computer and continued working.

Ava’s Pov:

I stormed out of his office in anger as I walked straight to my desk.

“Arrrghhh….so annoying!” I mumbled as I sat down.

Why can’t he love me back?

That wife of his is the cause of all this…..

“Curse that lady” I kicked my table in anger.

“Hey girl…. what’s with that face and what was that for?” Amelia my friend asked giving me a questioning look.

I scratched my head and turned my gaze away.

“Shouldn’t you be happy that he’s here now….I mean your prince charming?” She nudged me.

“Yeah right…. but does he want me?” I groaned.

“Oh…I forgot he’s married now to his Princess charming I guess” She said as I eyed her.

“No freaking way! You know me Amelia….I hardly give up” I smirked at her as she furrowed her eye brows.

“So what you gonna do?” She asked.

“I will ruin in their stupid marriage and get back my Marvin” I smiled mischievously………


💍21 DAYS


Arianna’s Pov:

Tears filled my eyes as I placed my head on the pillow……

“Where are you Bryan? Why would you leave me here?,” I thought within myself.

I looked around the four corners of the room.

I did a whole lot of bad things to him but he should also consider the love we shared.

Then I suddenly thought of the new househelp.

Why does he seem so familiar?

***”Your breakfast ma’am”*** the voice kept resounding in my head.

That voice……

That voice is so familiar….I know that voice.

Mr Peter Smith…who are you really???

I need to escape from here…..

I have to go back to my Bryan and to my mother and siblings.

I miss them so much!

I can’t take this torture anymore!

I quickly sprang up from the bed.

I grabbed the door handle and forced them open but it wasn’t walking out.

I have to think of something as fast as possible.

I thought of the CCTV camera on the ceiling.

I gulped hard.

My eyes caught with the spoon on the table and I smiled broadly..

I quickly picked up the spoon and rushed to the door.

I kept trying to open the door.

All to no avail….

I fell back again in tears.

Ava’s Pov:

I quickly added a substance into the glass.

I stirred the glass of juice as I grinned mischievously.

I glanced at the wall clock….

It was already half past six!

“Pssstttt…..” I called out for the secretary as she rushed to me.

“Yes ma’am” She forced a smile at me as I frowned .

“I heard your boss ….I mean Mr Marvin said he needs a glass of cocktail right?” I asked as she nodded.

“Yes ma’am…that’s why am here” She replied.

“Good…here you can give him this” I said as she arched her eyebrows.

“But ma’am he….” She tried talking.

“Just shut up and do what I asked you to do and don’t you dare tell him that I gave him this” I said as she quickly took the glass.

“Very good…. Go ahead now” I said as she nodded and walked out of the kitchen.

I smirked mischieviously……

Let’s see what happens when he takes the juice with the content in it.


I peeped from the keyhole and smiled broadly.

The offices in the company was already empty since noone was left in the company.

It was getting really dark.

Smiles escape my lips as I watched him keenly.

He was trying hard to keep himself awake but the substance I added into the drink which is actually cocaine powder was already bringing him down.

“I think it’s time” I said as I grabbed the door handle and walked into the office.

Marvin’s Pov:

I opened my eyes weakly as I yawned tiredly.

To my greatest surprise,,,, I was still at the office and it’s past eleven already.

I quickly sprang up….

Then I felt someone’s bare body beside me.

It was Ava….

She was lying next to me half naked and I too was half naked as well.

I gasped in shock.

“Ava???” I called out as I stared around.

I shook her virgrously and she opened her eyes.

“Marvin??” She smiled at me.

“Shut up….what are you doing here?'” I asked with a hoarse voice……..


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