21 Days Bribe – Episode 63

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21 Days Bribe


💍21 DAYS


Marvin’s Pov:

“I said what the hell are you doing here right beside me?” I yelled at her as she smirked.

“What do you mean by that? Are you blind or something? Isn’t it obvious?” Ava shouted so loud.

“No! No don’t tell me something happened between us” I said as I quickly sprang up.

“Yes Marvin! Something happened between us” Ava said as I gasped.

“Ava??” I called out as she raised an eyebrow at me.

“What? Don’t act like you didn’t actually miss this or that you didn’t have a good time” She laughed.

“What do you mean by enjoy it? Am married for crying out loud Ava” I said as she rolled her eyes.

“I don’t care! You know how much I love you” she said as I eyed her.

“Your love is unwanted Ava! What’s so difficult for you to understand?” I said as I quickly picked up my shirt.

I wore the shirt and then my trousers.

“Wait…. Where are you going?” She asked .

“I have a wife Ava and I should go back to her! The earlier you understand that,,,,the better for you” I said as I picked up my jacket.

“Are you leaving me here?” She freaked out.

“You got yourself here so get your filthy self outta my office” I said as I picked up my portfolio and walk towards the door.

I slammed the door noisily as I headed out.

I muttered some words under my breath as I walked towards the garage.

Getting to the garage,,,, I opened my car door and zoomed off.


I hope she doesn’t get me into trouble….

I had sex with her!

Oh God!

What the hell was I thinking???

I pressed on the car horn hard as Peter threw the gate open.

I drove into the duplex and parked my car.

“Good evening sir!” He greeted as I nodded my head.

The picture of Ava and I together kept reappearing in my head.

What if Arianna finds out about this?


I took a fresh shower and applied my body cream.

Just then,,,, my cell phone rang aloud noisily!

It was Ava.

I quickly hung the call up.

Why can’t she accept that am married now and that we can never have anything to do with each other?

The call came in again and this time I picked it up.

“Why were you rejecting my calls?” Her voice echoed from the phone’s speaker.

“Just let me be ever and let’s just pretend this night never came” I shouted into the phone and hung up.

“Curse her….” I shouted out.

This is all because Arianna have refused to do the needful.

She is supposed to deliver her wifely duties to me.

That is the reason why I gave in to that loosed lady .

Bryan’s Pov:

I served him the food on the dining.

I watched him play around the fork and spoon in the food without eating it as it gets cold.

“Uhmm….you know sir! I think you can eat properly if you eat with your wife right beside you” I chipped in as I poured out the juice to his glass.

He looked at me and looked away again.

“You think so?” He asked .

“Yes sir! I know so” I said as he smirked .

“Take the food away and clear the table….am done eating” he said as he got up and walked away.

I think something is really wrong!

What could have happened?

I turned my gaze and saw him sitting at the bar in the sitting room.

He looked so troubled,,,,disturbed and worried.

He opened a bottle of Brandy and gulped the liquor down .

He kept on drinking and drinking.

“I wonder what could be wrong with him?” I thought inwardly as I cleared the table.

Arianna’s Pov:

I was already fast asleep on my bed when the door creaked open.

Marvin walked into my room dead drunk and staggering.

I gradually opened my eyes and saw him coming closer to me.

“Marvin?” I called out.

He quickly grabbed me and started kissing me violently.

I managed to get away from his trip as I landed a dirty slap on his cheek.

“You shut up! You are my wife” he said abd grabbed me again.

I struggled to free myself from his tight grip.

All to no avail!

“Let me go Marvin; what the hell is wrong with you?” I cried as he belched noisily abd the stench of alcohol filled the whole place.

He tore my dress into shreds.

I tried stopping him but he landed punches on my stomach as I shouted and cried out.

He squeezed my nipples and that caused me so much pains.

“Marvin??? Please don’t do this!” I cried but he was going down to my V probably to finger me.

I already lost hope when the door threw open and Peter rushed in.

He rushed straight to Marvin and pulled him off me landing a punch on his jaw as blood oozed out of Marvin’s nostrils and mouth…..


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