21 Days Bribe – Episode 64

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21 Days Bribe


💍21 DAYS


Arianna’s Pov:

He threw punches on Marvin’s face as he groaned in pains.

Marvin fell heavily on the ground as I quickly got up gathering my torn robe.

Tears streamed down my cheeks.

“That pervert!” I cursed under my breath.

Peter grabbed Marvin’s collar as Marvin choked.

“How dare you hurt my Arianna?” Peter screamed at Marvin.

That voice…..

It sounded so familiar!

“Your Arianna?” Marvin staggered up facing Peter.

“Yes you heard me Marvin!” Peter replied.

I stared at them in confusion.

“You have the guts to speak to me in that manner Peter…. Who do you think you are?” Marvin yelled.

“If you must know….I am not Peter!” Peter’s voice echoed in my ears.

My jaw dropped in shock….

“What?” Marvin gasped.

Peter quickly took off the mask on his face….

“Bryan?” I cried out.

“Yes Arianna… It’s me! It’s your Bryan” He said as I quickly rushed into his wide arms.

Tears streamed down my cheeks.

Marvin groaned as he got up.

“You’ve got some nerve Bryan…. So you decieved me” Marvin shouted as I hugged Bryan tight.

“Let’s get out of here right now baby…. Let’s go back to our house” Bryan said as I nodded.

He held my hand as I quickly took out a gown from the wardrobe and wore it while Marvin staggered out of the room.

Thank goodness he’s drunk!

I put on the dress and Bryan and I walked out.

We were on our way out of the house.

“STOP!” We heard a loud voice from behind.

I gasped in shock as I saw Marvin with a knife in his hand.

I hugged Bryan tightly.

Bryan’s Pov:

Marvin pointed a knife directly to me as I hugged Arianna tight.

“What are you doing Marvin? Put that knife down!” I said.

“You think I will let you take my wife away from me….well am telling you right now that you lie” He said starring wickedly at me.

“I am not your wife Marvin.. You forced me into this marriage and now you are saying that am your wife” I shouted at him.

“Shut up… You are mine and mine alone” He yelled at me.

“She is not yours and will never be yours….. The earlier you get that into your fixed skull,,,, the better for you” i answered.

Marvin moved closer with the knife in his hand.

Arianna and I walked out of the door as Marvin rushed to me with the knife.

We kept on struggling but I kept Arianna safe.

Marvin stabbed my arm with the knife as I groaned in pains.

Punching his nose,,,, Arianna and I rushed out of the duplex with my bleeding arm.

It was already dark and there was no sight of cab or even car.

We ran as fast as our legs could carry us..

“Oh my gosh! Bryan your arm is bleeding profusely” Arianna worried.

“Don’t worry about me Arianna… Let’s just go far away before that Marvin sends some people after us” I said.

Arianna quickly took off the scarf she was holding and tied it on my hand.

We hugged each other tightly.

Marvin’s Pov:

I struggled up in pains and headed towards the door..

“No…no…. This cannot happen! He can’t take her away from me” I screamed.

I quickly made for my cellphone and dialed the number.

“Hello boss….” Jerry’s cold voice echoed out of my phone’s speaker.

“Where are you Jerry? Something came up” I said breathlessly.

“What happened boss?” He asked anxiously.

“Arianna…. My wife ran off the house with her ex husband,,,,, I want you to get her back” I yelled.

“Don’t worry boss…. Am on it” He said as I hung up.

There is no way am letting Arianna go!

She is mine and mine shall she remain.

As for you Bryan!

You just stepped on the lion’s tail and I hope you are fully ready for war.

Watch your back Bryan!

“The battle line have been drawn” I gritted my teeth…….


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