21 Days Bribe – Episode 65

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21 Days Bribe


💍21 DAYS


Arianna’s Pov:

The thunder clapped loudly as the wind blew heavily.

I was already getting very tired and worn-out and Bryan too was still bleeding profusely.

This is all my fault…..

The rain started and poured down heavily.

“Bryan…. I can not continue anymore” I panted heavily.

That was when we sighted an old looking log cabin and we ran into it.

Bryan took off his jacket and placed it on my body.

I smiled broadly at him.

This is truly what I call genuine love….

“Bryan how do we quench the blood?” I worried as I held the hand.

“Arrrghhh…. I will manage!” He groaned.

We watched the rain pour down heavily.

I sighted the old looking bed inside the log cabin and we sat on it..

“Thank you so much Bryan!” I said as tears dropped down my cheeks.

He gradually wiped off my tears.

“I needed to get that which is mine back” He smiled at me.

“But you took a very big risk for me and you rescued me from Marvin” I cried out.

“What’s important is that you and I are together again….” Bryan said as he patted my long but wet hair.

“I’ve never been so happier…. But Bryan Marvin and I are still legally married” I said.

“There is something called divorce right? You guys can always divorce if you want” He said.

We hugged each other tightly.

Marvin’s Pov:

I dozed off on the couch with a stick of cigarette in my hand.

“Grnnnnnnnnn……Grnnnnn” The alarm clock rang aloud as I rubbed my eyes tiredly.

I quickly jerked up from the couch not minding the headache I was facing.

I picked up my cellphone immediately about to dial the number when I heard a loud knock on my door.

“Who is it?” I snapped sharply.

The door swing open and he came in.

It was Jerry!

“Where are they? Have you found them?” I asked anxiously.

Jerry only gulped as he bowed his head..

“Boss I couldn’t find them” He said as I groaned in pain.

I quickly kicked the table angrily.

“You are totally useless to me!’ I shouted at him as he breathed deeply.

“Am sorry boss!” He said as I hit his chest with my hand.

“Get outta here” I yelled at him.

He quickly walked out of the door.

I paced around in annoyance.

I have to find them and this time around,,,,I will make sure that I kill that bastard Bryan.

I will surely get them.

Bryan’s Pov:

It was already morning and I watched Arianna apply some medicine on the stabbed hand.

“How are you feeling now?” She asked as I nodded.

“Am ok as long as you are here” I said as she playfully hit me.

“Stop being silly” She laughed…

“So what’s next?” She asked..

“We are heading straight to San Nicholas this afternoon so there we will start a new life” I said as she smiled.

I planted a kiss on her forehead..

We stared deeply into each other’s eyes as our lips drew closer and locked together…

We kissed each other passionately as my hand reached for her firm breast and I squeezed them gently………


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