21 Days Bribe – Episode 68

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21 Days Bribe


💍21 DAYS


Ava’s Pov:.

“I didn’t know you were going to come my love…..” I said with smiles over my face as Marvin walked in starring wickedly at me.

I got up and walked to him as I placed my hand on his neck.

He slapped my hand off giving me a deadly glare.

“What was that supposed to mean?” He screamed as I flinched.

“What are you talking about Marvin? I don’t understand you” I said backing him immediately.

“I saw the letter you sent and am here to ask you what madness have come over you Ava?” He shouted at me again.

“Did you come all the way here to shout at me Marvin huh?” I scoffed.

“Tell me straight in the face that what you wrote in that letter is all a lie” He said .

“No Marvin…. Every single thing in that letter is and will remain the truth” I snapped.

“No… You’re lying right?” He grasped my arm.

“Let me go Marvin! You’re hurting me” I winced in pains.

“You can’t be telling the truth here” He shouted as he forcefully freed my arm.

“Marvin am pregnant and this is no joke! Your seed is growing in me” I yelled at him as his lips parted.

“You will have to get rid of that trash Ava” He banged his hand on the table..

I gasped in shock with my palms covering my mouth.

“What?” I freaked out.

“You heard me Ava… You are getting rid of that thing” He repeated.

“Never Marvin! I will do no such thing to my innocent unborn child” I gritted my teeth.

“Then get ready to give birth to a bastard child” He grinned.

“My child has a father and you are the father of my baby Marvin” I defended.

“No! Ava I have a wife and I love her so much” He said as I scoffed.

“I don’t care Marvin! Am already pregnant for you and your wife isn’t so you want me to kill my baby because of your selfish desires right?” I shouted.

“Ava you must get rid of that thing…” He said breathlessly.

“Am so sorry to disappoint you Marvin but I will never get rid of my precious baby” I said as he clenched his fist.

“Am warning you Ava….” He said as he rushed out.

I exhaled deeply as I sat on the couch beside me.

I rubbed my stomach in tears.

“Don’t worry baby… I won’t let anything bad happen to you” I said.

Just then,,,, my cell phone rang aloud and I reached for it.

It was an unknown number.

“Hello….” I answered as I picked the call up.

“Is this Ava?” The voice said shaking.

“Yes… Who are you?” I asked looking into the phone.

“My name is Arianna… And am Marvin’s wife” The voice came again as I gasped.

Then I smirked.

“Did you call me to warn me to stay away from your husband huh? Well let me tell you this,,,,I am carrying his baby and no one not even you can stop me from making Marvin mine” I gritted my teeth.

“I didn’t call you to tell you any of that….as a matter of fact am so happy that you are pregnant for him so that I can finally be free from him” She replied.

I arched my eye brows.

“What? Free from him? How?” I asked confused.

“Ava you need to help me… Listen I don’t love Marvin… He forced me to marry him and I have someone that I love so much,,, I was going to run off with him but Marvin kidnapped me and locked me up in a dungeon…. I heard from his goons that it’s close to Mavaran hills and he planned to fly me to the states with him tomorrow evening” She said in tears.

“What? Why should I trust you? You might want to set me up and have me killed” I said on a second thought.

“Please trust me Ava! He faked that I actually got burnt in an exploded bus to make my family and my love believe that I am actually dead please you need to help me and remember you are also doing this for your baby….would you rather he takes me away leaving your baby fatherless and leaving me loveless and miserable” She begged.

“I will think about it” I said but then the call hung up abruptly.

I laid on the couch in thought.

So his wife doesn’t even love him….

He’s just forcing himself on the poor lady?

Maravan hill???

I think this is becoming interesting….

Marvin’s Pov:

I ignited the car engine and drove off in annoyance.


I have to leave the country with Arianna as soon as possible so that Ava won’t find me ever again.

To hell with that baby of hers….

I don’t care if it’s actually my child!

I can’t let Arianna slip off my fingers just because of that trash in her stomach.

Then I noticed a car was following me up.

I looked at the car from my car’s mirror.

“Who could that be? Who could be following me?” I thought.

But I was smart enough to make the car loose track of me.

Silly things!

I continued driving.

Bryan’s Pov:

I had a feeling that Marvin was behind this whole thing.

Something in me told me that Marvin must have something to do with this and that it’s not just a coincidence.

And luckily for me,,,, I saw Marvin’s car and started trailing him.

I lost him but then I saw him again and this time I was very careful.

He was heading straight to Maravan hill…. It’s a very far place.

I continued following him.

I have to rescue my Arianna from this obsessed guy.

Then he parked his car and do did I and he started walking deep into the forest and I followed.

Then I saw a small dungeon.

I continued following him but suddenly I didn’t see him.

But I didn’t stop walking towards the dungeon.

“What do you think you’re doing here?” I heard a voice from behind me and tried to turned around.

But then a log of wood was landed on my back and I passed out…..


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