21 years old Nigerian ex-convict caught and arrested for stealing air conditioner

By: Sarkolee / May 31st, 2022 / 35 views

Aigbe Onyisi, a 21-year-old Nigerian man, was arrested in Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State for stealing an air conditioner.

While attempting to flee with the air conditioner, Onyisi, who is claimed to be an ex-convict, was apprehended by members from the Anioma Security Watch Network.

According to the Ika newspaper, the suspect admitted to conspiring with one Aboi to steal the air conditioner but ran out of luck while his accomplice managed to flee.

The defendant asked for mercy, alleging that he turned to crime since there was no one else to aid him and that he mastered barbering but lacked the funds to start his own business.

Cadet Nwanne Ajari, the Coordinator of the Anioma Security Watch Network Ika zone, confirmed the arrest and claimed the culprit has been intimidating Odozi, Baleke, and Iregwa marketers.

The suspect has been captured several times, according to Ajari, and he was recently freed from prison after serving his sentence for past offences.

He stated that the suspect had been turned over to the cops for further investigation.

In related events, officers from the Lagos State Police Command’s Rapid Response Squad (RRS) have re-detained a suspect who was previously arrested for pickpocketing and stealing in 2017.

Tunde Ajeigbe, 27, was caught after he got off a motorcycle with his companions Ekene and Bolenbe to take an android phone from a commercial bus passenger in the 7UP region of the state.

Residents of the town gave the robbers a furious chase, alerting RRS personnel beneath the Otedola bridge. Tunde was captured, but two of his accomplices who had abandoned their motorcycle managed to flee after being pursued by police.

The suspect confessed to the act and related how he was caught by the police in 2017 for a similar offense. In his candid declaration, he said.

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