Man narrate how she met a lady online and asked her for a date, only for to show up heavily pregnant

By: Sarkolee / April 23rd, 2022 / 73 views

Morris, a Kenyan man, has recounted an unexpected and hilarious date story that has left him speechless.

He revealed that he met a woman online and invited her out on a date to a high-end Nairobi restaurant that he had reserved.

Morris claimed he arranged a ride to pick her up and purchased flowers, but what happened moments later perplexed him.

The man said that his date was substantially pregnant when he arrived. Rather than reacting oddly, he remained calm and they continued their date as he ordered an alcoholic beverage for himself.

He accompanied her to her cab after they were finished and promised to call, but he knew he would never call her again.

He wrote this on his page :

While in Nairobi, planned a date with this fine woman. Reserved a table at an high end restaurant, bought flowers and sent her a ride to pick her.

Ladies & gentlemen, she turned up fully pregnant.

What happened next: I stayed calm, handed the flowers, pulled a seat for her, she ordered food as I continued sipping my @JackDaniels_US on rocks. Avoided the pregnancy talk completely.

After she was done, I walked her to the car and wished her well with a promise to call her(of course I was lying)

Got back to the restaurant and ordered more shots wondering with just happened

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