44 years old woman arrested for cutting off her boyfriend genital part after stabbing him and his friend to death

By: Sarkolee / May 9th, 2022 / 101 views


After reportedly chopping off his genitals and stabbing him and his companion to death, a 44-year-old woman has been charged with murdering her 10-year spouse.

After her lover Samir Esbeck, 59, and his friend Sarkis Abboud, 61, were stabbed in the early hours of Thursday, May 5, Jasmine Everleigh was charged with two charges of murder.

The pair had been together for ten years before Everleigh attacked her partner and hacked off his genitals, according to Australia’s 7NEWS.

Esbeck, her partner, died at the scene in an apartment in Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia, according to the Mirror, while his friend Abboud died tragically on the way to hospital.

The woman was eventually apprehended on a neighboring tram in Calton, where she was discovered to have cuts on her arms.

“She was bleeding and had a substantial amount of blood on her,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Mick Frewen told reporters.

On Friday, May 6, she was brought to the hospital before being examined and charged with two charges of murder by police.

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