5 Common Habits That Kills Love and Destroys Relationships.

There are common habits that can easily kill love and destroy trust among people in a relationship no matter how close or committed they are to each other.

1. Lies:
 lies can easily kill trust especially when repeatedly used carelessly, one bad thing about lies is that the lier normally assumes that his/her partner is ignorant or will never find out about the true facts, but in most cases they actually do which makes things bad, most people will know from the onset but pretend to be ignorant or act the fool. Lies once uncovered creates a natural feeling that you can not be trusted which in turn may break your relationship.

2. Deceit
this is another habit that kills love and destroys trust in a relationship, immediately your partner discovers that you have been deceiving him/her the trust in that relationship which initially existed between you will die a slow and natural death which will eventually lead to break up.

betrayal is a very bad habit to exhibit in a relationship, once established it will kill the trust that exists among partners, betrayal leaves lovers broken and hurt, it takes away trust and kills love. The worst thing about betrayal is that your partner may never confide in you again which translates to you no being trustworthy, any relationship at this state is on a time bomb.

 most people takes their partners for granted by being disrespectful to them because they are in a relationship, lack of respect or being disrespectful to your partner will easily kill the love that exists between the two of you. The fact that you are in a relationship with someone doesn’t mean you should disrespect them. your partner deserves respect,love and care. Being disrespectful to your partner will slowly kill the love he/she has for you and will in turn destroy your relationship.

5. Rumours:
 As they say, rumours kills trust, listening to side talks and believing unconfirmed stories or information about your partner can easily destroy your relationship, it is always advisable to confirm everything you hear about your partner before running into conclusions. Believing everything/rumours you hear people say against your partner Will spell disaster for your relationship.

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