5 damaging facts about chewing-gum (Read this before you chew more gums)

1. Jaw Damage
Ever heard of temporomandibular joint dysfunction before? Well, it’s another negative from gum chewing.
This happens more during times of high stress.
JMT predominantly affects the jaw, jaw joint and surrounding muscles, leading to severe pain any time you try to move your jaw away from its typical closed alignment. This ailment will affect your laugh, eating and movement of your mouth.
2. Head Damage
Well as it affects your jaw. Best believe it can also affect your head. It’s the consistency of such jaw compressioms that is responsible for some headaches. Excessive chewing will predispose you to conditions that could increase the number of tension headaches you experience and how frequently they present themselves. So if you’re someone who already deals with a migraine disorder or frequent headaches due to the common stressors and anxiety triggers in your life, you’re better off staying away from chewing gum altogether.
3. Teeth Damage
If it’s not sugar-free that chewing-gum in your mouth will build plaque on your teeth and decay them if you make it a habit. Gum chewing habit can impact your dental health aggressively. It can creat a team of bad bacteria in your mouth.  
4. Indigestive System Damage
Some people chew in a way they swallow gas consistently until it upsets their stomach. When you chew gum, you swallow a bunch of little sips of air over time, filling your stomach with unwanted gas. This process can lead to additional bloating and make your tummy feel even more distended than it did before. Talk about an unhappy digestive system.
5.Bowel Damage
Sugarless gum could seem like a solution, but it is more pain for people with sensitive stomach issues.
The sugar alcohols that serve as artificial sweeteners can act as laxatives, causing things like cramping, digestive distress and even diarrhea. Those with irritable bowel syndrome are best off staying away from all products that contain a significant amount of sugar alcohols — not just chewing gum.
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