5 most developed African countries

Here is a short overview of the topmost developed African countries according to their human development index.

The United Nations defines the Human Development Index a
s an economic tool that measures indicators of achievement in key areas of human development. These include longevity, literacy and income distribution.

In no particular order, they include:
1. Seychelles
Seychelles is an island made up of 115 countries that off the coast of East Africa. The nation has met almost all of the Millenium Development Goals and is also the richest in Africa.
The economy of Seychelles depends on tourism, agriculture, and fishing with tourism industry employing most of the labour force. Seychelles is still plagued by low wealth distribution.
Seychelles’ has a Human Development Index value of 0.782 making the most developed nation in Africa. It is ranked at 63 out of 188 countries and territories.

2. Mauritius
Mauritius economy is dominated by its agricultural, tourism, and service sectors. The economy also attracts local and foreign investors with a human development Index value of 0.781. This value places it in the high development category and gives it a ranking of 64th out of 188 countries and territories. The average Mauritian is supposed to take home US$17,948 annually
3. Tunisia
The economy of Tunisia is dependent on the manufacturing, services, tourism and mining sector. The World Economic Forum ranked Tunisia as the most competitive country in Africa in 2009.
At the end of 2015, Tunisia had a Human Development Index value of 0.725. This value placed it in the high human development category and a ranking of 97 out of 108 countries and territories.
4. Algeria
Algeria, the largest country in Africa whose economy is dominated by oil.
Algeria has a Human Development Index value of 0.745 and the 83rd position of 188 countries and territories. The GNP per capita is US$ 13,533.
5. South Africa
South Africa’s economy is the second largest in Africa after Nigeria. The country’s GDP is supported by the agricultural sector, industry and tertiary services sector, the latter being the main contributor.
South Africa’s Human Development Index of 0.666 placed it in the medium development category and positioned it three spaces in front of Cape Verde (119) on the list of developed nations.
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