5 ways to make him miss you like crazy

Here’s how to make your Mr. Right genuinely miss you.

There are some real good tips on how to make him miss you like crazy.

You probably have tried every trick in the book just t make him miss you and you’re coming up short. You’re really trying to work the whole “absence makes the heart grow fonder” thing and its also not working. Well, lucky for you today, we let you into some guidance on how to make him miss you.

1. Intentionally leave things behind
Deliberately leave behind a note or an earring will keep reminding him of you. He will momentarily think of you and all the great things you’ve done together every time he sees it in his house or car.

2. Wear a unique perfume
Have a smell that is sweet and subtle courtesy your body spray that will constantly think of you anytime he smells your perfume. Remember: scent is often attached to memory.

3. Eye-popping make over
Lets talk make over. How about you wear a bit more makeup and do your hair the way he likes? Sounds interesting right? Dress in a way that’ll make him want to hold on to you for a little longer while on that dance floor. Let your elegantly beautiful image remain in his mind way after you part ways.

4. Give him time to miss you
This may sound cliché, but ”absence indeed makes the heart grow fonder”. The time you spend away from your guy will provide your partner the opportunity to think about how much you were worth. This is difficult, but it is certainly a great way to make a man miss you.

5. Pay attention to yourself
Now is the time to pay more attention to you. Physical beauty is very important to make a man miss you. So exercise daily, eat healthy and wear attractive clothes. If needed, change your hairstyle. When you look nice, he is going to want to be with you and will miss you.

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