5 Ways To Make Your Phone Battery Last Without NEPA

Smartphones come with modern designs and sharper cameras but a lot is left to be desired about the batteries. Of course, phone manufacturers will tell you that these phones come with a long battery span but most battery lives don’t last a full day unless with support from external devices like power banks.

Sometimes, power banks are unavailable and in that situation, here are some things to do to prolong the life span of your batter:

Don’t run apps in the background
A lot of people like to switch from one social app to the other but if you want to conserve battery life, don’t run apps in the background. Close all the pages or apps not in use. You can save an important page or bookmark a website before shutting the page. De-clutter your apps and delete those you haven’t used in a while. For those who use android phones, switch off your data when not in use. To do this, go to the menu option of your phone and switch off all the apps that are not in use.

Switch off Google maps and data
When not in use, switch off your data and any other app that consume battery life. If you are not navigating the city, you really should not leave Google maps running. Make sure it is turned off after every use.


Silence notification
Instead of the loud music associated with ring tones, you can place your phone on silent and opt for a flash of light when you have a call or message. This will help conserve battery life associated with snoozing, vibrations and ring tones. These LED lights will act as a method of notifying you when you’ve got mail. Some people have ringtones, vibrations and light flashing and all are used at the same time! Phone vibrations consume a lot of energy to carry out their tasks. Keep things simple to conserve battery life.

Take Time off Your Phone
Pressing your phone all the time will definitely run the battery down. Take time off to concentrate on other things. Not only will this give you enough time to be productive with your day, it will also save the battery span of your phone until it is absolutely necessary. Apart from those who work online or those who have a genuine reason to be online, this is a good way of saving battery.

Reduce Phone Brightness
One of the battery consuming features on the smartphone is the level of brightness. This is to conserve as much power as possible. In addition, you may want to lock your screen when not in use to also save some power.
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