50 percent of Ghanaian feminist are lesbian ~ Mr Logic the producer

By: Sarkolee / June 8th, 2022 / 22 views

Mr. Logic, a Ghanaian music producer and on-air personality, claims that 50 percent of Ghanaian feminists are lesbians.

Most feminists, according to Mr. Logic, are one because they feel males are cheats and liars, which affects their decision to date women instead.

Some lesbians, he claims, are romantically interested in women not because of the pleasure they experience from them, but because they despise men.

He went on to say that when these ladies do meet a man who truly loves them enough to marry them, it is the greatest honor of their lives.

When interviewing him he said :

These feminists have an agenda. When you look at things, almost 50% of these feminists are lesbians. It’s the truth, 50% of the feminists are lesbians and I’m not retracting. It’s not my view, these are facts.

Have you spoken to any lesbian before? If you know one, go and speak to her and you’ll know that pleasure is the last thing that will be her reason. The first thing will be that men cheat, men are liars. If you speak to 10 out of 20 lesbians, the reason for they being lesbians is that men cheat, men are liars, men are not dependable.

At the end of the day, when they get a man to marry, that is the greatest honor of their life. So my point is, the feminists who have an agenda to discourage women from getting married or be with men, what are they seeking to gain? It’s to make men look stupid, men to look like the devil himself.


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