A woman can definitely win a man heart with her own money ~ Relationship Coach opens up

By: Sarkolee / May 14th, 2022 / 84 views

According to a renowned relationship coach on Twitter, some men are content to be ‘house husbands’ while their wives take charge of the household.

He claimed that, just as when the roles are reversed, a woman can utilize her money to win over a man

The Counselor, on the other hand, stated that such a man is kind, but that despite her providing for the family, he will most likely cheat on his partner.

He wrote this on his page :

A woman can actually “win” a man with her own money.

And if that man marries her, she’ll be the “husband” & him, the “wife”.

There are Men who don’t mind doing the dishes, going to the market & cleaning the home.

Those men are so loving & caring but they’ll still cheat.



See his post below

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