Actor Akin Lewis narrates why he always act rich man roles in movie scene

By: Sarkolee / July 17th, 2022 / 79 views

Nollywood Actor Akin Lewis has nearly 40 years of experience in the entertainment business. In addition to Your Excellency, Love Is War, Up North, Devil in Agbada, Seven and a Half Dates, and others, he has starred in a number of big-budget films.

Akin Lewis often always plays the rich man role in all of his films, if there is one thing that any Akin Lewis fan or admirer of Nollywood can tell you about him. He is typically portrayed as a politician, a successful businessman, or some other type of powerful individual. Evidently, there is a rationale behind this. Akin Lewis was questioned by The Guardian on why he consistently plays these characters of an affluent guy, whether he feels stereotyped, and how he has managed to stay in the entertainment business for 46 years. Here are Akin Lewis’ words.

Akin Lewis explained how he has been able to work in the entertainment business for 46 years by saying:

To be honest, I can only say I am grateful for life and family. While on this acting job, I have gotten married, I have children, I live in my house, I have my car and all of that. I’m saying this with all due respect and not because I am trying to bring people down. Actors from my set got trained just for the job alone and unfortunately most directors just use you and dump you. I realised this early enough and that enabled me to see the future ahead. That made me to go into the corporate world. I diversified early in my career and I have very good results to show for this.

This job is not as spectacular as other jobs. If you get paid N2 million today as an actor, unfortunately, some people will squander the money the next day. Every actor, including veterans, must learn to save and set some money aside for the future. Yes, you can buy those cars you fancy but don’t forget to take care of your children and your family. I have tried to do all of these responsible things and I am still on this job. Not all actors are irresponsible.

Speaking about always playing the “rich man” role ;

Well, I might have accepted such a role a long time ago but now I look rich and I am rich. So I guess that is the reason I cannot be given any other role to play. Professionally, I can act any role, but also in the professional point of view, it is hard for me to be seen or to cast me as a poor man. Usually I get millionaire and billionaire roles.

No, it is not stereotype for me to have money or not to have money. You can have money and be a bad person. There are several other ways by which I can become rich, but in a different character.

The rich man role always fits him anyway so I am always happy to see him in those roles.

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