Actor Aremu Afolayan celebrates Funke Akindele on her birthday

By: Sarkolee / August 26th, 2022 / 26 views

In his homage to actress Funke Akindele on her 45th birthday, actor Aremu Afolayan emphasized that she doesn’t need prayers once more because everything is going well for her.

The actor, who is currently based abroad, claims that he is at a loss as to what prayer to offer for the birthday girl because she is beyond blessed in every way.

Aremu Afolayan continued to make fun of Wole Soyinka, teasing that he would need his assistance in writing appropriate English to honor the actress.

Omomi omo ola, Okomi God’s grace be with you continually. Me, I’m not sure how to pray for you because you are already a movie, financial, and personal success star. I think you’re a good lady and a good person. I wish I had more money or better English, so I’ll have to ask Mr. Wole Shoyinka to assist me in writing effective English.

You are my girl LOJO KOJO. Okomi happy Baiday to you. REMEMBER,you @funkejenifaakindele you PAID FOR THE DOOR OF MY NEW HOUSE. THAT BIG BROWN DOOR,anytime I open and close it,I REMEMBER YOU. Thank you my BABY OKU I will always be your Frnd.