Actor Femi Adebayo replies critics on his relationship status with Tawa Ajisefinni

By: Sarkolee / October 21st, 2022 / 56 views

Nollywood star Femi Adebayo phoned Tawa Ajisefinni on her birthday and introduced her as his first daughter in the business.

The actor, 40, made this statement on Thursday in an Instagram post.

So many people ask me how many daughters do I have in our industry? …. I reply that they are countless 😁 but i can boldly say this is my 1st daughter 😁 now Mrs. Alli.. @tawaajisefinni .” he said.

To commemorate her birthday, Tawa Ajisefinni also uploaded a number of photos to Instagram.

I am grateful for everyday of this life,one more year passed,and a new started🙏. The miracle of life is a gift from ALLAH. so I pray today with thankful words….Alhamdulilah for the life and its experience 🙏👏.

Wishing myself a long life and prosperity in more happiness, great kids,good health and wealth🙏 Happy birthday to you Mrs Alli,” she captioned a post.