Actor Ibrahim Chatta goes emotional as Olohuniyo pay him visit ahead of his birthday [video]

By: Sarkolee / October 13th, 2022 / 33 views

Tomorrow is veteran actor Ibrahim Chatta’s 52nd birthday, and well-known actor Olohuniyo has used his official social media account to share touching moments with him.

Olohuniyo honored his Nollywood father and mentor in a video as he was blessed. Olohuniyo was overcome with emotion as he laid his head on Ibrahim’s chest and cried happy tears.

Olohuniyo said, “What can I ever compare with the love you have shown me. Absolutely nothing in this Universe can complete my love for you my darling daddy”.

Olohuniyo concluded by saying that he is aware of how magnificent he is and how fortunate he is to be so close to him.

Online comments were sparked by this touching moment as admirers and celebrities lavished over them. They also offered heartfelt compliments since they admired them.

Ibrahim Chatta is an incredibly talented actor, according to comedian Woli Arole.

The heart of Ibrahim should be researched at Harvard University, according to film director Abey Jomo.

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