Actor Jibola Dabo speaks on his relationship status with Binta Mogaji despise getting pregnant for him

By: Naijamedialog / October 23rd, 2022 / 105 views

Jibola Dabo, a well-known Nollywood actor who is also known as Michael Ajibola Daboiku, has dispelled rumors that he was dating actress Binta Ayo Mogaji. Dabo acknowledged dating Binta in 2000 in an exclusive interview with Punch Newspaper, but their romance ended when he moved to the US.

He claims to have previously resolved the issue, however for the benefit of those who are unaware, he was never wed to the actress. He claimed that it was true that Binta became pregnant when they were together, but he did not ask her to have an abortion because she was still a young woman at the time.

He said that their lifestyle differences were the reason why their relationship ended. Communication between them became difficult once Dabo relocated to the US in 2000 because there was no phone at the time, according to Dabo’s narration. Later, he discovered a Black American woman there.

However, due to the lifestyle disparities between him and Binta, he was forced to stop their relationship.

My wife in the US is a Black American. She is partly a native American-Indian and a Black American. So, Ayo Mogaji and I were never married, though she got pregnant. We were very mature about the situation.” He stated.