Actor Jigan BabaOja get many people surprise with his grand entrance to this 40th birthday celebration

By: Sarkolee / August 1st, 2022 / 72 views

Jigan BabaOja, a Nollywood actor, created a sensation online when he made a grand entry at his 40th birthday celebration.

Kemi Filani recalls news Jigan Baba Ojo, also known as Abimbola Kazim, had penned a heartfelt letter to himself when he became a new age.

On June 16th, the actor turned forty.

The actor had discussed his impairment in honor of his day.

He said that living with a disability for the previous 40 years felt like this while stripping down to his underpants to display his body.

He claimed that the purpose of his article was to motivate everyone who had a disability.

He believed that having a disability didn’t mean that one’s path was over because everyone can accomplish a lot.

Jigan hosted a lavish birthday celebration to celebrate joining the 40+ club about a month after his actual birthday.

This is what I have lived with for 40 years of my life! Im using this post to inspire everyone living with disability that this is never the end of our journey, there is a lot you can achieve no matter who you are! Happy 40th birthday to me! Get inspired life is beautiful

When the actor entered the room wearing a soldier’s uniform and had boxers encircling him, eyebrows were raised.

Beautiful moments between Jigan and his wife and kids were documented in various online videos during his 40th birthday celebration. He was seen mugging for photos alongside his wife and two youngsters.

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