Actor Kunle Afod reacts as his wife, Desola undergoes facial transformation

By: Sarkolee / November 3rd, 2022 / 40 views

Desola Afod, a businesswoman and mother of four who recently made news for announcing the dissolution of her marriage to actor Kunle Afod, has had face surgery in preparation for an event in Lagos.

Desola Afod begged against being devoted to the wrong person while posting pictures of her lovely face.

May we not be loyal to the wrong person…THEY RUN THEIR MOUTH, I RUN MY BUSINESS” Desola Afod wrote

In the middle of a marital conflict, NGV reports that Nollywood actor Kunle Afod requested prayers for his wife, Desola Afod.

The actor, who is now abroad, posted a romantic shot of himself and his girlfriend on Instagram.

He requested prayers from his followers for his girlfriend, declaring his love for her.

Together forever @desolaafod. They said you said. They called to say. Them say them say. What you did not say. What I did not say. He who tries to see the blink of a crab. Will surely stay forever at a riverside. Dede. I love you so much. You guys should help me pray for my opomulero. She’s so loving and hardworking” he wrote

NGV reports that Desola recently shocked many people by implying that she was divorcing her husband.

Desola Afod unexpectedly announced her separation from actor Kunle Afod in public after years of putting up a fight to keep their marriage together despite her husband’s philandering attitude and embarrassments from his side chicks and baby mama on social media.

“The good news you wanna hear, I left Kunle Afod,” she wrote

Nigerians have discovered mysterious posts that the mother of five made before disclosing her split from him after hearing the heartbreaking news.

Desola claimed in one of the posts that manipulation occurs when you are made to take responsibility for your response to someone else’s disrespect.

Manipulation is when they blame you for reaction to their disrespect”.

She offered guidance on how to be decent enough to forgive someone in another.

But one shouldn’t be foolish enough to believe them once more.

Be kind enough to let someone leave, but don’t be foolish enough to believe in them again.

Be good enough to forgive someone but don’t be stupid enough to trust them again