Actor Kunle Afod share pictures of his first son to celebrate him as he clocks new age

By: Sarkolee / September 2nd, 2022 / 23 views

Kunle Afod, a well-known Yoruba actor and director, posted a birthday message on his official social media account.

The star praised him and posted gorgeous pictures of his first child. He said that God would continue to lead and guard him, and that he would gain strength, understanding, and wisdom.

He concluded by saying that he will always adore him.

The birthday celebrations for Kunle Afod’s son have also been posted on his handle. He expresses gratitude to God for helping him to overcome all of life’s difficulties and wishes himself a happy birthday as he gains another year.

Dancer and photographer Desire Afod goes by the name Dezzy Visuals. He frequently displays beautiful dancing routines online and is a highly gifted dancer. He wants to become a successful filmmaker and has high expectations for his new job.