Actor Kunle Afod shower praises on wife as they pose together in a picture days after divorce rumor

By: Sarkolee / November 6th, 2022 / 38 views

Actor Kunle Afod shower praises on wife as they pose together in a picture days after divorce rumor

Kunle Afod, a Nollywood actor and film producer, has never stopped praising his wife.

Days after getting back together amid a marriage problem, Kunle Afod praised Desola.

The star praised her and said she is always there for him.

The pair had shared pictures and a video of their outing, which they had done in style.

Day out with my bae @desolaafod. We had a good time. She’s always there for me. Love you darling. More blessings”.

Desola and Afod’s reunion

As Kunle Afod met up with his wife Desola Afod, he was unable to contain his joy.

According to NGV news, the couple’s marriage nearly failed when Desola declared her separation from him in September 2022.

Kunle Afod and Desola have now been reunited, so it appears that everything is OK between the couple for the time being.

The actor has been overseas seeing his ex-daughter girlfriend’s while also working on a number of projects.

Desola Afod posted a sweet video of her reunion with the star on Instagram.

As they finally made amends, the couple beaming with happiness.

Kunle Afod could be seen in the video kissing his wife at the airport.

Desola declared her love for her husband in the video while welcoming him back to the nation and posted it online.

Love you forever my baby @kunleafod, welcome back”.

Invoking his wife’s affection, Kunle Afod

In the midst of a marital conflict, Yoruba actor Kunle Afod requested prayers for his wife, Desola Afod.

The actor, who was traveling, posted a romantic selfie of himself and his girlfriend on his Instagram page.

He requested prayers from his followers for his girlfriend, declaring his love for her.

She was regarded as being very kind and dedicated by Kunle Afod.

Together forever @desolaafod. They said you said. They called to say. Them say them say. What you did not say. What I did not say. He who tries to see the blink of a crab. Will surely stay forever at a riverside. Dede. I love you so much. You guys should help me pray for my opomulero. She’s so loving and hardworking”