Actor Prince Eke reveal one of the challenges for being a destiny helper [video]

By: Sarkolee / September 25th, 2022 / 48 views

Nollywood actor Prince Eke recently posted a video on his Instagram account lamenting the restless nights he’s been having as a result of admirers who consider him as their savior.

The actor claims that there is a specific type of prayer that people recite that keeps those they view as their helpers up at night.

He continued to describe the type of prayer, saying,

my Father ,my Father wherever my destiny helper is , they must have sleepless nights until they help”.

Prince Eke came to the conclusion that those who believe he can assist them in achieving their goals should just get in touch with him rather than offering him “sleepless prayers.”

People prayer point be like… my Father, my Father wherever my destiny helper dey make dey get sleepless nights until they locate me…Destiny helpers kwenu 🙌🙈…” he said.

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