Actor Yinka Quadri shower praises on his colleague, Taiwo Hassan Ogogo as he reveals his relationship with him

By: Sarkolee / November 20th, 2022 / 53 views

Actor Yinka Quadri shower praises on his colleague, Taiwo Hassan Ogogo as he reveals his relationship with him

Yinka Quadri, a talented senior yoruba actor, has used his social media platform to compliment actor Hassan Ogogo, a close friend of his. Ogogo is a true friend, and Yinka Quadri, the amazing actor, claimed that he will do anything to make him happy.

Ganiu Akani Olayinka Quadri is Yinka Quadri’s full name. He is a movie producer, director, and motivational speaker. On September 6, 1959, in Lagos Island, Lagos State, Yinka Quadri was born. However, Oro in Nigeria’s Kwara state is where he was raised. Yinka Quadri received his elementary education at St. Catholic school in Idumago, Lagos State. He also went to Christ High School in Ebute-Elefun, Lagos State, for his secondary schooling. The seasoned actor, however, was unable to finish his degree and made the decision to launch a business. Yinka Quadri also received training in acting and drama. He also has a professional theatre arts certificate. This incredible veteran actor was raised by a wealthy polygamist father who had 22 children. In 1994, Yinka Quadri’s father passed away.

Yinka Quadri, a seasoned actor, began his acting career in 1976 after quitting secondary school. He was so dedicated to his acting career that he had to part with his 504 automobile in order to make the home video Ojiji. Together with Prince Jide Kosoko, a prominent Yoruba actor, Yinka Quadri produced that film. Afopina theatre troupe was founded by Taiwo Hassan Ogogo, Olayinka Quadri, and other associates of Olayinka Quadri. At that time, he also began a television series. He has appeared in more than 130 Yoruba films and numerous television shows. Asiri Owo, Igberaga, Afefe Ife, Aje Meta, Owu Alatakun, and Kadarami are just a few of his well-known works. Yinka Quadri has a long list of honors and nominations under his belt. He is among the most well-liked actors in the entertainment business. Hassan Ogogo, a seasoned actor and his friend, is one of the most well-liked performers in the film industry.

Yinka Quadri, a seasoned performer, has been happily married for some time now. He and his wife have five children. One of Yinka Quadri’s sons has made a name for himself in the yoruba film industry. He is the second child and right-hand man of Yinka Quadri since he frequently joins his father on set. Olayinka Quadri was also given the honorary title of Agba Akin of the Oro Kingdom, which is customary. This seasoned actor claimed that if he were not an actor, he would have been a tennis player. He was known as the unstoppable table tennis champion when still a child on Lagos Island. Hassan Ogogo, a friend of Yinka Quadri, and he have been close for a long time.