Actor Yomi Fabiyi Baby mama, Grace apologies to the Actor few hours after dragging him online

By: Sarkolee / August 22nd, 2022 / 38 views

The controversial actor Yomi Fabiyi’s mother, Grace Jimoh, has given up and suggested that they have a friendly connection.

Recall that the mother of one was previously accusing her ex-lover of a great deal of things. She also details the very cruel things he allegedly did to her.

The aspiring actress, who said she went to the East to see her relatives, disclosed that when she returned to the flat she had shared with the actor, he had packed the devices and furnishings.

Grace alleged that the actor removed her generator, leaving her and her children without light.

She recalled Yomi pressuring her to get rid of her belongings during their courtship.

I had to travel to Imo so everything can be calm and so I can have people around which you messaged and ask if have moved to Imo, but I told you no, that I went go Imo so everything will be calm and died down, Yomi, after all I told you, you still came and pack every damn thing we already shared, and you later came to pack the share you gave us, we sleep in the dark if there is no light, I can’t cook if there is no light because I bought hot plate that I am using, even the phone you gave me as a gift when I gave birth, you took it, and I already gave out the old phones I was using. You were still the one that ask me to dash out or sell my properties I was using in school, including gen and some other things

Grace had previously admitted in a post that she was depressed.

She refuted the actor’s claims that she was a setup and the pregnancy was planned and staged, according to the actor.

Grace criticized the actor for showing little concern for her emotional wellbeing.

In an unexpected turn of events, Grace posted an apology on her Instagram page.

I am deeply sorry to everyone and I am sorry Yomi. I am sorry for the dragging and all. Please stop insulting and painting me evil. We both know we were at fault. Let’s just move on in peace. I am deeply sorry,” she wrote.