Actor Yomi Fabiyi Baby mama, Grace Jimoh cries out as she reveals what she’s going through in her relationship with the Actor

By: Sarkolee / August 21st, 2022 / 36 views

The mother of actress Yomi Fabiyi’s child, Grace Jimoh, has made a startling confession about herself, admitting that she has been struggling with melancholy and that she sobs practically every day. She discussed how their connection resulted in a misunderstanding between her and her father as well as what happened between her and her baby daddy that led to their breakup.

She explained in her lengthy essay that she and her son had been fighting depression together, and that she had to figure out how to get through it all on her own. Because her baby’s father claimed that she set him up to become pregnant, she admitted that she almost hated her child. When the two of them were living together, she claimed she used to experience issues and cry nearly every day.

She claimed that because he is 20 years her senior, the actor should act both like a man and as her instructor. She claimed that she had a severe disagreement with her father, who she claimed was her provider, as a result of her relationship with the actor. She declared that she could no longer go back to her father and request any favors from him.

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