Actor Yomi Fabiyi baby mama, Grace jimoh reveals why she’s not ready for marriage with the him

By: Sarkolee / August 7th, 2022 / 59 views

Many of Grace Jimoh’s Instagram followers were taken aback by her response to one of their questions, which asked whether she would accept the father of her child back if he wishes to make amends with her. Grace Jimoh is the baby mama of Yoruba movie actor Yomi Fabiyi. The actress responded to the follower without holding back, explaining why she would reject such a request and instead desire to have another kid and carry on with her life.

One of her fans inquired about if she would give her baby daddy a second opportunity if he was willing to take her back and make amends with her in her most recent Instagram post, in which she invited her admirers to pose questions to her. She gave a direct response, outlining the reasons she was no longer considering settling down with him.

She stated in her own statement that she is not currently interested in getting married and that all she wants is to have one more child and enjoy her life. She declared that she wouldn’t fall for a man’s trick of seeming to love her while having an extramarital affair.

She may alter her mind and think about having a reunion with her baby’s father, but for the time being, her response suggests that she is not currently considering doing so.