Actor Yomi Fabiyi Cries out over the trap his second wife set for him

By: Sarkolee / July 13th, 2022 / 77 views

Yomi Fabiyi, a Nollywood actor and activist, has responded once more to accusations made against him by his estranged baby mama, Grace Jimoh.

According to earlier news reports, Yomi Fabiyi presented a number of documents to refute claims that he engaged in sex for roles.

Yomi also uploaded a video of the incident that Grace caused to happen to him, the gateman, and their housekeeper.

Grace responded to his numerous charges by saying that responding to him would be pointless.

She went on to say that she has numerous proofs of the private photographs he showed her during their initial video call.

Speaking once again about his second marriage, Yomi described his relationship with Grace as a “trap” that he unwittingly fell into in a recent post. However, he claimed that God used the birth of his child to transform it into a blessing.

He said that Grace and her traveling companions would face opposition from his late mother’s ghost, who is aware of her deceit.

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